Monday, November 14, 2011

Is Burnt Toast Secular?

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It is difficult to write on the word Secular which could mean things not connected to religion and the church. Common everyday things perhaps even a bit worldly, like curly hair and burnt toast.

Burnt toast and Curly Hair

My Dad insisted that he was born with straight black hair, but he always wished for curls.

As he tells it, his sister Blanch told him that if he actually wanted black curly hair that he must eat lots of burnt toast. My dad believed her, and each morning he would burn his toast to a crisp and enjoy the flavor.

Some say this is a myth, but I wonder, because after many months it began to work, for his black hair began to curl. All the days that I knew my dad he sported black curly hair.

Dad may have told me that story in-order to get me to eat my burnt toast, and I don’t mind toast that is a bit burnt, however my blond hair never did turn black with curls.

Many of us are not satisfied with our hair, our shape, our nose, our eyes, because we have this tendency to always want to be something different than the way God made us.

Let me diverse here and apply this toward a spiritual subject. This is where we can be changed into a New Creation, to never be the same again.

Isn’t it wonderful that you do not need to eat burnt toast to become this new person? Simply invite Jesus into your heart and he does the changing by his Holy Spirit.

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things are passed away; behold, new things have come.

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  1. Such a sweet story and it got me to thinking about my own dad. So glad we don't have to eat burnt toast : )

  2. Hmm. I already had curly hair and my mother told me the same thing!

  3. Yes, I am thankful that I don't have to eat burnt toast for any reason. :-) And more thankful to be a new creature in Christ! Thanks for this.

  4. Sweet story, Hazel. Here in Brazil we don't have a similar story, but our parents always reminds us how there are many starving children that would love to eat our burnt toast. Sometimes, that works too.

  5. Hehehe, that is funny - burnt toast for curly hair... Hmm... I actually enjoy burnt toast every once in a while - but alas, my hair is not really curly... (YET, anyway) :)

  6. If only the burnt toast would work for me! My hair is SO straight and SO fine; I've wanted it to be changed for a long time. Made me chuckle... and I haven't started the toaster to go and go and go... on the upper range.

  7. It is indeed wonderful that there is nothing we ought to do to earn salvation/become a new creature in Christ. Thanks for this lovely reminder to count our blessings! God bless you, Hazel!

  8. Dads have such great stories. My daddy promised me hair on my chest if I ate horseradish. When I was 5, I thought that would be REALLY great! I'm glad it never actually worked out...
    I am glad that Christ renews me!

  9. What a great post and wonderful reminder to pray. But, I have to tell you. Your story gave me a chuckle. Now, I think I'll have some toast. :)

  10. That is the truth, everyone wants what they don't have. I think it's called human nature and I believe it started in the Garden Of Eden. It takes sometime to begin to comprehend that we are exactly the God wanted us. Scars and all.

    Good word and story. Thanks.

  11. This was a great story. It's funny to think of the options: pray or eat burnt toast. Shows our tendency to want to control. I'm sure I can think of things just as crazy I've tried to be more taller/smarter/faster/stronger/etc.


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