Thursday, October 4, 2012

Home Made Barbershop

Hair Cut

Mother always cut my brother’s and my dad’s hair and when our first child needed his hair cut, I brought him to visit my mother.

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She used her old fashioned hand clippers and scissors until he looked like a little man and no longer a baby. 

A few weeks later he needed another hair cut, so I returned for another visit to Mom.

This time she surprised me by saying, “It is time you learned to do this for yourself.”  She gave me instructions and said, “Begin, and if you make a mistake, not to worry because it will grow out again.”

When I was finished, we looked our boy over, we both said, “Not bad for a first try.”

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Soon I made a visit to our local department store and there I selected some electric clippers with attachments.  This was a small investment now for big savings down the road.

Once the neck and around the ears was trimmed, the attachments would help me cut the rest just about right. 

In the summer I gave our son a buzz cut which was cool and easy to care for.

Twelve years went by and then Uncle Douglas came to live with us - - and the hair cuts changed. 

Doug said in no uncertain terms, “You are NOT cutting my hair,” and so it was from then on we visited our local barber shop.

It was time to retire the old hair clippers and pack them away. 

Times change and we change with them.

I am reminded that the Bible says that God never changes and I am thankful that He is always the same.

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  1. I have always cut our son's hair, and in fact, I cut it last night. It's funny when they are toddlers, they fuss and move around. I found myself getting frustrated, and worried I'd cut him or even myself. I'll miss cutting Zoom's hair, miss him being tiny when these days are gone.

    Thank you for stopping by the Blog hop!

  2. Man... That brings back memories... I hated it when my dad used to cut our hair... Just the thought of that sound in my ears brings the days of youth storming back... Maybe that's why I wear my hair long?

    Glad our heavenly Father doesn't change...

  3. Well, I could never have been a cutter... not my skill ... but my daughter has done the men and a bit of the trimming for the girls. I'm impressed. She had no training at all. But it's a skill. Now, for special stuff, especially as the girls grew, they always went to a beauty shop, but, Renae saved lots of money for some time. I'd be doing today, IF that skill was in my body pocket. It ain't.


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