Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Field Day

Marching Band Forming Letters at LSU
image courtesy photobucket.com

Although it might have been an annual event, I can only remember participating once in the Field day at our Junior High School.  At that time our school was grades 7 through 9, and I was a 9th grader. After all these years it is now a Middle school, such is progress.

Dressed in our blue gym clothes, we practiced for weeks learning to march properly. Prior to actually starting to march we were given lectures on how to turn the corner with 3 girls marching shoulder to shoulder.

The girl at the corner point was to march in place, the next girl was to take very short steps, and the final girl taking the largest steps in order to round that point. The row was not supposed to bend as we executed that curve. Each girl was to work in tandem to keep their row straight at all times. It did take practice, but we soon got the hang of it.

The difficult part was at the end of our march. The playground was large enough for us to carefully spell out the name of our School; Frick Jr. High. Chalk dust had marked prompt lines for each letter, and we did splendidly.

The Oakland Tribune was there to take our picture, and a write up followed the next day in the paper.

Practicing had been tough but we had done well, and also in our performance. Yes we were proud of that fact and of our school.

A job well done is worth being pleased with. There is a difference between a prideful spirit and just bursting with pride and happiness for a completed project.

In our Christian walk, there are times when we can feel honest pride as a Mother Hen does over her chicks.

Have you even observed a hen cluck and her chicks as they all get in line to march to her tune?

Some people today march to the World and for us we have a Drummer who beats out the steps that please the Lord. We have been practicing for awhile and soon it will be time for the final performance.

Hup two, three four!  Stay in line please!

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  1. I mentally/spiritually see us as warfare marching soldiers... staying focused on the distance and the purpose. That's what/how we should be. Doesn't work every day/hour all the time... too easily side-tracked... but I know it's the "call" of our lives.

    Your post is a good example/description.

  2. Clever Hazel! I love those type of stories. I'll be trying to keep time!

  3. "Straight and narrow...it's a great road"
    Love, Vicki K

  4. Amazing of what one will march to...

  5. Our field days when we were little were filled with games, no uniforms and sack lunches - I love what you did on your field days. It reminded me of when my son graduated from basic training and they marched around the field - those turns are an amazing feat - it just tangles my brain to figure it out:) And, yes - I want to see little chicks lining up for their mama - and that joyful pride!

  6. So true, Hazel: "There is a difference between a prideful spirit and just bursting with pride and happiness for a completed project." Like how you tied field day with the final performance :)

  7. Your stories are always spot-on, Hazel. So glad you linked. And you've got me thinking back to my marching days. :)

  8. Nice, we can be proud as long as our main goal is for Him to say, "Well done, good and faithful servant." Pride, in check, inspires us to do our best for Him. Loved your post. Thanks for coming by my site with your encouraging word.

  9. Your words are always very timely.


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