Saturday, March 29, 2014

An Unlikely Pair

Beautiful Woman
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My friend Syl was a young 65 year old beautiful widow, having lost her husband two years ago to a heart attack. 

She was faithful to her church and each week she and some of her girl friends met for lunch. 
Her deceased husband had left her his small cottage and retirement checks kept her comfortable.  Because her adult children lived near by and she was  happy to be single and to enjoy life.
One day there was a knock at her door and when she opened it, there stood a short pudgy balding man who handed her a watermelon.  He shyly said, “I thought you might enjoy this nice ripe melon,” and he left.
Syl was frightened and immediately while still shaking, she phoned her Pastor and told him what had just happened. 
Pastor said, “I think I know who he is.  His name is Homer and he attends our church.  There is no need to be scared of him.”
As she thought back, yes, she did remember seeing this man in church, but had paid him absolutely no attention.
A week later this man showed up at her door, this time with a large basket of strawberries.  Syl thanked him and gently shut the door, while she ran to phone her Pastor again, and tell him this man was stocking her.
Pastor assured her, that the man meant no harm.  He recently lost his wife to cancer and he enjoys doing good deeds.  Pastor’s words calmed my friend, but she was still wary and cautious.
On the Saturday before Mother’s day the man showed up again, this time with a flowering plant that she could later replant in her garden.  
The next day was Mother’s day, and a group from church went out to a restaurant for lunch and this man found a seat next to Syl.  As they talked, they discovered they had a lot in common and they became friends.
Homer needed a wife, and now the courting began in earnest and soon he won her heart and they were married.
They are happy, but I must say, they are an unlikely pair.
This is a true story and only the names have been edited.
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  1. So sweet and wonderful. I got teary eyed. God bless them both and you too Hazel.

  2. Warm story. Their hearts are the perfect size.

  3. What a cute story! I love how God works His ways. God bless those two.

    And yes, sometimes God's *odd couples* are the best, huh?!


  4. Wonderful story with a happy ending!


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