Monday, October 1, 2012

Pom Pom Girl

Pom Pom Girl
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The word is ORANGE.

Halloween is a time to dress up and pretend that you are someone else other than who you really are. 

The year was 1936 and we had just moved to Oakland  a few months before, and I had entered kindergarten in September.  I was five years old and needed a costume for Halloween but our finances were very low, yet my mother was creative. 

At the five and dime store she purchased a five cent package of orange crape paper, the stretchy kind.  Then she got out her treadle sewing machine, and began to cut and sew me an orange dress.  It puffed here and there with ruffles.  She attached it to one of my under-slips and it was beautiful.   I asked her, “Who is it that I will be?” 

Her answer puzzled me because even at my young age I knew very little of the world outside my home.

“You will be a Pom Pom girl,” mother told me, and who ever asks you, just tell them that.

To this day I still don’t know for sure what I was, but it may have been something like a cheer leader outfit that mother remembered from her High school days.

My teacher did ask me what I was and I proudly announced, “I am a Pom Pom girl.”  Her reply was, “You surely are and a nice one at that.”

Do you ever wish that you were someone else? Putting on different clothes will not change us into another person. God is the one who will change us into His image when we come to him.

I do believe as Christians that we should not dress sloppy or wear dirty clothes, unless our work calls for clothing like that. When work is done it is time to clean up and be presentable to the world and to your family. This also applies when we attend God’s house because we need to honor Him and have respect for His sanctuary.

Many times I have dreamed of being famous and winning multitudes of sinners to our Lord Jesus.  I have also dreamed of becoming rich so that I could help others with my worldly goods.  

Usually these are only dreams and God is not asking for something that you do not have.  He only asks that you use the talents that he has given you to help others. There are many things we can do that do not require money. Time spent helping others, listening and praying is a gift that we can freely give.

When I consider that God has given us spiritual clothing to wear and as soon as we put it on, we become righteous in His sight.  Now that is a miracle if I ever heard of one!

Put on the garment of Praise and enter into His courts with singing.  God will know who you are, and He will recognize you as His child.

This story is a chapter from my Book: Rescue the Stories Book One.  My book has close to 100 true stories each one different. 

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  1. Sounds like you have a very creative Mom! I remember my mom making me a princess costume out of an old bedspread!

  2. I had homemade Halloween costumes most of my childhood, they went over pretty well. I don't dress like Frank Sinatra, but I do clean up and put on my nice stuff on for God's house.

  3. A very nice story of a pompom girl.
    Me too wish to wish to win more souls to God and help the needy. So I try too with the resources that God is giving me everyday:)

  4. As with the Halloween costume, God makes his plan work with what he has--us! Maybe we're a little like the stretchy crepe paper. We don't know what it is or what to do with it, but He does!

  5. What a wonderful loving and caring mother you had. She made you were a Pom Pom girl and special. Praise God for a wonderful mother. Love sent to you Hazel.

  6. Creative and caring moms are good things. Plant sweetness into hearts.

    Happy for you.

  7. You're lucky to have such a caring mother. Not everyone is blessed with them.


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