Monday, November 7, 2011

Bail Out by Uncle Martin

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Desiring to earn some money at my young age of about eight years, I clipped a coupon from a magazine and sent off for some miracle salve to sell. It wasn’t long before my product arrived, and now I was in business.

That week end, my Uncle Martin came for a visit and cheerfully made a purchase of two cans of salve, one for colds and one for aches and pains.

Now I needed to earn enough to repay my mother who had fronted my investment.

Dutifully I trudged from door to door, but my neighbors simply weren’t interested in my Miracle Salve. Being a bit discouraged, I put my sales box away in my bedroom.

A few months flew by and my Uncle Martin came for another visit. “Hey there,” he said to me, “Do you have any more of that good salve? If you do, I will buy what ever you have left.”

That night as he headed for home I gave my Uncle Martin an extra big hug.

I was rich, not because I had sold all of my salve, but because I was loved and understood.

My hope is that you all have an Uncle Martin somewhere in your life!

If you have ever tried to sell something when you were young you will understand the discouragement of many answers in the negative. It was when someone encouraged you and bought those cookies or candy that darkness turned to light - - Sadness into Joy!

Next time you see the Girl Scouts selling cookies or children trying to raise money to go to camp, be available to support them by making a purchase.

Don’t use the excuse that you are on a diet - - just donate the cookies to your next church social.

In your immediate life there are those that can use a bit of encouragement. Just a word fitly spoken is like sweet honey to their ears.

A few choice encouraging words won’t cost you a cent, but it will light up their life.

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  1. Thank you for this reminder to encourage young ones starting out. I have to admit that I sometimes do not answer the door if I know i have to buy something but you have encouraged me to be more compassionate and encouraging.

  2. So true Hazel. We never know what just a small bit of encouragement can do for a person. Beautiful post.

  3. Oh, sweet Hazel. I LOVE this! I'm thankful for people like Uncle Martin.

  4. That is so SWEET! What a blessing your Uncle Martin was.

    Your salve makes me think of Rosebud salve that I used to love as a girl. It was fun because it made your lips all shiny. :)

    I just may be a girly-girl.

    Happy fall,


  5. What a wonderful story. Did you ever see the Andy Griffith episode where Opie was trying to sell boxes of salve? :)

    Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving such a thoughtful comment. I appreciate it very much.

  6. So true... I always try to buy at least one except if it's kittys or puppy's :-) can't always do that! Love, Vicki K

  7. Oh, we all should have an Uncle Martin! How much he encouraged you. :)

  8. I'm with you, I can't say "NO"! to kids trying to work to improve themselves or for a cause they're involved in. I got plenty of "No's"! as a kid, and it was tough to hear. Loved the story!

  9. Beautiful memories. And a great way to shelter the kids in our lives. I want to be an Uncle Martin!

  10. Good thinking. I was always terrified of selling anything ever, ever, ever. Still isn't. However, I DO try to bless the others who are in that boat. Thanks for reminding me/us.


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