Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Seeing RED

photo by Hazel
Are dogs color blind?  Something makes me wonder if they can see colors such as red.

We subscribe to Net Flix, a movie DVD rental by mail company.  We select certain movies from a crib and once we receive and view them, we return those red envelopes by mail and more arrive in a few days. 

So many movies these days are not worth watching, and at times we have to return them only partially viewed.  Usually you can trust the old classic ones.

Because we enjoy the detective mystery programs that are series, we order them and are treated to NO commercials.  To return the movies, I usually drive about a mile to our corner market where there is a mail box and a mail pick up around noon.

One day I decided to take my Blue tick hound dog with me for the ride.  Old “Smokey” is too fat to jump up in the rear area of my van, so I push all the Kleenex boxes and pillows aside and help him enter via the side door.

He must have noticed that I was carrying those red return envelopes as he enjoyed the ride while barking with joy all the way to the mail box, because - - -

In a few days it was time to return by mail some more movies.  Old Smokey, saw those red envelopes and started barking and followed me to my van.  Of course, I had mercy on him and allowed him to travel with me to the corner store and mail box.

Now I roll down the side windows and he smells the breeze and usually barks the entire way.  My side windows are covered with his drool, but a quick hosing off takes care of that.

Each time when I arrive at the store, the manager knows that I am there again, because my dog is giving his signal; “Hey it is me again.” 

One day for the short ride, I tried to also take my Black Lab, “Luke,” but he jumped from the back to the front and ran out my driver’s side door.  It was a task getting Luke back in the van, but a lady helped me cut him off and he finally relented and jumped in the rear area of the van.  I didn’t want a repeat performance of that so I vowed not to bring Luke any more.  His loss.

If I am going into town and will mail the movies at the Post Office, I must hide the envelopes in my purse and not allow old Smokey to see them, or he will have a fit.
Well, I don’t know about other dogs seeing colors, but my Blue dog Smokey sees RED.

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  1. That's funny. My dog, Larry sees aqua blue I think. His favorite toy is the same color as his diaper. Maybe that's why he's always trying to hurt it? The furry part of our families keep it interesting...


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