Monday, July 2, 2012

Office Practice

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School was out and I had passed 11th grade with flying colors.

Because I thought it might be a good idea to graduate half a year early, I had signed up for Summer School.   All I needed was two extra credits to make this happen.

My chosen subjects were US Government and typing I; a difficult subject and the other one quite easy.

In a few weeks my summer school classes were completed, and I had earned my needed credits to graduate midterm in the following year.

Twelfth grade began and I had signed up for typing II and my Government II class was with a group of older students who would be graduating in February as I expected to do.

As my typing teacher surveyed her class of students, she called me aside and informed me that she was selecting a small group of girls for an afternoon work program beginning next semester. She wanted me to be part of that group. It would mean that the second half of twelfth grade we would be assigned a part time job that paid a small stipend.

However if I accepted this offer, I realized that I would need to graduate with my class and not early as first planned.

Finding a pay phone I called my mother to ask her advice. She suggested that I might enjoy the work experience and didn’t I really want to graduate with my own class instead of the early one? I would also be able to take some fun electives in the morning classes. My decision was made.

Some of the girls were assigned to assist the Principals at nearby grammar schools. One girl was chosen to help in our school office.

My assignment was to work in our school library cataloguing magazines and books that needed new cards. The librarian was very nice and seemed to appreciate my help. I was to earn 50 cents an hour, but would not be paid until the following month had passed. That was a long wait.

Our group of girls would be taking Office Practice instead of typing 3, learning office procedures and other skills relating to office work. Our teacher had also planned excursions for us to experience some real offices in action. One visit was to a near by Pet Food Factory with their upstairs offices and another was a trip to a downtown bank.

Dress for success
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Our teacher was desirous for us to be prepared for job interviews so for our excursions we were to dress in business attire wearing a dress, gloves, a hat and heels.

The hat was something I needed to purchase, because none of mother’s hats did me justice. A shopping trip down town provided me with a beautiful hat that matched my dress and I was set to go.

It is amazing how quickly plans can change when a new opportunity comes our way. I was glad that God provided me with His better plan. He knew all along what was best!

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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  1. Yes, it is delightful when HE is the One who puts the plans in place. We have our ideas, dreams and hopes. Sometimes they come to pass. Other times, He plants different pictures in our heads and we are so surprised. Bet you were a good worker!! Even when you were a young lady. That's a blessing to many.

  2. Life has a way of being much more enjoyable when we follow the paths our Father lays out before us. Nothing is by chance...

  3. Someone told me before we all have our way, but God makes the way for us. Hopefully, we know what the better choice is.

  4. What a nice story of your childhood days and happy for you that you chose the right path:)


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