Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tell them The Lord Has Need of a Bicycle

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To have a strategy it means you must have a plan and hopefully a good idea that will work and bring success.

The church we attended in the big city, decided to reach children in the neighborhood and also in the projects. Our pastor had a plan, but it was going to take almost everyone in the church to become involved.

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First a school bus was purchased and the neighborhoods were canvassed door to door and before you knew it, our Sunday school was full of children. Those who could teach were busy teaching and others helped as assistants.

One Sunday to give the kids a treat - - McDonalds had a sale on burgers at ten cents each. We were able to purchase enough burgers for every child. No one was left out. 

Each week something new was promised and we found a way to fulfill the pledge to the kids. Usually it was food in the form of candy or a cookie.

Our Pastor decided to have a contest, and a bicycle was to be awarded to the boy or girl who would bring the most new children to Sunday school.

Problem was, we needed a bicycle.

The Pastor’s wife and I went shopping and discovered that a good bike was expensive even in those days. I told her, that I believed God had shown me a plan and to make it work she must do exactly as I would tell her. We had a strategy, a plan of action.

Do you remember the story in the Bible when Jesus told his disciples to go to a certain place and loosen the colt they would find there? They were worried and asked, “What if the owner objects?” Jesus said, “Just tell the person that the Lord has need of this colt.”

Here we were; my Pastor’s wife and I standing in the parking lot of a large hardware store and we knew there were lots of bicycles inside.

I told her not to be afraid, but to go in there and ask for the manager and proclaim to him that, “The Lord has need of a bicycle.” She boldly entered the store, asked for the person in charge, and delivered her message. After a few questions and answers, she came away with a promise of a FREE girls or boys bike for who ever was the winner.

The contest ran for several weeks and excitement was high. The children brought friends and more friends.  I don’t really know where we put all those children. It appeared that the winner was going to be a girl so knowing this we went back to the store and collected a girls bicycle.

We had promised the store a write up in the Newspaper and we were true to our word. For the paper it was a good human interest story, and nice advertising for the store and our church.

When you are in need, it helps to have a prayer plan. Ask - - believing that God will supply it for you. Then do or say what ever the Holy Spirit tells you. That is good strategy!

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  1. Excellent post! He always delights in answering the prayers of His children that are in accord with His perfect will, and He answers them exceedingly abundantly beyond what we could ask or think! In this case, not only a bicycle, but many new children in Sunday school, an opportunity to witness to the hardware store owner, an opportunity for him to have fruit abound to his account, and free publicity for the church! God is so good!
    Laurie Collett, Saved by Grace

  2. Wow, that is awesome. Ask and it shall be given! :D

  3. Great story, Hazel, and great strategy.
    It is awesome how God provides, even surprising us sometimes.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a wonderful story of faith and provision! :D Thanks for sharing the best strategy of all—PRAYERFUL FAITH!

  5. A great story about not only strategy, but obedience!

  6. Loved it!!! Definitely worth a real grin.

  7. What a great story! "The Lord has need of it." Perfect! How I treasure your stories...

  8. I love this, Hazel. This is perfect for me right now (remember today's blog post?).

    Winking and waving,


  9. Great story! I find it takes a lot of faith for even the simple plans.

  10. Your stories always make my heart beat a little faster because I know I'll read of a God-thing. I so wish I could have had you for a mentor. To see the possibility of God working in every situation. And what I love is that you didn't just sit back and expect God to drop a bike from heaven -- you put feet to your prayers. That challenges me!

  11. Love it! Love to see when God does these things!

  12. Great true story! Thanks for sharing.

  13. What a great story..The Lord always comes through!

  14. Dear Hazel
    Thank you so much for this wonderful post . You kow I have been going through some 'situations' at work and though I kept hearing the Holy Spirit telling me - "Grace, Its time for a prayer plan. time to get on your knees and this 'situation' will be all sorted" I kept putting it off..... Praise the Lord for this post ...Its hit me right between the eyes that its time to stop whatever am doing and take the matter to the Lord in prayer. so thats exactly , what am going to do now post this mail...I am going to take it all to the Lord... and He will carry me through!!!
    Hazel, Praise the Lord for you and your posts.... Please keep on writing coz ur posts encourage me and keep me going!!!
    Grace Hogg


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