Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Yes God Can - - But - -

Thank You Lord for the Rain

All day and through the night the rain drizzles, and the last few days has brought some much needed storms.  We are thankful to God for the release of this rain.
Many have been praying for rain, and others are continuing to, “Say and speak to the clouds and pressure systems.  
The weather forecast is: Rain predicted to continue a few more days!
When you look at the Newspaper headlines, you see such negative reports. 
“Yes but, it isn’t going to help much.” 
“Yes but, we still consider we are in a draught.” 
“Yes but, the Lake is very low.”
I am reminded of the twelve spies that Moses sent out to search the land.  Ten of the twelve could only see the problem and they brought back an evil report.
They were full of Yes the land is good, but the circumstances are too big and we are cannot do this.
Caleb and Joshua saw the possibilities instead of the problems.  They saw God instead of giants, and victory instead of defeat.
Ten spies had a bad attitude, they were full of: doubt, fear, rebellion, and unbelief.
The writer of Hebrews 3:18-19 says that unbelief kept the Children from entering Canaan and they wandered in the wilderness for forty years.
The two positive spies, Joshua and Caleb said, “Let us go up and take the land, for we are able.”  They were fully aware that if God went with them, there would be victory.
God is still in control, regardless of the situation, and He can and will move mountains if needs be to bring you out of your predicament and trouble.
We know that God sends rain to the thirsty land and He can and will meet your need.



  1. Hazel this is a great analogy...thanks for the reminder

  2. Thanks God for the rain when we needed it the most. His words and help in times of need. The assurance that with him, we can do the impossible.
    Have a nice weekend Hazel:)

  3. I'm with you. I get frustrated at the folks who when given good news grumble about what they might not have or get. They use the very gift of the air they breathe to gripe about how they're being provided for! Being thankful for provisions daily is an honor to our Father. Good one, Hazel! I'm with you!

    1. Thanks Floyd, as a person in construction - you always amaze me how you can hit the nail right on its head!

    2. That was clever! I tell you though, your post really made great sense. Not too much common sense anymore, sister! Thanks for using that gift from our Father. Floyd

  4. He meets our needs - not our demands or our schedules.

    1. When we are bold enough to proclaim like Jesus did when he spoke to the fig tree, There are times when God will come alongside and perform miracles. He looks at our attitude of our heart and knows when it is bragging and when it is humility

  5. It's so easy to see the negative or to find the faults in the blessings. Much harder to be the TWO who saw around the giants!
    There will always be giants in this world, but Christ promised us He has overcome the world!
    His word is all I need- and a few reminders from friends :)

  6. And, as usual, I certainly agreed with Floyd. You two dun good. And Caleb has been one of my favorite Bible people. He saw things straightly and he went directly for what was necessary.

    NOW, my other concern has been the different portion of rain/water in your whole area. Another time I've thought of the fact that only the Lord can touch and care for His kids. And deal with situations connected to His "not" kids. Anyhow, glad I caught up with you momentarily. Bless you...


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