Sunday, November 6, 2011

Paul Refuses Warnings

This post is gleanings from the message given by the Pastor at Victory Christian Fellowship where I visited today.  The Study was from Acts 21 - - Paul’s return to Jerusalem.

Pastor began by saying the Key requirement for service to God is: Availability !!

God first, then do not allow what others think to get in the way of our obedience.

Some will skip over a scripture that they find difficult. We error if we do not consider all scripture at face value.

Watch yourself first before you watch over others.

It is better to give to him who needs the most, than to give to him who has the most.  (Note: Victory Christian Fellowship has an active feeding and clothing program for their neighborhood.)

The study today was about Paul’s journey back to Jerusalem and some stops he made while on his way. At each place he visited, there were Godly prophets who spoke warnings that he should NOT go to Jerusalem because much danger awaited him there.

Paul did not heed these warnings. He was determined to go to Jerusalem anyway. The question was, “Did he miss God by not listening to the warnings?” Maybe he did! “Could a better purpose have come to pass if he had heeded these warning messages?” Possibly!

Paul’s strength was that he listened to the Holy Spirit for himself.  Prior to all these warnings, God had already shown him what great things he must suffer for the Lord.

When his friends realized that Paul was going anyway, they prayed for him and said, God’s will be done.

In our walk with the Lord, when we see some one who we think is going the wrong way, and we speak to them about it – they may not listen. Then it is up to us to back off in love and continue to pray for them.

When Paul arrived at Jerusalem, the entire city was aroused against him and wanted to kill him. Hate knows no boundary and they closed the temple gates. 

Paul seemed to have a problem, and kept trying to go back through those closed temple gates. Trying to go through a closed door can cause a person to get a bloody nose.

You hear people say, “Follow your heart.” May I ask, “Where is your brain?” You can’t always trust your heart.  Our emotions can be fickle.  Paul even though a Christian, still loved the Jewish rituals and the Jewish way.  It was difficult for him to give up traditions of what he had always known.

Two reminder points were made at the end of the pastor’s sermon:

1.  If you warn someone and they refuse to change their ways - - Continue to pray for them.

2.  If you come to a closed door - - Don’t keep trying to go through it when it is already shut!

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  1. Good advice from your pastor. I have to remember that my emotions are fleeting and shouldn't be relied on.

  2. Availability not ability! Sometimes we do not want to serve because we think we don't have the talent for it. But God enables! Thanks for sharing! Patsy from

  3. Really enjoyed this Hazel
    Love, Vicki K

  4. Such wisdom here, Hazel -- especially the point you reiterated about still praying for and loving a person who decides to go his or her own way. It's important not to abandon the wanderer, but to have faith that God will bring them back!

  5. My thoughts are that Paul followed the will of God. It seems to me he served as a witness to us to be fearless in times the world would run. We do not run... Running is for the weak who no not the will of our Father.

    At least that's the way I like to interpret it... Paul was a man among men. Only God in him and what he witnesses on the road to Damascus could cause such bravery and courage.


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