Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Personal Appearances Not Wanted

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Soon after Uncle Douglas (who is the same age as our son) came to live with us, his older teen age brother, David paid us a surprise visit.  He was trying to convince Doug that we did not really want him and he needed to get his things and come live with him and dad.

I only overheard part of the conversation, but I could see Douglas was in tears as he rushed to our upper floor.

Hurrying up the stairs after Doug with David trailing behind me, I caught up to him in the bedroom that he shared with our son Steve.  He was pulling his belongings out of the dresser and I ordered him to stop.  He did stop as he wiped his eyes and looked at me.

I told Douglas, “You are NOT going anywhere,” and turning to David I continued to use my commanding voice and said, “David, you are only causing trouble and I want you to leave now, because  Douglas is staying here, and Bea wants him here with her and us.”

David wasn’t all bad, he thought he was rescuing his little brother, but I knew what would happen if I allowed Doug go with him.  A twelve year old is impressionable and living with us - - at least he was in school and attending church.

Sheepishly David hung his head and retreated down the stairs to leave.  I told Douglas to put his things back in the dresser, and to go wash up for dinner.  He did and all was well.

The Devil does not make personal appearances, but he often uses our family or friends to stir up trouble and bring problems.  It is when we recognize what is actually happening that we can get the upper hand.  Look behind the problem not the person, and know that you are under attack. 

Our family and friends are not the enemy - - Our family and friends are not the devil and they are NOT demon possessed, but there are instances that they can be USED by Satan when he plants suggestions into their minds and they act on them.

When trouble begins, there are times we stand in the place of Jesus and we must speak out and act like Jesus would do.  Just be wise and not foolish as we listen to the Holy Spirit along the way. 

When his disciples were afraid, Jesus spoke peace to the storm.

While others watched the money changers, Jesus turned over their tables and told them that God’s House was a place of worship, and they had made it a den of thieves.

When his disciples wondered how they would be able to feed a multitude, Jesus had the answer and supplied their need.

God is interested in our everyday lives, and when trouble comes, he is ready and willing to provide an answer.  If He instructs us to speak out, then that is what we must do.

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  1. Thank you. I am so glad I read this, this morning.

  2. It is astounding who Satan is able to use at weak moments, to hurt, discourage, tempt, and mislead us. Often it's the Good Shepherd's own sheep. (Peter's a good example.) I have to remind myself who's behind such things when they happen--and guard that I don't let myself become the enemy's mouthpiece as well!

  3. Appreciate you sharing. Blessings to you dear one.

  4. I love it that the Lord tells us what to do and with his wise counsel, we succeed. Great story!

  5. What a blessing to your whole family to speak truths of God in true love and truth. Those are the things that have huge impacts on young people and in turn make them strong in Him. I appreciate the fact that you've used a wonderful heart for God and all of His children.

  6. You are such a faithful steward of words, Hazel. Thank you for sharing God's truth through your story today.


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