Friday, July 20, 2012

Corn on the Cob – Microwave Method

sweet corn courtesy
This is the season for corn to be fresh and reasonable in the market, and I share a simple method to fix it that it is both tender and tasty. 

At the market, select the white corn, not the yellow.  Be sure it is not field corn which can be tough.

Leave the husks on, and trim the bottom and the top leaves – maybe remove one layer of husk so that it is clean.

Place up to 3 ears in the microwave and set the timer for 4 minutes.  Open the door and turn your corn and set for another 4 minutes.   

Using a pot holder, carefully remove each ear from the microwave as they are hot.  Now pull the husks off using for protection a clean kitchen towel and remove the silk that remains.

Butter your corn and enjoy with a salad and perhaps a slice of buttered French bread.

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  1. My wife made fresh corn on the cob this year. She makes it every year, but this year I decided to enjoy it as I did as a kid. When I showed my daughters how we used to eat it as a kid when I raced my siblings, gnawing around the cob like an animal, they were a little disgusted... But, it sure brought back some good memories...

  2. Hazel:

    I haven't visited you in a while (I've been taking things a bit sower this summer.) Anyway, I saw this post and wanted to say that my aunt recently sent me this microwave method of cooking corn on the cob. Both my husband and I loved it. No reason to ever cook it any other way.



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