Saturday, August 18, 2012

Frozen food aDefrosting

Freezer open - courtesy

By now you know that last week, Ann Kroeker had some technical problems with her computer last week, and it has now been repaired !  This story was last fridays post, and I thought you might enjoy it on her Food on Friday site.

This a brief story about frozen food that is defrosting.  The reason is because the freezer in the garage did not have the door properly closed on the last entry.

Robert allows me to sleep in most days, and as I woke to the smell of roast beef and chicken breasts baking in the oven, I wondered if we were expecting company. 

Robert wasn’t talking and I did not dare ask.   I observed other meats and frozen food packages sitting on the counter.  He was busy trimming the fat off some beef flank and he finally decided to let me know what was going on.

Earlier that morning he had gone into the garage to get the blower to blow off the leaves on our driveway.  There he discovered the freezer door wide open and a huge amount of meat and other items defrosting.

NO blame here, because that can happen to anyone, but he was the last person to place something in that freezer.  So, I knew he was beating himself up over that, and I was wise enough to keep quiet.

The freezer door shuts good, but it does need coaxing to be really closed and stay there.

Thankfully we were able to find room in our refrigerator freezer for things that were still pretty frozen, and we baked and refroze the rest.   The good news is the outside freezer still works so we can use it again.

Our granddaughter just turned 18 and is having a Birthday party and sleep over for 10 girls.  She and our Son-in-law brought their big Irish Setter over for us to dog-sit for a day or two as the dog would not be welcome at the party.  As they left, we offered them a defrosting Stokers Lasagna that might go well for a snack for the girls. 

What happened to the “Food on Friday” site?   

For some reason, Ann did not open her "Food on Friday" site, and I can only use my wildest imaginations to wonder why.  Instead I will believe she is very tired and is just taking a much needed break from blogging.   My other thought is the electricity went out, or her computer crashed.  Both have happened to me. 

Regardless the reason, may we all say a prayer for Ann at this moment. 

Prayer was answered!  Thank God for computer technicians! :-)

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  1. We have a sticky door on the frig in the laundry room. You gotta make sure it's shut every time. Our youngest still struggles with the concept.... teenagers.... What are you gonna do?

    Praying for Ann and you guys.

  2. Isn't Rober industrious, cooking up a storm in the morning with all that defrosted meat (maybe he can stop by my place and rustle up something good to eat in my kitchen, too?!).

  3. oh my crazy?! someone left our freezer in the garage open too..half of it was defrosted and melted...a huge sticky mess...and there were huge chances of ice my husband had to break off with a hammer...always something, isn't it?!

  4. Oh, I love this story! You are so gracious and Robert is so industrious, simply baking the things that needed to be dealt with. What wonderful teamwork and support of one another!

    I'm so sorry Food on Fridays was unavailable last week. I was locked out of my blog and unable to get in and publish anything at all. But thanks to my new tech support, it's live now, if you would like to join up this week. No pressure. I just wanted you to know. You are always such a faithful participant, encourager, and friend.

    It was a very strange feeling to be cut off from my readers like that. I couldn't do anything at all for over a week!

    Glad to be back.


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