Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Register to Vote and then Vote

photo by Hazel
 If you have not yet registered to VOTE in this election coming up - - - you still have a few days left to do so.  Forms are available at your local Post Office, and your county offices.

You can also register on-line: Here are a couple of suggested places to register

Google has a site that allows you to register On-Line:

October 22 is the cut off day to register. 

Although I said I would not do it again; (to work at the voter precinct,) I changed my mind and signed up for another bout. 

Today I attended a training class that is required for those who will be there on voting day to welcome the voters.

As I stepped into the class room, I snapped a photo of the screen that would be showing us a slide show of review and some new things we would need to know.  Our instructor was facing the classmates.

At break time, I showed our instructor my photo and asked his permission to place it on my blog, and he told me to go ahead.

So far we are free to march to the polling place, without fear of being mobbed and shot at.  Other countries are not that fortunate.

While we have today, we must protect our freedom by using our vote.  First of all we must make wise choices and keep our eyes wide open as we vote.

Our son and others have knocked on doors urging voters to register and to vote because we are tired of the change that has bankrupted America.

If not a registered voter, please register and join with us as we meet at the polls.

If you are a registered Voter - - “See you at the Polls.”


  1. Yes we also have freedom to vote in Australia. I had never thought about countries that might shoot you if you try to vote.. Be are so blessed and take so much for granted. I pray that everyone of an age to vote in the U.S. do so. Many blessings sent your way today. xx

  2. Good for you, Hazel! You go girl! Have I told you lately that you're my hero? Well, you are....

  3. Wahoo! Thanks, Hazel, for getting the word out there.

    Love what Floyd said....aawww...


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