Monday, July 30, 2012


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Finagle is to maneuver, wheedle, coax, wangle, contrive, trick, manipulate, usually to get your own way how ever you can manage to do it. 

And don’t forget the word HORNSWAGGLED! 

One of my blogger friends, Floyd wrote an interesting post on this word; Hornswaggled.  Read it by clicking HERE.  Be sure to read the comments too as they are also VERY interesting and downright enlightening. 

We must be careful not to judge.

Perhaps at one time of another we have all been guilty of fudging or pulling strings.  Maybe even ignoring the right thing to do and passing to the other side.

Here in blog land we often prove that we are not always the Saints that some believe us to be.  I know that I am not perfect but it is difficult to admit to it.  Improvement is still on the way.

Many Years ago I had my three granddaughters with me and no credit card and a certain amount of money.

The girls were hungry, so we stopped at a fast food place, and I ordered each a simple cheap sandwich and asked for complementary water for us all.  I barely had enough money to pay the bill.

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I stepped to the soda dispenser to get water for the girls, and for the life of me there was NO button for the water!

Sometimes I miss things, so I called my granddaughters and asked them it they could help me find the button for water.  

We looked carefully, inspecting each spigot!  Not to be found - - -

NONE of us could see a button for water.  
So I told them, “Just get any drink you want to,” and so they did.

By the way, these days, Robert and I usually take the complementary water, and lo and behold, somehow the water button has appeared. 

The fast food company probably got Hornswaggled too many times and decided to fix the water button.

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  1. I love the words; especially "hornswaggled". It makes me laugh. Thanks for a lighthearted post this morning. Lord knows, I need it. Thank you, Hazel!

  2. Too funny! I know if anyone tried to find that elusive water button it was you Hazel!

    In truth, we do our share of finagling and hornswaggling in our lives... I appreciate the times we do win out over the flesh with His power in us... Having Christian family in our lives makes the winning a little easier. Thanks for being one of mine...

  3. Hornswaggled...what a great word. Thanks for linking up!

  4. I am adding to my vocabulary with each post that I read...delightful read. Blessings

  5. Interesting how life has changed... not just vocabulary, but WAY BACK when fast food places began, the limits were might stronger. Now, b/c nearly everyone eats there [too] often, they have adjusted their lives to ours.

    Good thinking, sharing. Made me grin. Always a good thing.

  6. I love that word--hornswaggled :). It reminds me of Gabby Johnson from Blazing Saddles. Have you seen that movie? We just do the best we can, don't we?

    Thank you for your prayers in recent days, Hazel. We are doing well, recovering slowly. Funny how that makes things slow...


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