Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wind, Rain and an Old Tree


Fallen Oak Tree (and Luke)
photo by Hazel
During the night that was full of wind and rain, one of our Oak trees could take it no longer.

Down it went blocking part of our driveway.  This morning, all our dogs, were interested, but Luke is the dog most inquisitive and you can see him wondering what I am doing with this camera.

Fortunately we have a circular drive, so we are not obstructed from leaving if we so desire.

Providentially our sweet neighbors know a lot of people, including some who use wood to burn in their stoves.  They will visit us in a few days and cut up the wood and remove it for us.  Good for them and good for us.

Previously mid-year, we hired a company to remove a couple of our Oak trees that might threaten our home if they fell.  They also took away the wood for their stoves.

During these winds, several large branches from our Oak trees have fallen, and Robert plans to do some burning when the weather clears.  Our county will soon announce a burning day so we can legally take care of this.

We are thankful that our truck was parked along the side of our mobile and not anywhere near the path of the falling tree.  Also thankful that there were no wires for the tree to hit.

Our little problem is minor compared to those in other areas who have experienced storms that surpass ours. 

We send up a prayer for them, and for the helpers who are working diligently to provide help and restore some sense of living.

Thank you Diane and Joe, for your part in making a dent in the devastation experienced in the New York area by the Hurricanes.

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  1. Thankful with you that the tree missed everything of true value! Blessings on your Thanksgiving! - Pam, apples of gold

  2. What a great tree to lose... I guess it was it's time... With each story you share and show we get to know you more. That's a scary event... I'm with you in encouraging Diane and Joe. What a great family with a great heart for God. I'm relieved to know that God has protected you and Robert. God bless, Hazel.


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