Friday, November 2, 2012

Dazzle Cookies and an Afghan

Photo by Hazel
Some call it a bazaar, others call it a Holliday country store, but we decided to call it a Dazzle for our church annual fund raising event. 

On display there will be some exceptionally dazzling items in the crafts and food; bits and pieces that will make lovely gifts.  There will be home made preserves, pickles, and baked goods of various kinds.  There will be many craft items and white elephants too!

My contribution to the baked items is several dozen shortbread cookies.  Some plain and others decorated with chocolate.  Also two dozen peanut butter cookies also dipped in chocolate.  I am also taking two large trays of my Spinach, cheese balls. Yummy! 

Each year one of our ladies makes the most delicious holiday fruit cake and I reserve at least two for me and Robert.  We ration the slices, and enjoy it for weeks.

This year I also contributed my still unused, but new afghan for the country store...

A few years back when I was working at the county, one day a lady from the local grange craft club came by our office selling raffle tickets for a hand crocheted very large afghan.

Our receptionist made an announcement over the loud speaker, and I decided to purchase a couple tickets.  I never gave it another thought, because I was just trying to encourage the ladies.

The next week, over the PA system, they announced the winner of the afghan raffle and it was ME.  I was so excited.

The lady wanted to meet me and ask if I had grandchildren and other questions about me so she could relay to her ladies something about the winner.  I was happy to tell her I had several grandchildren who loved to keep warm and told her how beautiful the afghan was.

Taking it home, I wrapped it in a plastic bag and placed on the top shelf of my closet, intending to find it a new home.  I did not want to tell the lady that I already had several throw blankets, and other Afghans, and wanted this one to find its own special place.

Time has gone by, and now is the occasion to donate my beautiful afghan for the Dazzle.

Some lucky person will become the new owner and will enjoy it for years to come.

Friday night is the appetizers and drinks and preview of the Dazzle.  Saturday will be the luncheon and the main showing of the Dazzle.
We believe everyone who attends will be Dazzled !!   Wish you were here!

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  1. Nice. Tis better to give than to receive... I appreciate your heart, Hazel. It lifts mine.


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