Sunday, August 19, 2012

What is Real?

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Pastor Jerry read from John 6: 51-58  and I share gleanings from his message on Sunday.

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John 6:58  This is the True bread which came down from heaven—not as your fathers ate the manna, and are dead. He who eats this bread will live forever.”

For many of us, what is real depends on where you are and what you see around you.

Language today is confusing to some unless you are in the know.  Companies have their old abbreviations and words that mean certain things to the in crowd, but are strange to anyone else.

The computer and texting on the phone has abbreviations that mean something to those who are on familiar terms with short forms such as:  ty, yw, lol, wtg, OMG

OMG  God must be pleased to hear and see his name invoked daily, Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. OMG.  Not real language, but understood.

Pastor said he did a virus scan on his computer and it revealed thousands of threats.  He did not know he had so many enemies.  Were they real?  Probably not.

Many terrorists have strapped bombs to them selves and blow themselves up believing they will reach heaven.  It was not real, but they believed it.

Although we speak English, the many Christian denominations have their own language for certain doctrines.  Certain realities are expressed differently.  What is real?

In the Bible there were many false prophets, they were not real.

Paul was called a “Pest” because he preached the one true God who was real.  Others worshipped many gods including animals and Caesar proclaimed himself to be a God.

Peter in prison was released by an angel, yet he thought it was a dream and not real.

Some things in life cause us to become bitter, what we need to do is change our attitude and reach out to reality in Christ.

The Velvet Rabbit wanted to become a real rabbit, and he discovered that Love was the key.  He was tossed around, became dirty from touching the world, torn and forgotten, but not broken.  He found love that made him real.

Don’t be a person who breaks easily, allow Jesus to build you up on the inside, real is what Jesus did for you.  The things of the Spirit are real and as real as it gets.

To be loved is REAL
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  1. "To be loved is REAL" and it is messy and confusing at times. But it is real. I want to be real too. Real is what Jesus does for me. Thanks, Hazel; beautiful.


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