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Growing Strong in Broken Places

Touching Jesus
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Pastor Jerry was reading from chapter four of Mark’s gospel about two healing miracles a story within a story. As I took notes, I gleaned from his message and now share with you.

Jairus had requested Jesus to come to his house to heal his sick 12 year old daughter. As they were on the way, a woman who had suffered 12 years with a bloody affliction reached out and touched his garment and was healed. Jesus knew that virtue had left his body and he asked, “Who touched me?” The woman bowed at his feet, confessed it was she who had touched him, as she gave God the praise for being healed.

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When the group reached the home of Jairus; his household proclaimed not to trouble Jesus because the child was dead. Jesus did not accept the negative report, but instead replied, “The child only sleeps. Then Jesus proceeded to enter the home and took the young girl by the hand. Immediately she sat up both cured and healed. “Give her something to eat,” commanded Jesus.

When Jesus does a miracle in our life, we immediately need something to eat – that is we need to partake of God’s word as Spiritual food because it will give us needed strength.

Pastor asked us to consider healing today, is it possible to be cured, but not healed? Healed but not cured?

A broken leg can be set, and in a sense we are cured, but not healed. It is the same thought after surgery that may cure us, but there is still a healing process.

There are different angles to healing. Some would consider healing stories as magic.

Pastor gave examples such as power coming out of clothing, and aprons when touched seem mystical to some.

Hollywood plays up images such as a weeping idol, or wood supposedly from the cross, or the shroud with the form of Jesus visible inside.

There are formulas such as using certain words to arrive at healing.

One example from church history was the words, “Hocus Pocus” - - literally used by the priests as a Latin phrase that meant, “This is my body that is broken for you.”

The real miracle of healing is not in clothing, or special words, but in the power of God as we believe His word.

When I truly love the human being who I am praying for and that other person is open to the divine touch from God, miracles will happen. Our spirits reach out and we touch God together and healing will occur.

We go to Doctors, to Specialists, have surgery, and take medicine or we say NO and take full responsibility for ourselves.

Today we are participating more in our own health care than ever before.

Some believe that we should not use doctors, or drugs, or have blood transfusions.

If this involves a child, there may be a court order for treatment if a child's life is in jeopardy.

We appreciate medical skills, but we must recognize that doctors are practicing medicine and they practice on us at times.

Doctors are amazed when a tumor suddenly disappears, and they recognize that miracles do happen outside the normal medical treatments.

We must not leave God out of the treatment – cure – or healing.

In these two healing stories recorded in the book of Mark; both were called daughters of God by Jesus. Both were broken, and both were healed.

There are many broken persons today who need a touch from Jesus. We are broken in body, in mind and spirit. May He first heal our sinful nature and cause us to be born again and to become a new creature in Christ.

We question, why are some not healed? I can not answer that question to satisfy you. There are answers but none will make us happy if healing is delayed.

Wholeness means to be at peace. If our healing lingers, can we be at peace with God regardless? Jesus has the divine power to restore and make whole and give us peace.

Can we trust him and know that we must never rule out a miracle?

Can we accept God’s will for this time allowing Him to make us whole and to give us peace of mind along with comfort and hope for the future?

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