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The attendant from the Gas station we viewed from our apartment window came over and knocked on our door telling us we had a telephone call over at his station.  For the life of me, I could never figure out how my husband’s mother who lived in Tennessee could find that telephone to call, but she did.

Bea as my husband called his mother, and her husband wanted to let us know that they were moving back to California and would be arriving in about a month or so.

 Our one room apartment with the wall bed was no place to take in company, but they said not to worry as they had made arrangements to stay with Bea’s sister Hazel until they could find a place.

 A few days later our cousin Billy dropped by to chat and left a newspaper that he had finished reading.  He had been looking for work and the page was open to the want ads.  I picked up the newspaper and discovered an ad for a one bed room apartment for rent in the neighborhood that was my husband’s old stomping grounds.   Our church was near by and his Aunt and Uncles place was in walking distance.

 We quickly drove over to the apartment and the kind landlord was willing to take half a months rent which was all the money I had.  We moved the next day, with everything we owned in the back seat and trunk of our car.

 Time passed and Bea and LD arrived in California and my husband and I walked over to his Aunt’s place to welcome them back home.

After chatting for awhile, I decided to let Bea know our news.  "Bob and I wanted to let you know that I am pregnant; we are going to have a baby." 

My mother-in-law looked at me and then softly said, “So am I.”

That is how our children were going to have an uncle very close to their own age. 

There are times in life when we want to say “So am I.”

 Especially when a friend tells us they are now a Christian.
         “So am I.”

Can you think of times you would also like to say those words?

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  1. I never thought about it, but those really are some powerful words. What a great story. I know you're blessed to share your stories... So am I...

  2. That is magic how wonderful... Praise God from whom all blessing flow~ He knew all our needs and supplies them. Much love sent.

  3. That was definitely worth a good chuckle. I've seen it happen a number of times when the babies between a mother and daughter were coming. My sister had that happen, actually. A neat story. Thanks. -- OH, and I definitely remember the wall-bed. So few people younger than us know about them. Had one in an apartment in Tacoma very shortly after I had married and just then, in that apt., discovered I was pregnant. You and I have much in common!! :-)

  4. Does it ever bring us close together when we can share such wonderful experiences, like pregnancy and salvation! Oh how I long to hear any one of my names for salvation on my long prayer list call me and say "So am I a Christian!!!!"

  5. Wow, Hazel, that is powerful. Here's some things I want to say so I am to:
    I am following hard after God.
    Jesus is my Everything.
    I'm hiding my heart in Jesus.
    Great post!

  6. Wow! What a story! Congrats on the pregancies together.

    Thanks for linking up with Family Fun Friday.


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