Sunday, August 12, 2012

What Does Love Taste Like?

Bread The Staff of Life - courtesy

John 6:51  I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is My flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world.

Pastor Jerry was reading from John 6: 35, 41-51 and as I took notes, I gleaned from his message.

We can taste of many memories, some are sad, and of despair, others of joy, happiness and good times.  Children may not remember but they can be told of events in the past that were good or bad.  There are times of cooperation, working together, encouraging one another and memories that lift us up. 

Can this world actually survive in this age?  There is curiosity and just recently another robot was placed on Mars.

There are fond memories of Food prepared with love.  My Grandmother baked a green tomato pie that was a taste of Love served at the family table.  It was a special pie that tasted like apple pie and the taste of that memory lingers even today.

What’s for supper?  We are more health conscious about nutrition and not just to control weight.   In this world there are people who are starving and hungry.  Even in our city there ought not to be any who are starving, but many are hungry.

Food and diet is a parallel to health physically and spiritually.  Bread shared is Life giving.  The bread of Life is for our spiritual health and feeds us as we hunger after God.

Jesus said, I am the Bread of Life who comes down from Heaven, and the people said, who is this man?  Haven’t we seen him as a boy and wasn’t he our neighbor?

When Jesus fed the 5000, they gobbled it up, but they did not taste the love.  They did not understand when Jesus told them that the bread I give is my flesh that gives life to the world. 
The people murmured about his strange sayings and complained and criticized him. How can this be?   He was a stumbling block and an offence to them.  Jesus must have been doing something right.  

Contrary to the manna in the wilderness that did not last, the Bread of Life that Jesus offers is forever.  It is likened to the Living Water that causes us to thirst no more.
The bread He offers is his flesh.  It is a symbol at the communion table; the bread, his body, the wine, his blood.

Jesus was not just an example – He is our sacfifice and our Savior. 

Jesus gave his all.  This is what love tastes like!

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  1. Never heard of a green tomato pie! How unusual! The bread of life is making me hungry :^) blessings! Patsy

  2. "This is what love tastes like!" And isn't it such a sweet yet nourishing dessert. Beautiful, Hazel.

  3. hope that I can be like that, giving myself to others without " what if" but just because of love. Like Jesus did.


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