Friday, November 18, 2011

Keep Smiling Orange Smiles

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As we travel into town, we purposely view our neighbors orange trees and can see that the fruit is turning from green to gold.  Although they will not be ready to harvest for a few more weeks, never-the-less, we are closely watching as the oranges develop.

I am reminded that when we were kids, Mother would slice our oranges in half and then into mini-slices. That was a good method for us to enjoy our oranges and to also have fun. Into our mouth would plop a slice and we would hold it there and hum that we were smiling.

Children today still take pleasure in creating an orange smile and then in enjoying the fresh fruit.

Yesterday, we met with the Hospice Coordinator because Mother’s doctor has referred her to Hospice. The gentleman was very kind as he explained the services that Mother will receive.  He went over a list of seven (7) check marks that let them know a person is ready for hospice.

He referred to a blood test report taken last week when we had Mother in emergency. While there, they took a battery of tests which she did not appreciate. The blood test results gave information that her oxygen level was below normal and other factors that applied to the seven point check list.

I was amazed that one of the important questions on the seven (7) point list, was;

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 “Does the person SMILE?”  

My answer was, “I haven’t seen my mother smile in a very long time.” She has always been a serious type person, and never a joke teller.

Mother has constantly been a busy person making certain first that others were happy. Her own joy was never in the fore-front.

Is she happy? I’m not sure, but I do know that she is content.

As Paul said in  l Timothy 6:6 But godliness with contentment is great gain.

Now I must consider do I smile?

My husband and I read the funny paper together, and we laugh at some of the comics. We especially like “Mr. Pickles.” We smile at each other as we laugh.

Do you smile? And if not - -“Why not?”

Learn to Smile OR - the Hospice will get you! :-)

What ever is your stance in life, find reasons to smile!! Make up reasons, if you must! 

Smile even if you need to purchase an orange and use it for your smile!

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  1. Smile or hospice will get you! That right there brought a smile--even a laugh!

    Thank you for the grin-inducing post that was a fun addition to Food on Fridays this week! Next time I slice an orange, I may just shove it in my mouth to take the kids by surprise! They're getting to be teens and bicker with each other. They, too, need a laugh! :)

  2. I'm a very serious person, too, BUT do chuckle often enough and do keep funny-looking toys in various parts of my house... NOT for kids to play with, but for me to enjoy viewing. Had very few toys while growing up, and NO stuffed animals... now I have several of the stuffed ones, mostly given to me by my husband. The older I get, the more toys and colorful eye-catchers I add to the house. It makes my g-kids look a bit confused when I'm so serious as a person, but colorful as a "house".

  3. Hi Hazel ... You engage my sense of taste with this post. I remember those orange smiles, too.

    As you enter these next days/weeks with your Mom in hospice, may God bless you all with special moments; may He grant you reasons to smile and laugh and remember.

  4. I'm praying for your mom and family. It doesn't matter what age, it's tough to lose a parent.

    I'm also somewhat of a practical joker and I laugh, even sometimes when I shouldn't. Life is short... What a gift from God it is to smile.

  5. Hazel, I'll be praying for you and your mom during this special time.

    I'll be smiling, too.

  6. Hi There - I loved this post. We have been going through a tough season and I know we are coming out the other side because we are finding out sense of humour again. I love that you say, find a reason to smile. Smiling is like medicine, when it reaches the heart. Great post. Thank you for linking up with me at Winsome Wednesday. I appreciate it and look forward to seeing you there again next week.
    God bless

  7. Hazel - I love that you have found a sense of humor even in what I know must be a difficult time for you.

    Now I'm going to think of "organge smiles" today.



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