Friday, November 16, 2012

Mosquitoes Is Eating Me!

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Yummy one buzzes, “Your blood is delicious,” he says. 

One little guy is all it takes, to bite me and I am itching here and there. 

A nice rain a few days ago must have left enough breeding ground to bring in just one to bite me.  An open door for just a minute is invitation enough for one to enter the house.

In the morning my ear lobe was swollen and I needed to take out my earring.  My first thought was my earring is too tight, but that was not it.  Close inspection discovered bite marks in both directions.  My neck and ears were a feeding ground!

Searching the internet on how to kill mosquitoes, the instructions said, use a fly swatter or slap it with your hand.  A kindergartener must have written that bit of prose. 

My prayer for that mosquito is that he starve to death, because I need my blood.

Finally I discovered an old fashioned hint that said they would be attracted to a white saucer with some dish soap in the water.

So I placed a bowl of the solution on my night stand near my bed, one on the kitchen sink, and another by my feet near my computer.  So far no takers on the dish soap.

The saucers and bowls were left overnight and a close inspection revealed my mosquito doesn’t like dish soap in water.

Robert grabbed the shop vac with its nozzle, and went around the ceiling and curtains, then I swept the floor and he went under my computer area with the vac. 
Hopefully my mosquito has a new home, inside Robert's shop vac.

I tried several remedies for the itch, but nothing seems to be long lasting.  Finally I found a simple trick to use a bar soap and rub on the bite.  Instead I used a dab of liquid hand soap and it worked great.
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Changing the subject:  Today is Friday, and I usually offer you a recipe.  Here is a suggestion that we had for lunch today and it was so good.  Easy way to serve left overs!

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Stir Fry with Top Ramen

Empty your refrigerator of left over beef or chicken stir fry and any vegetables left over and place in a frying pan. 

In a separate kettle, boil water per instructions on the packet of Top Ramen, drain and add to the vegetables. 

Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Yoshida’s cooking sauce to taste and mix well.  Stir over heat until blended and food is hot and serve.

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  1. We mix baking soda and vinegar as a thick paste (like toothpaste in texture) to put on bug bites. It helps relieve the sting. I hope your mosquito is in the shop vac.

  2. I love stir fry!

    Try your Bragg's ACV on that bite, it should definitely do the trick.

  3. Sorry about your bites. Bug bites are a big deal up in here b/c my 3yo daughter seems to be allergic to them, regardless of type. Thankfully, she doesn't experience respiratory distress, but the bitten areas swell into, like, boils. Doesn't take long for her to get to digging, and then her lymph nodes swell, and she needs antibiotics. We managed to get overrun by fleas a couple years. It was a NIGHTMARE.


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