Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pass the Mashed Potatoes Please

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He loved mashed potatoes! That is how I remember my brother Allen as we grew up.

One particular Thanksgiving dinner in days gone by, we were all gathered around mother and dad’s table.

Uncle Martin and his family had joined us as we were about to enjoy our turkey with all the trimmings.

Uncle Martin was not aware of my brother’s love for mashed potatoes, and he politely handed the large bowl to my brother first.

Our family secret was that we never allowed my brother to have the bowl of potatoes until everyone else had been served, but our uncle did not know this.

Allen took the bowl and without thinking he proceeded to empty all the potatoes onto his plate.

All eyes were on Allen, and Uncle Martin began to laugh, and his remark was, “Well should we pass the bowl around, or should we simply pass Allen’s plate?

Awakened from his stupor, Allen guiltily put most of the potatoes back in the bowl, and no more was said about this as we enjoyed our meal.

No doubt about it that mother took Allen aside privately and lectured him about being concerned for others at the table.

Today I am thankful that long ago Allen has learned to share his potatoes with others.  :-)

In this land of plenty, there is much to be thankful for. Even those who enjoyed a Fast Food or even a simple meal can still be grateful that they had food to eat.

While we know that there are many who are less fortunate, there are those of us who are discovering ways to share our potatoes with others.

Do you hear them? - - - They are saying, “Please pass the potatoes.”

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  1. One of my favorite parts of T-giving is the mashed potatoes. I am concerned that I will eat too many, many, many... so I rarely make them any other time when they won't be gone by the end of the day. I also LOVE gravy, but, b/c of the calories, I only have it when there's a special time for it. Had a nice mashed potato and gravy bit at dinner with my husband's family in Minneapolis. Funny how we have to choose so carefully what we love most...

  2. It is such a gift to share what we love with others rather than just give them leftovers.

  3. My sister was just the opposite. One time as kids, she tried to hide the potatoes under her plate... Being the youngest, even I knew that she wasn't going to be able to get that passed my parents. She was looking ahead to dessert.
    We do take for granted too often the blessings from God. I'm as guilty as anybody. It takes a fellowship of believers to remind us of the little things that slip into complacency. Thanks for the story and reminder today.


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