Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rock N Roll

My husband must have seen one of these apparatus at the park, similar to the one he was building in our back yard for our children. The equipment at the park was made from metal pipe, and he had to discover a different way to create one for us.

He carefully cut two identical half circles for the rockers from a large piece of plywood with a height of about 15 inches off from the ground. Then he attached a piece of plywood across them making a solid platform and then he nailed it securely.

Finally in the middle, he fastened two handle bars spaced a foot or so apart for us to hold on to ffor balance. Putting one foot behind us the thing would swing and sway nicely.

This contraption could rock with two to four persons, or even one. It was fun, a safe and relaxing piece of equipment with its soothing motion for the children and also for me.

At that time, I was a very young inexperienced mother, and the stress of life with three young children would often get to me. While the children were napping, I would retreat to the rocking platform and sing, pray and sway the blues away.

If you own a rocking chair, or a porch swing, that would probably be a good substitute.

There is just something about the rocking back and forth that is comforting and calming.

image courtesy photobucket
My thoughts are drawn to my mother gently rocking me when I was a very young child.

We have seen pictures of Jesus holding a child in His arms. And I wonder if he isn’t soothingly and quietly rocking those babies.

image courtesy photobucket

In the coming days if I feel stressed or tired, I am going to use my Spiritual imagination and see myself in the arms of Jesus as he gently and peacefully holds me

Do you wonder that God might have a rocking chair in Heaven?

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  1. Thanks for such a beautiful mental picture, being rocked in the precious arms of Jesus.

  2. Hazel - this is a beautiful thought. I have often pictured myself as climbing into my Daddy's lap, but also to think of being rocked in Jesus' arms...that is so comforting.


  3. Now that you mention it, I even like to sit on a high place and swing my legs like a little kid. I haven't thought about it, but your right, it is oddly soothing to swing and be swung. I think I'll try to imagine myself swinging in His arms too...

  4. Aww, this reminds me of the sweet days of rocking my newborns and nursing and singing to them about Jesus. I have often felt tenderly held by Him.

  5. Oh - I love that picture. I often imagine him rocking my little Mila and Junior in His rocking chair. That picture has been a comfort to me so many times as I've often imagined what my babies look like - knowing that Jesus is holding them in His loving arms. And I'm grateful that He blessed me with two precious miracles to rock in my own arms.

  6. Occasionally, I view my Heavenly Father holding me in His lap and just letting me snuggle into his chest. I've rarely had a rocker, with kids or g-kids, but I do "rock" and/or dance around with them.


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