Saturday, August 4, 2012

Christian Youth Camp

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It was summer time, and our church announced the opportunity for those 12 years and older to attend Christian Youth Camp at Lake Tahoe.   

Because both of our dads worked for the Southern Pacific rail road, they could obtain a free pass for me and my girl friend Gracie for the train ride from Oakland to Lake Tahoe.  

From there to Zephyr Cove we would need to pay for a short bus ride.  Our youth sponsor was traveling with us and another young man from one of the other churches so we were well chaperoned. 

We arrived tired but excited as we checked in and were assigned a cabin and beds.  The girl instructed us to keep our money with us and to watch our purses.  “No need to tempt anyone,” she said.

The mornings were filled with breakfast and singing then a chapel service, and afternoons were free to hike or swim in the freezing cold lake. 

That Monday I sent a letter home saying there was horse back riding available for $4.00 and by Wednesday I had a letter back from Mom with the money enclosed.  Gracie and I both took advantage of the horseback ride and the next day we had some sore legs, but we didn’t mind.

The music at the camp was outstanding with guest singers and musicians who motivated and inspired us to serve and love our Lord. 

Naturally Gracie fell in love with the male soloist and I thought she was being silly.  He was polite and stand offish but he agreed to give her his autograph.  Our Youth Sponsor told us to back off as he was happily married.  After all, we were 12 years old going on 13 so that was not a problem for us.

Each night after the evening meal there was a moving and inspiring service with special missionary speakers.  We were encouraged to become the best Christian that we could be for Jesus.    

One ultimatum that hit home to me was the importance of daily reading our Bible.

The speaker challenged us. “If you are serious and determined to be the best Christian that you can be, then tell God that you will read at least one chapter from the Bible every day for the rest of your life.”

That night I made a decision to do so, and I must say reading God’s word has kept me from a lot of trouble. 

The only time I failed to read my Bible was if I was so sick I could not lift my head to read.  Those times, I repeated scriptures I had memorized.

If you have children, or can sponsor a child to attend a Christian Youth Camp, may I suggest that it is an excellent investment? 

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  1. I love the thought of how much Word you must have hidden in your heart.

  2. What an uplifting story! We should do whatever we can to encourage young people in their walk with the Lord -- a Bible-based, loving Christian camp is certainly an excellent way. Thanks for the great post, & God bless,

  3. It truly would be a good thing. I did it for my kids. It planted seed at the very least. I'm counting on that to grow more and more, even though they ain't young 'uns any more. It can be a true heart-toucher. Good sharing, reminding.

  4. What a great story and a good reminder for me, I need to remind my kids, regardless of age. That act will tow our hearts to Him, and He will indeed remove the strife. Thanks Hazel.


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