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Martha's Missionary News Letter

Good News Club
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Note: Our long time friend, Martha Wright has been a Child Evangelism Missionary for over 40 years. She has ministered in South America, and as an Administrator in the CEF headquarters in MO, a Scheduler and teacher for training of Good News Bible and Release Time Education teachers, and now ministers in Maryland as State Director. I thought you might enjoy her latest news letter.   Hazel

Martha's Child Evangelism News November 2011

A CEF committee rear ended another car a few weeks ago at a stop sign. As she and the man in the other car were exchanging information, she said, "God loves you". He said, "Yes, I know. I'm a Christian". She replied, "Do you know about Child Evangelism Fellowship and that your church can adopt a public school and teach kids the Bible?" He didn't know that fact! As a result of this "street meeting" the man's church has formed a team, they have been trained by CEF workers and soon they will launch their Good News Club in their local school! Accidents do happen. . . but was this one planned by God?????

A recently retired school teacher was asking God to show her a ministry in which she could be involved. In September she pulled up near her grandkid's school to pick them up but for safety, she put her hazard lights on. A lady from Idaho who was driving by stopped and asked her if she was ok. Mary said she was just waiting for her grandkids and added, "We really love kids!" The lady asked, "Do you know about Child Evangelism Fellowship?" Mary said no. The lady told her to call Huber Church because they had a Good News Club. Later, Mary followed through and called the church and was put in contact with the GNC leader there, who is also on our volunteer leadership team. Today we had a meeting with her pastor. This pastor of an inner city church is excited about adopting Gilford Elementary School which is a block from the church! Mary will be the team leader for the GNC. Who was that mysterious lady visiting from Idaho who loves CEF? We'll probably never know! Could she have been an angel???

We have been praying about several thousands of dollars of indebtedness that we have in CEF of Maryland. God gave the idea of a Walkathon. But how to pull it off? Then, through a series of events, God sent us Sheila, a retired teacher with giftedness and experience at event planning. November 19 is the day we will hold the Good News Club Walkathon at scenic Lake Montebello in Baltimore. We're asking every person that walks to get sponsorships for $25 from six people, thereby bringing $150 to the Walkathon. Sheila's church has 42 people who will walk and each one is working to get their six sponsorships! We don't know what God will do but He is working to meet our financial needs! Sheila has been hosting a 5-Day Club each summer for over 20 years! Edna and I were at her club this summer and met her for the first time! Was that a divine appointment or what???

Marie, our director of development, discovered that a conference was being held in Baltimore by the Christian Professional Network. (We have been praying for contacts with businesses). Upon inquiring about the conference, Marie was told that an exhibit space would cost $500. She told the director that we would like to come but did not have any money. The conference leadership discussed our situation. Very positive comments were given about CEF in the meeting. As a result, someone made the decision to sponsor us. While at the conference in October 26, we made several key contacts. A CPA who was a former 5-Day Clubber came by the booth as well as a former Good News Clubber, now working with a magazine. We are beginning to follow up on the contacts--Was it a coincidence that Marie discovered the conference and that someone sponsored us???

Bill Vogel, the man who is working with us from Southern California, recently attended some political meetings in Washington, DC. He sat at a table and began to share that he is in Maryland with CEF helping get (Good News Clubs) Bible clubs established in public schools. A lady spoke up and said, "I was a school teacher and was teaching my students everything contrary to God. I wanted nothing to do with religion. But my kids attended a Good News Club in New Hampshire where we live and they accepted Jesus as their Savior. They came home and told me about it. I began to investigate the matter and not long after I was also led to the Lord! Since then most of our family and extended family have come to know Christ. Now we're all committed Christians." How in the world did Bill happen to sit at HER table when there were two or three hundred people present? Was it to let him (and us) know again that Good News Clubs make a difference in the lives of children and their families????

Recently we were attempting to launch a Good News Club at Pimlico Elementary School in an inner city, drug-infested area. The principal said we would have to take off "Bible", "Biblical", "Christian", and "Scripture Memory" from our registration forms. The adopting church's team leader said "no" and filed a complaint with the Baltimore City Schools. Within 45 minutes he had a call back. Two days later the Good News Club After School Program was cleared through the city school headquarters (137 schools)! Did God use that resistant principal to get us city-wide clearance to hold clubs in all city schools?

We have been working hard to cast a vision to local churches to adopt a school, get them trained and get the schools open. This ministry is not for the faint-hearted! Satan has been fighting all the way! But we praise the Lord for the 8 new schools that are being launched now. We praise the Lord for the team He is putting together in various places in Maryland. He is answering our prayers and sending us laborers for the harvest field!

I arrived in Maryland on August 1, 2010, fourteen months ago. I am humbled that God has called me here "for such a time as this" to lead this turnaround effort. It is challenging, requires long hours, hard work, creativity, thinking outside the box, and lots of energy! At times it is frustrating and discouraging! But it can be lots of fun to see God at work in such miraculous ways bringing people our way to join us in His work!

You are also being used of the Lord in my life and ministry here as you pray and support me financially. Since some donors have passed away and others have had to cut back, my account is still heading for the Orange (below budget) and approaching Red. Would you pray about sponsoring me as your missionary for 2012? You can give by check, credit card or have the amount withdrawn monthly from your bank account. God is working in Maryland!  How about sowing some seed in this harvest field and watch it grow???

Prayer requests:

1. Pray for our financial needs here in Maryland. Pray that many will attend the Walkathon and that several thousand dollars will be raised.
2. Pray that the Mission 4/14 movement will grow. God sent us a marketing specialist who has caught the vision for this ministry and he is going to help us!
3. Pray that we will be sensitive to where God is working and will be quick to join Him in His work.
4. Pray that God will raise up full time directors and other staff for the ministry here and the funding as well
5. Pray that we will be able to open up 25 schools in Greater Baltimore by February.
Thanks again for being part of the team (and my family!) I am so grateful for that divine appointment!

Blessings and love

Dr. Martha J. Wright
Executive Director
CEF of Maryland
2203 N. Rolling Road
Windsor Mill, MD 21244
(410) 944-6435


  1. What a great lady and what a heart for God. I'll be praying for the movement and how to be involved.

  2. As a child I was greatly influenced by a Good News Club in my neighborhood. Also my children were active in a club in our area of town. My youngest daughter gave her heart to the Lord at one meeting. She ran home to tell me that Jesus was now in her heart. I appreciate the work that Martha and others are doing for children here in the USA and through out the world because this is an international organization.


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