Monday, January 16, 2012

The Man Cheated Me

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Cutting a neighbors lawn each week, and taking turns, my brother and I were paid 50 cents one week and 75 cents the next week. Eventually my brother got tired and quit leaving the lawn job to me.

One hot Saturday, I had worked very hard and completed the lawn. As I rang the door bell the man opened the door and asked me, “How much is it this week? I was embarrassed to tell him it was 75 cents, and he made the decision to only give me 50 cents. I never went back because he had cheated me.

Have you ever been cheated or tricked and deceived? Different folks and different strokes, but I have been a victim in many an instance.

I have been lied to by the experts and every time I foolishly believed them. Several of these escapades have cost me a lot more than 50 cents. Eventually after my embarrassment healed, I became much wiser.   

I actually made myself a vow that I would never again get involved in certain matters. No more multi-level programs, get rich schemes, chain letters or anything that even faintly smelled of such.

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You would think that we would learn more quickly, but that is the way it is with us human people. We want to believe in others and trust them, but when that just doesn’t happen we are hurt deeply in our psyche.

Then there is the part about trusting God. Some have found that they are angry at God, because of something that happened perhaps even of their own doing. They blame God instead of examining their own actions.

Our mouth gets too big for itself at times, and we say and do things that we know that are not true or right.

After a broken relationship, one young man told his friend, I don’t believe in God anymore - - yet today he is married to a fine Christian girl and he attends church, prays and reads his Bible.

Perhaps we should not believe everything we hear and only half of what we see. I now try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Meaning; I allow what they say to go over my head and accept them for who I believe that they truly are.

One thing I do know is that if I place my Faith and Hope Fully in the Lord, He will never tell me lies or cheat me!

His dividends and Bonds in Trust will be exceptionally good too when it is time to cash them in!

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  1. Yes -- you know, I had this realization that I could never trust anyone fully - they were all fallible. And God said, you can trust them because you can trust me fully. You are under my protection and I will help you weather any storm. Now, I have much more peace.

  2. "Yes trusting in God never lets you down."

    Vicki K.

  3. This was an awesome post! One of your best. We've all been lied to and cheated, and yeah, it hurts. The worst lies though are the ones you touched on here; when we lie to ourselves. To believe there are not consequences to our actions is to deny the perfect will of God.

    This was a great reminder today! God is the one we are to invest in, everything else takes care of itself.

  4. Reminds me of "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." People can (will) fail us, but what peace to know God will never fail! This was a good post for me to read today. I have some issues I need to give to God and trust He will work them out for my good and His glory.

  5. Praise God that He is One who will never cheat or mislead us! We can trust His word for His word is truth! Blessings!

  6. "I now try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Meaning; I allow what they say to go over my head and accept them for who I believe that they truly are."

    Such grace, Hazel. Such wisdom.

  7. A motto at my senior class photo in '63: She only opens her mouth to change feet.

    This could well still fit into my life if the Lord hadn't done some healing of my soul. I still can have an automatic reaction to things but say things less frequently. HOWEVER, I still will have someone, such as my family, say, "Tell us what you really think, Joanne." And I'll say, "I didn't say anything." And they always say, "You didn't have to. It's right on your face."

    Some of us will do much better after we're in heaven. Oh, well.....

  8. "Perhaps we should not believe everything we hear and only half of what we see."

    I love this. Definitely words to live by! Beautiful post.

    (I'm from the same area as Aaron Rodgers too. It's why I'm a fan. In fact, all of my family still lives in or near Chico.)


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