Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sick days

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All the childhood diseases seemed to come my way, if it were chickenpox, measles or a very bad cold they found me!

I can remember staying home from school because I was sick.

Mama would put me in her big bed so she could easily tend to me, and at night I would return upstairs to my own smaller bed. 

Mother also allowed Blackie my cat to visit for a short time and purr along side of me.

In those days there was no TV, so for entertainment, mother would bring our small radio and set it on my bed where I could follow the old radio soap opera programs.

For lunch Mother would give me hot soup and juice in between meal times.

Our kind neighbor sent over some children’s magazines, and Mother brought me a coloring book with puzzles to while away the time.

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I remember one day she brought me a daffodil from our garden and placed it in a small vase.   As I rested I stared at that beautiful flower examining the trumpet, and the manner in which it was created.

When I was feeling better but still not well, I could sit up and cut out paper dolls. I remember one book she brought me was paper dolls of the Dionne quintuplets.

These cute girls were a few years younger than me and were very popular. Their lives were a tragedy because the Canadian Government took them away from their parents under the guise that the girls needed protection. It is reported that the Canadian Government earned over one half billion dollars from exhibiting them and from the endorsements from soap, special spoons, and dolls to paper dolls. That is a story all in itself.

Back then, to me these girls were just paper dolls and I had fun cutting out the paper clothes to dress them. Playing with these dolls gave me hours of pleasure while I was getting well. Mother also gave me a cardboard doll flocked with a flannel front. With the doll came felt clothing to cut out that would stick like magic to the doll.

When I was almost well, mother allowed me to dress warmly, and gently swing in our outdoor swing. That too was comforting and it was lovely to be out doors again.

These days it is very rare that I am sick, and I am thankful for good health at my age. Yes, my knees creek at times, but like I say – for my age not too bad.

God gives us entertainment too. Call it entertainment or a glorious walk with God. Just being outdoors for a stroll, our three dogs join in and follow while they sniff and bark. We can see squirrels run up a tree as we approach. Viewing our plants and bushes as they begin to bud out brings me joy. Listening to the birds sing praise to the Lord causes me to rejoice along with God’s creation.

God has promised that one of these days, He will put away all sickness, pain, suffering and even death, and we will be entertained and even join in with God’s Angelic Choir.

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  1. "Oh I loved your message today Hazel, brought back many memories of the past when I was sick. Chicken soup and paper dolls...that was one of my favorite fun things to do,cut out paper dolls. But when you were sick you had to stay in bed. We didn't run to the doctor and use medicines it was all Home remedies.
    Happy memories" Love Vicki K

  2. Thank you Vicki. We didn't go to the Dr unless one of my siblings broke a bone!
    Stay in bed, rest and soup and juice. Not much to do while in bed in those days. But mother was clever and could find us something of interest.

  3. Yes, as kids back then we had the "normal" stuff hit us... mumps, measles, and various other sicknesses ... and then we recovered, sometimes vaguely. Isn't it German measles that required us to be in the dark? I missed the last day of second grade because I had just been hit with that, and to be a 7-yr old active kid, buried in the dark was a tough lifestyle. Anyhow, good to hear your story and, YES, our Lord is the Healer. HALLELUJAH!!

    1. I think those diseases may have helped our immune system. Yes, the dark room was to help our eyes. Now adays kids get shots to prevent all this.

    2. I DO sometimes wonder if all the vaccinations are setting bodies in a weaker zone, not being able to learn to "fight". And now that it's frequently illegal to not have all of them, that concerns me even more. Possibly that "independent" side of me that is pretty BIG, but we'll/they'll see eventually.

  4. I really do not recall when I had the childhood diseases staying home from school. I know I as sick a lot as a child and missed one time Valentine's Day in grade school. Remember receiving a ton of little VD cards from my classmates. Blessings and thank you for sharing.

  5. I was one of what I thought was the lucky ones, to never have had any childhood diseases... Sounds like I missed out! I too appreciate the little things and look forward to the time without the stress and strife of this life. In the meantime, I'll look for the details like you do. I think God uses them to teach us to see clearly. Thanks for another beautiful reminder...

  6. This is a delightful story. You use such vivid details -- the daffodil, the paper dolls, Blackie the cat, and the radio.

    I so enjoy getting these kinds of glimpses into your world. Thank you for linking this week!

  7. I remember having the mumps - and so wanting to go outside and play:( I love how your mom brought you gifts to keep you busy - from the paper dolls to the daffodils - and how she tenderly cared for you. You can see it in the details of how she cared and the beauty of her ministering.

  8. Every time I was sick our next door neighbor brought me a quart of home canned blackberries. I still miss them when I'm sick. I did love paper dolls, too.

  9. My mother always went the library to bring me home a stack of books. There was tv then, and sometimes she'd let us move to the living room sofa and watch a game show or reruns of the 1950s and 60s sitcoms. That was a special treat, since they weren't on after school.

    What a blessing just to have a mother home tending to a sick child! Sadly, not a few children today are left at home alone when ill because both parents must work.

    Thank you for sharing your good memories and reminding me of a few of my own. Grace to you in Jesus.


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