Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wedding on a Budget

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Waking my mother and dad up, I announced that my cousin was going to drive me and Robert to Reno and we would get married that night.  Dad said okay, but mother was very upset.  She said, “Child, please don’t do this.  Don’t you want a church wedding with all your friends and the family in attendance?  I will help you.”

So it was that instead of running off to Reno, my mother agreed to help me plan a Church wedding on a budget.  Actually this pleased me to know that we would have sweet memories at our church. 

Funds were limited, but mother was a good shopper.  She made phone calls to obtain the best price for invitations, plates, napkins, cake, flowers and accessories.  The ladies at church offered to bake various cakes, as we would be serving cake and punch only.

Now I needed a dress, and also formals for my attendants.  I worked downtown Oakland, so on my lunch break I walked from my office to the JC Penny store. 
There in the front window was a lovely white satin gown.  The neck was high with lace inset and tiny pearl beading over the front.  Covered satin buttons closed the sleeves at the wrist.  The price was only $29.99 because it was a sample and priced less than the other gowns on the rack.

Hurriedly I entered the store and asked the size.  Even though it was a size larger the sales girl assured me that they could easily alter it for me at a small charge. Then I requested to please place that wedding gown on lay-away, and they were happy to do so.

On my way back to my work, I passed a dress shop and quickly entered.  “Do you have any formals?” I asked.  Ushering me to the rear of the store the sales girl showed me several gowns each in a different color.  My ladies would be a pastel rainbow and that was fine with me.  Again I asked them to hold the formals for me.

By then I was very excited and my happiness ran over as I returned to work.  One of my co-workers had recently married, and she offered, “You need something borrowed, so you can use my veil.”  I was elated because a veil could cost as much as a dress.
A couple of days before the wedding we rented a tiny furnished apartment and moved in enough items to set up housekeeping, so now we had a place to live.

Our wedding was scheduled on a Thursday night, and since we took Friday off from work, we had the week end for our honeymoon.  Robert borrowed a car from his uncle and after the ceremony we headed to Sacramento as that was as far away as we could afford.  Touring the State Capital and also visiting Sutter’s Ford was historic and fun.

The wedding was lovely and certainly on a budget - - - and for many years our marriage was also on a budget.   We now have an empty nest, but we are still careful how we spend our money. 
Many things in life can be enjoyed without spending a fortune.  God promises to show favor to those who serve Him and he has done that for us.  He will also do that for you.
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  1. Isn't it just like the Lord to orchestrate every detail so that you could honor your mother's request. Beautiful story!

  2. Your story made me smile! Love, Vicki K

  3. Just goes to show you, if God's in the details, money is never an object... Could you ever place a value on your life and family? Of course not... God is bigger than mammon...

    I love this story... I would have thought it would have been in your book... it is great...

    1. This story will be one of the early ones in my Book Two -

  4. Hazel, thank you again for writing your lovely book. I love each story and am so thankful you put this book together for others to read...such a wonderful testimony to others, thank you....I'm so thankful to have you as my friend. Hugs to you today....Vicki K

  5. I love your beautiful story. It touched my heart and reminded me that in life God and our love for each other is much more important that anything money can buy.

    Thank you so much for sharing on Bonnie's blog and for visiting Teagan's Travels. I can't wait to read more from you.

    Blessings, Michelle


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