Saturday, March 22, 2014

Celebrate Life

Jesus Promised to Return
The night before, I had baked four pumpkin nut breads and wrapped up one loaf with pink colored plastic wrap.  It fit into the bottom of a pretty gift bag I had on hand, and on top I slipped a copy of my “Rescue the Stories Book One” along with a sympathy card cradling some money.
A memorial service was to be held in a near by city for our former Pastor Carl who had recently lost his battle with cancer. 

He had come to our church as a “Retired Lutheran minister,” to fill our pulpit as a part time Pastor.  For two years he preached his heart out with the true gospel and although he went along with the formality at our church, he was gung ho on Jesus whom he shared with all his might.
When he was being diagnosed I made a folder of many of the digested sermons that he had been preaching at our church, and mailed it to him.  He wrote a lovely thank you letter and said this was the nicest gift anyone could have given him.
Today we met with many friends and family to remember his life.  His wife Marilyn and two daughters along with their husbands stood in a receiving line as we signed the visitor book.  Marilyn remembered me and asked if I was still taking notes.
During the message the minister spoke about the “Empty Chair.”  The chair that Pastor Carl loved to sit and watch the ball games, western movies and chat with friends who came to visit.  His chair now sits Empty.

The minister reminded us of the “Empty Tomb,” and the resurrection and the proof that Jesus was indeed alive by the words of so many witnesses.
Jesus had encouraged his disciples that although He must go away, that He would be “Preparing a Room,” for those who receive Him as Savior. (The room is Empty now but it is ready and waiting.)  Jesus promised to return and take his followers to be with him for ever more.
Pastor Carl was not with us today (except in spirit) and he has received his Room and it is no longer Empty.
Appropriate hymns were sung and four close friends gave a short talk.  One lady was from our church and she shared some delightful memories. 

Perhaps there is an Empty Chair at your house-hold !! 
Be encouraged and always remember we have the knowledge of the empty tomb.  Forget not the promise that Jesus gave to return and bring us to our room that He is preparing for us.
Make sure your way to that room while you wait, for Jesus is returning soon perhaps today or even tomorrow.
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  1. Wonderful tribute, Hazel. I pray that pastor Carls' family would be strengthened and given the peace and joy that only come from knowing our Father. Bless you and your heart and spirit, sister. Your life and finger point us home...


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