Monday, November 12, 2012

New Car

Our car was getting old and our family had enlarged so we decided we needed a station wagon.  The year was in the mid 60s and we had a houseful of children at that time.

The first thing was to shop the sales ads in the classified section of the newspaper. 

After making several phone calls I discovered some interesting facts.  Several of the automobiles for sale had been owned by companies, and they were purchasing a new car because they could get a fleet discount.

I noted the prices they were asking for their four year old car, and made my own phone call to a car dealership and asked for the manager. 

Explaining that we were a new roofing company with two trucks, I asked, “If we purchased a new car from you, would you give us a fleet discount?”  The manager offered to talk and said that he could help us.

We talked some more as I explained the car we wanted and he told me how it would come equipped with certain accessories, and gave me a quote.  Amazingly enough the quote was very close to the cost of the used cars previously inquired about.

When I told Robert the good news, he was quite pleased with my shopping ability, and that evening we made a visit to the dealership in question. 

We selected a new white station wagon that the dealer had in his show room that was outfitted with all the trimmings.  Financing was needed and once our loan was approved which took a couple days, the vehicle was ready to be picked up.   Our kids were as thrilled as we were.  That new car smelled so nice and it kept that new perfume smell for a long time.

So it was that all the years we were in business, we would purchase a new car every four years.  Being able to depreciate the car was also helpful on the books.

We would have been satisfied with an old used car for the right price, but new was better when the price was so close.

I am reminded that God has made things new for us; a new name written down in Glory for starters.  We are changed into a new person when we receive Jesus as our Lord. 

Jesus has promised us a new heaven and a new earth.  Exactly when and how is a mystery until God the Father gives the signal for the celebration to begin.

The question is; will you be ready when the trumpet sounds?  If not, it is simple to get NEW now.

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  1. You are an entrepreneur at heart. Those are things that make people successful in business and life. I like that you think outside the box. I think that too is a gift from God.

    I love the smell of a new car!

  2. I'm impressed!
    I'm so thankful for all the "news" you mentioned! And YES! I will be ready. I am ready:)

  3. I'm impressed!
    I'm so thankful for all the "news" you mentioned! And YES! I will be ready. I am ready:)

  4. Wow, impressive.Making mental notes, here.Maybe this info will become useful one day. You never know...

  5. Wow, Hazel. I'm impressed. I ditto Floyd's words.

    And YES, I'm ready. Listening for that trumpet!

  6. You are very good at it HAzel. ANd yes , thanks God for the new life! Thanks for visiting!

  7. I always knew you were one smart cookie, Hazel. I'm inspired by your courage to research the background and I like the way your hubby acknowledged it. This is a great story. I am so ready for the trumpet.

  8. Hazel,
    Love it! And yes, I've been ready for that trumpet! Can't wait for that NEW heaven and NEW earth to explore.
    Blessings to you.

  9. Great story. I was interested to see that we both wrote about cars. I wonder how many people will write about cars with the word "new"?

  10. So much goes into buying a new car - the research, studying, comparing prices, etc. Reminds me of the many things we need to do to be ready for the new world, Our eternal home.


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