Monday, November 5, 2012


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Many years ago as we were preparing for a yard rummage sale for our church, a group of us ladies were sorting and pricing items. 

This was our first attempt at a rummage sale, and our plans were to donate the money from our sale, to a mission’s project.

We were laughing and having fun and we decided that if any of us wanted an item, we would call it a pre-sale and we would all agree on a price (usually a low price.)

Many of the local stores near the church allowed us to place signs in their window announcing our sale.  On the corner we tacked a large poster board sign to a pole, with arrows pointing to our church.  We also placed a small advertisement in the newspaper which attracted a nice crowd.  

Even before we had the tables set up in the yard, here came the early bird buyers.  They hoped to be first to get the knick knacks and anything old and antique before anyone else.

Can you believe it; we even had some thieves stealing items?  For instance, a small box that had perfume in it was suddenly empty.   Along with some small children’s toys that disappeared and no one remembers selling them.
We learned to watch for customers who might be carrying a large shopping bag or big purse and we acted like a spy trailing the person and looking carefully at their every move.

Finally, we decided if a thief needs our rummage that bad, perhaps we should just in our hearts - - give it to them. 
For us, it was the same as forgiving them upfront for being a robber.  The act will be on their conscience and we would have peace of mind.  It also gave us freedom to enjoy our sale and place our customers in God's hands.

Fast forward a few years.  Recently I donated a beautiful large crocheted afghan to our current church bazaar.  The evening of the event, I noticed that it was not there. 

Thinking back and remembering the days when we had our church yard sales in the past; I realized that the ladies must have had their own Pre-sale, and someone had purchased it early.

I was glad because now I know that my lovely afghan has found a new home where it will warm and comfort its new owner.

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  1. Hazel, I love runnaged sales...yard sales...garage sales...our condo house a few treasures we have relieved some of for little money. As I said, love to go to sales but do not like to have them. But very glad others do. Blessings

  2. Hazel, I'm so glad your afghan made it into servant's hands! Wahoo!

  3. You adopted a better mind set than I may have. I guess if they're going to steal... A church is the best place... It might remind them of the generous hands of God.

  4. Same things happens here when people arrange a bazaar. Strange thinking this is a rich country.
    Anyway, nice reading your story.
    Dropping by from " Tell me a story"
    My entry is from:

  5. That's a good mindset to have, one I wish I would take on more often. There are so many people in need, your position was probably the right one, and they probably do feel guilty.
    I love going to rummage sales at churches bc there is always so many neat things to look through!
    God Bless you!

  6. Makes me think of the last church rummage sale that we were a part of. Good memories and churches always have the best things. Thanks for calling the memory forward with your story. You guys handled the thieves very well.
    Bless you.


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