Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Nice Day

 A Food processor needed to be returned to Cost-Co and yesterday seemed a good time to do so.

A few weeks earlier, the gadget looked so intriguing and interesting that we purchased it and took it home.  

Without opening the box, my husband did an internet search and read comments from other buyers.  

One comment was, "The cutting blades did not seem to last long" and other negative remarks caused us to decide not to even open the box.

Looking over my Mystery Shop offers, I discovered one for a bank shop in a close by city that would pay a bonus.  

In the same city there was another offer for a free lunch for one, plus a small fee.  The fee would cover Lunch for Hubby, so I signed up for both Mystery shops and was accepted.

Lazily we took off to do the bank shop first which only takes about 20 minutes and Robert could read the newspaper and the grocery ads.  As I left the bank the associate said, “Have a nice day;”  And I intended to do so.

Soon it was time for our lunch and we enjoyed a delicious burger, yummy fries and a cold soft drink, then a drive through for another free item on my mystery shopper list.

Then we were off to Chico to return the Food Processor and also pick up some groceries.  We left with one of their frozen Chocolate Moco drinks and headed for Safeway where some more specials waited for us.  Boned chicken breasts were available at 99 cents a pound and we stocked up.

Finding a place to store our specials took energy and we were ready to enjoy a bowl of homemade soup and our two free tacos as our supper.

The reports for the two shops took awhile because receipts and business cards must be scanned and placed into the report, along with a story about the shopping experience and any problems along the way.  One problem was the ladies bath room faucet was broken and that was duly noted in my report.

Evening was restful with a movie from Net-Flix and our homemade apricot, banana and yogurt smoothie

All in all, we enjoyed a very nice day!


  1. Good for you, Hazel. Your story actually brought my heart beat down a bit... living is a gift. How I love your perspective, sister. Breathing easier...

  2. Nice to read updates from your still exciting life:)

  3. Sometimes there is great enjoyment in the smallest of things. I love the days when my husband and I *do errands* - it always seems to bring us closer together!



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