Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

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 Marie’s husband was a hard worker, and he had done his best to scratch out a living on their Tennessee farm. Even in those days times were tough for a large family.

When the husband received an offer from a neighbor to purchase their Tennessee place, it seemed like a good time to pull up stakes and move.

Desiring to assist his daughter and his nine grandchildren, Marie’s dad drove his car to Tennessee to help their family make the move to California. Arranging a house for them he had also secured work for the husband at the Auto Wrecking Yard.

Even though we could hardly afford to do so, Robert and I took several boxes of groceries to their place to help stock their cupboards. The boxes included canned goods, meat, some staples and a box of oranges for the kids.

We were horrified when the older kids instead of enjoying the fresh fruit, began to have a throwing fight with each other. Quickly I managed to stop all the throwing and then it was needful to give them a lesson on how to eat an orange and about the value of food.

Early in the morning a few days later, I received a telephone call from the oldest daughter. She spoke anxiously and requested that I please come and take her mother to the doctor. I asked if her mother was hurt, and she said, “No, but Mama has an appointment.”

When I arrived, there was Marie waiting and smiling. Entering my car, she asked me to please take her to the local grammar school because today they are giving away free clothing. Surprised, I asked, “What about the Doctor?”

With out missing a beat, she stated, “Oh I knew you might not come just to help me get some clothes for the kids unless we said it was for the Doctor.”

It seemed that the school had certain days when those with a need could come and get clothing, and I saw nothing wrong with that.

However I had to be bold and tell Marie, that she had lied to me, and this time I would take her, but she had betrayed my trust, and today would be my last trip to help her. There are times when you can only go so far.

It is sad to say, that this woman was a habitual liar. She could not even open her mouth to speak - - with out telling a lie. Even more depressing was the fact that she was also training her children to become liars.

I am reminded that the Bible says that LIES are an abomination to God.

The Bible also states that all liars have a very hot place to go to.

After all Satan is the father of lies and we do not want to associate with him.

My mother taught us as children to tell the truth, and we did a reasonably good job of truth telling. I have tried to impress on our children that Truth is always best and a Liar will always be found out.

Jesus told us that He was the Way the Truth and the Life.  

May we ever seek His Truth!

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  1. Hi Hazel,
    I know your principle about the award..but you know me I am hard headed.Still I am passing the award to you whether you like it or! Thank you for coming over even though I was out for one month and a half. By the way, I have another Chinese dish you might wanna try for dinner...

  2. There were so many stretches of time, until I was 40, that there wasn't enough food or enough of anything else. Only GOD, and the hearts He touched, pulled me [and my kids] through. My heart was really touched by this.

    Also, our family, generationally, is filled with lies. And they are often knee-jerk responses. In my case, a number of times over the years I've had to contact someone and admit that I either lied big time or a tiny fib. God doesn't allow a fib to be ignored, unfortunately... oh, well, gotta grow in Him and for Him and be cleansed to be with Him for eternity. Guess that's a good focus, huh?

  3. Trust is everything in marriage, friendship, family...So with lies you never trust. Great message Hazel

    Love, Vicki K

  4. Hi Hazel:

    That is so sad - I have known people who are habitual liars and after a while, some of them don't even recognize the truth.

    I applaud what you did - she should have learned her lesson.

  5. I've known lots of people that fit that bill in my life. It only takes a few times for me to never associate with them again. The foundation of any relationship is honesty, if a person is going to lie there is no foundation for a relationship. No wonder the Bible spells out very clear about truth.

    That commandment is pretty clear!

  6. What a sad story. I wonder what the end of it was? Did they ever learn to walk in truth?

    I hope so.

  7. Rhonda, I wish this story had a happy ending. We took those we could to Sunday school and people from our church ministered to the family. Some of the children were tender hearted, but they had no encouragement from their mother.

    Most of the boys turned to drugs and burglary and ended in prison. One girl turned to prostitution. We can only hope that someone ministered to each of the children as they reached adulthood.

    We had to break contact with the family after our new TV turned up missing one evening while we were at church.

    The dad was born again when I ministered to him on his death bed. He rose and lived a couple more years

  8. I don't think people realize how much a lie can harm a destroys one of the most important building blocks, which is trust. I'm sorry you had to go through that experience, but I can't help think you played a vital role in the lives of that family in which only God knows.


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