Sunday, June 4, 2017

Costume Wedding Band

Ring courtesy free clipart
By eating sensibly I have lost a few pounds, and noticed my wedding band was loose. 
The thought has occurred to me, that since I am now a widow and being single, should I continue to wear a wedding ring?  Suggestions given to me were wait and don’t make decisions for at least 6 months to a year.
But my ring was very loose. 
I have a lovely wedding set that became too small and probably it would fit now, but I am not sure where it is.  However in looking for it, I did find my costume jewelry.  One nice ring was a pretty band with zirconium's and looked like a fancy wedding band; and I decided to wear it to church today.
As church was ending, Pastor called those forward who needed prayer.  Mike was being prayed for and was noticeably being blessed, and as I knew he had recently married, I assumed the young lady with him was his new wife.  I knew they had married on a shoe string, and noticed she was not wearing a wedding ring.  She had a silver ring on her thumb, and a pinky ring, but that was it.
My costume ring was getting hot on my finger, and God was speaking to me to give her the ring. I prayed, “Lord do make it the right time.”
Because I was seated on the front row – it seemed natural for the young lady to take the seat one away from me.  I reached over and took her hand, and placed the ring on her finger and it fit beautifully.  I told her, “It is just a costume ring, but if it fits, enjoy wearing it.” 
She hurried over to her husband and was so excited as she shared with him.  He turned to me, and gave me a big smile and a hug and said, “Thank you Mom.”
I went home and put on my old wedding band.

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