Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Other Man Took My Ticket

Pony Ride courtesy
The year was 1936, and we had been living in our new city of Oakland for only a few weeks, when my aunt Mary invited us to a picnic at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. 

Our cars drove on to the ferry at the Oakland landing at the foot of Broadway, (which is now Jack London Square) and we were excited to ride the ferry boat across the Bay. 

Oh how green that rippling water looked to me as I gazed out of one of the port holes.  Soon we arrived at the San Francisco terminal and were on our way to the Golden Gate park. 

Aunt Mary thought we should eat first, so she spread out a table cloth and we enjoyed fried chicken, potato salad, chips, cake and a good supply of soda pop.

My brother and baby sister stayed with my parents, but my older cousin, Norman was given the task to entertain me by taking me to ride the ponies.

I was five years old and trusting, so I saw no wrong in what I was told to do next.

My cousin placed me on a pony and gave me a ticket to hand to the man.  Then he told me to stay on the pony when the ride was over and to tell the worker, “I gave my ticket to the other man.”  Then Norman left and went to find his brothers. 

Two more rides were enjoyed by using that particular phrase.  It was true that I had given my ticket to the other man, but it was also true that my ticket entitled me to only ONE ride.  It was later that I figured out what had really happened.

Even today there are many people who desire to get something for nothing!  Maybe a certain amount of finagling is in all of us if we see an opportunity and seize the moment.

I might be more critical and harsh if it were not for the fact that there have been times that I knowingly have been guilty of stepping over the line.

It is when our eyes are opened to our own shortcomings (sins) and we are willing to repent, that God can and will help us to walk a better path.

Most of us enjoy getting something free, but usually there is a catch.  Frequently it is “Buy one get one free.”  Or buy a certain amount and get something free!   Oops a hook with bait.

So if you are offered a pony ride and it looks like a free trip, inspect it carefully there may be a snare under the saddle.

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  1. Cute story!
    I already relayed it to Randy as he is sitting recovering form the heat and the busy day. I said, "want to hear a cute story"....and so it went. He liked it too!

  2. True, true. I ain't perfect and, even as a Christian I have made choices that weren't truly godly, truly honest. I try, and He's been told more than once to prod me and keep me paying the right attention.

    Hope you had a good time, though.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story. It is good though tha we have a God that gives us second chance:)

  4. These kind of things do still happen to us, even as adults. I bought several $5 gift cards from an ice cream shop this weekend to give away. When I got home, I realized they gave me an extra card by mistake. I had to immediately put it aside to return so I wouldn't "accidentally" use it myself.

    There's much peace that comes with being honest (and it's less fattening too, in this case, ha).

  5. I love the stories of your life and the analogies... We all flirt with the unseen lines and often cross over for lack of vision or wisdom. A free horse ride; I know for sure at that age I wouldn't have said a peep!

  6. This sounds like something my brother would have done to me. Although I pulled my share of antics myself too!

  7. I enjoyed your story, Hazel. So nice of you to link back to my story. Thank you. :)


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