Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Good Book Can Help (Repost)

Besides the Good Book, (The Bible,) I have enjoyed magazines and books with parenting helps. When my children were just babies, I subscribed to Parent’s Magazine. I gleaned many tips and ideas that were of tremendous help to me in those early years.

As time passed, I found a special book - - probably at a Thrift Store or at a Garage sale; but I discovered it to be a wonderful book on raising children.

Here was an outstanding book that incorporated answers to all sorts of behavior problems. Included were fact-filled chapters covering various ages through the teenage years, along with suggestions on how to cope with different and difficult problems.

During that time, we had five teenagers in our household! Yes, I said five! Disturbing emotional problems plagued one of our daughters!. Some would say she needed therapy. I was prompted to give special attention to her each evening. It was ten minutes with no preaching, but rather just talking and listening. What wonderful therapy there is for others if a person can just be a good listener.

Before entering her room, I reviewed a current chapter in the book, and prayed asking the Lord how this would apply to her. Certain lines from the book seemed to stand out, and were to become the answer for that evening.

Just a sentence or two, and the Lord’s direction on what else to say next, the answer was provided for her need each evening.

Today, with children, and even with friends, using a few moments of quality time, can work wonders! Share an encouraging thought that will bring them confidence and will show your support!

At times, it might be a line from something you have picked up from a book; a magazine or possibly the internet; that will carry enough weight to bless your child or your friend.

Of course do not forget to utilize the Bible!

Ask the Lord, “What do I say next?” He may direct you to a Scripture verse that can complement, and then completely cement the thoughts for you to share.

Proverbs 15:23 A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and a word spoken in due season, how good it is!

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  1. 5 teenagers in the house??? Oh my. :-) And you survived in tact.

    You know how to give advice then. Thanks, Hazel.

    1. A lot of the child's help simply comes when we are willing to listen.

  2. Great post! God provided us with His Word to give guidance in all situations we encounter. And He is the best Parent of all!
    Hats off to you for raising 5 teens at once!
    God bless,

    1. Our three reached teen age, and we also had my brother-in-law who was my sons age, and Nancy my daughters friend who became our foster daughter. Yes it was fun, and I did receive most of my help from the Good Book and from the Holy Spirit.

  3. This is the big truth:

    Of course do not forget to utilize the Bible!

    That is exactly the direction I need to go. So often it's easy to grab other info... and I'm so happy the Lord breaks through.


  4. I have three daughters, the youngest is 13... Five at once? Oh man...

    This is great advice, I tend to preach... I need to listen first. Thanks for the reminder Hazel.

  5. Girl, I'm just in awe of havin' five teens in the house and survivin'!!! You're quite the woman!!!

    Yes, I agree the Bible first and there are so many great parentin' books on the market to support.

    You rock. I only had two teens and Hubs was always tellin' me, "...and this too shall pass!!!"

    Have a blessed week sweetie!!! :o)


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