Monday, November 19, 2012

What’s In a Name?

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Our church did not have an organ, but our friend Esther began to beautifully play the wedding march on the grand piano.

Everything was progressing smoothly as my Dad accompanied me down the aisle, and I could see that my bride’s maids and their escorts had already found their places.  Our minister was standing in the front, and by his side was my Bobbie Ray Moon.

When I say my Bobbie, I had always called him by that name and everyone else we knew also did so.  Bobbie was the name on his birth certificate.  His mother had wanted a girl and gave him the name Bobbie, and no one really cared about the spelling of his name.

I was happy and smiling as the minister gave us our pledges to one another and then - - -

Time stopped as the minister said these words, “Hazel, do you take ROBERT to be your lawful wedded husband? 

Wait a minute – did I hear that right?

This was a hitch that I hadn’t planned on.  I thought I was marrying Bobbie and now the minister wanted me to marry a Robert and that wasn’t even his real name.  I hesitated, but after all this was a large production in front of a LOT of family and friends, so I looked over at Bobbie, and he whispered, “Say I do and I will explain later.”

Why wasn’t I told this before? I questioned in my 18 year old mind, but then I decided it would be best to go along with the charade, and hope I was marrying the right person.

As we rushed to have our photos taken, Bobbie explained that the minister had suggested that Robert was a more professional name and it would be better to use that name for the ceremony.  After all our marriage license had the correct names on it.

As the years went by, and my Bobbie went into business, our attorney recommended that he legally change his name to Robert as that would look more professional on his business cards and other legal papers. 

It was a simple task and for a fee our attorney took care of it.  So now Bobbie was Robert.

Many years later, one June we decided to travel to Reno and renew our marriage vows. 

This time, I married a Robert Ray Moon!

After all what’s in a name as long as you marry the right one?
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  1. Hi Hazel,
    Happy to be visiting as I linked up behind you at Laura's...what a fun story to read...Congrats to you and Robert for your many years together :)


  2. Hazel, you had me chuckling. I can picture your face at that moment. The whole time, I'm thinking, Oh my gosh, I call him Robert...

    So, glad to know your Bobbie is my Robert. LOL...And YOURS!

  3. What a great story! The more I get to share of your life the richer the story gets! Of course I'm a little biased. I have an older brother named Bobby, he still goes by it. Funny He's in his fifties and still few people call him Bob. I of course, as a little brother should, still have the nickname I address him with; Roberto...

  4. Hazel, I love this story and I am going to have to start recording my own from my memories and other's memories, too. These things are priceless. Bless you and thanks for your blog hop!

  5. Hazel, I love having this inside information about you and your Bobbie:). I wonder what would happen if I visited his place and referred to him as Bobbie Ray?

  6. Loved your story. And I am do happy for you found the love of your life Hazel. Me too:)

  7. What a precious memory! Thank you for sharing. Abundant blessings to both of you!

  8. That would have thrown me for a loop, too! My hubs goes by both "Bob" and "Robert", but no one EVER call called him "Bobby". Believe it or not, when he was a little boy, his mother called him "Robert". Sometimes I call him "Roberto", even though we are not hispanic, just because I want to call him something no one else does! Hahahaha!
    Blessings to you and Bobbie!


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