Monday, October 22, 2012

Springville, Soda Springs California

One summer as kids, when we visited Grandpa and Grandma, they decided to take us to visit the Soda Springs in Tulare County.  Grandpa had two large jugs that he planned to fill with the spring water to bring home with him.

As he explained it to us children, it sounded like sparkling water that would be the elixir of youth so we were very excited.

“The water is mineral water and is good for your digestion and is a health aid,” said our Grandpa.  Grandma and my mother were silent, and allowed Grandpa to do all the talking.

It was a long drive but finally we arrived.  We had to walk fast to keep up with Grandpa who was already filling one of his big bottles.

Grandpa also had brought a cup for us to use to sample the water.  “Here you go,” he said as he handed the full cup to me. 

Taking a big gulp and spitting all at the same time, was all I could manage to do.  Ugg but it was the awfulness tasting stuff I had ever drunk.  The smell was a lot like sulfur or rotten eggs, and that didn’t go over well with me either.

As I look back on that event I realize that a child’s taste is perhaps more sensitive than that of an adult.  My grandparents and mother could manage to swallow the soda spring water and keep it down, but one swig was all I wanted at that young age.

Mother and Grandma each drank a cup and seemed to enjoy it, but we children decided to just take pleasure in the view of the mountains and the rock formations.

Grandma had prepared a lunch which we enjoyed without the water and then we headed back to Lindsay where Grandpa’s ranch was.

As an adult, I have never desired to drink that particular mineral water again.
Living Water
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I am reminded that Jesus promised us good tasting living water from a spring that would never run dry. 

John 7:38  He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.
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  1. Great anology from a good story. Blessing Hazel.

  2. I've smelled and tasted that kind of water! Not pleasant! The only quenching water is the Living water of our Savior. I remember being little, having to half run to keep up with the long strides of my dad and grandpas.

  3. Hi Mrs. Hazel, we went by to visit my in laws on the way to Maine in North Carolina. Their well water smells like rotten eggs and it seems that one has to close a certain part of the nose when washing the hands or running the water for any reason. They (mother and father in law) don't think anything about it. We always make sure that we have plenty of bottled water. I know exactly what you mean and on the other hand am also thankful for the Living Water! Blessings to you, EvieJo

  4. What a memory! I've always said that taste buds take time to develop - I think beets start tasting good after 50, cabbage at 40! LOL - Did you ever try it after you were grown up?

    I am glad that He provides rivers of living water - quenching these thirsts! I feel like I'm sitting on my grandmother's porch, listening to wonderful stories when I stop by! Have a blessed week!

  5. Great story and analogy. So funny. I can just picture my kids drinking sulphur water. Oh, boy!

  6. I wonder if as an adult, you would try it again? This is a great memory and I love the last thought. Jesus' Living Water is my preference too!

  7. Water truly nourishes, doesn't it, whether in real practice or metaphorically?

  8. Dear Hazel – the Soda Springs in Springville was greatly altered by a flood in the 1960’s. The property was subsequently bought by interests out of town and the area fenced off and no longer accessible. I’m glad you had fond memories of Springville – we’re still a quaint little town, just without a soda springs.

    Sandy Whaling
    Springville Chamber of Commerce

  9. Hazel: What a lovely memory with your grandparents, even if you did not enjoy the water. As children, we often overlook the deeper meaning of things. Then, as adults, we must first remember the events and then think about them to understand. Thank you for sharing yours.


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