Monday, July 16, 2012

Charm School

Lady in Fashion - Courtesy

Summer days were here and our three teen age girls were bored with “nothing to do.”

An advertisement in the newspaper caught my eye.  Our local department store was offering a charm school for girls that sounded like fun for our young ladies.

The girls invited their cousin, Connie to join them and off we went to investigate.

For a small entry fee, the girls would learn basic beauty tips, how to sit gracefully, how to walk, and how to tastefully apply makeup.  They were to each receive a small makeup kit to keep.  At the end of the week, they would all be able to participate in a fashion show that the store would open to the public.

Our girls were excited and for the next four days they were faithful to learn stylish ways to dress for less, and how to be refined and charming young women.

The class leader shared secrets on how to walk with good posture, and to keep your eyes straight ahead.  For the fashion show, they were shown how to walk with poise on to the runway and how to pivot a nice turnaround. 

More hints were shared, on how to enter a car; don’t climb in feet first, but carefully back up, sit down and then slowly swing your feet inside.  When you arrive at your destination, allow your driver to open the car door for you. 

As the final day approached, the girls were allowed to select a pretty dress from the store racks to wear for the fashion show.  Our older girls chose a lovely formal gown and the younger ones a beautiful party dress. 

That evening, the show went on without a hitch.  Proud parents, grandparents, employees, and the public were all there to cheer for the precious girls.

The lessons learned did not fade away and our girls became young women we continue to be proud of even today.

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  1. Well, this takes me back... I think I went to one of those "charm school" days as a kid too... :) And ever since I broke my leg a few years ago, that's exactly how I need to get into a car... Fun memory.

  2. I remember attending a school like the one you described many years ago. I had to chuckle as you described getting in and out of cars gracefully. We wore dresses more at that time.

  3. Great post. I had so much fun at that school!!!
    Love, Connie

  4. I'm amazed at how God always shows up exactly when He desires something specific... That was no coincidence... How I appreciate your wisdom that you never allow for in your true life stories. That's one of the huge blessings for me. You don't even see it... that's how I know God is in it...

  5. That was when I first got interested in makeup. I remember a blue eyeshadow in our makeup kits. I thought I wanted to be a model. Love, Connie

  6. Many, MANY years ago I took a charm school class in Seattle. I do remember a couple of the same bits you shared. However, one thing that actually became my lifestyle shortly before Dave entered my world -- having doors opened. And, when I met Dave he was exactly that... I never have to open a car door. I am the "queen"...A whole different world for me.

    Hope they all have lots and lots of fun.

  7. I love the words "charm" and "charming". Your post today reminds me of why. Thank you for sharing a charming memory.

  8. What fun day for the girls. I wish I had that course when I was young. When it comes to acting correctly and act like adecent woman, I have much to learn.


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