Thursday, March 31, 2011

Box Lunch

The Love story of my Grandparents began when they met at a church box lunch social.

Each lady was to bring a box lunch, and the gentlemen would bid on the box, not knowing who the lady was. Then they were to share and enjoy the lunch together.

My grandmother Mary was a quiet governess and cared for the children of a neighborhood family. Therefore she did not meet many people outside the home, and church was a weekly event she always looked forward to.

Mary was happy to prepare a box lunch with fried chicken, potato salad, some walnut halves, and two slices of apple pie.

As the bidding for the lunches began, my Grandmother was hoping (and praying) that Allen would secure her lunch.

As God is my witness, Allen did win her box and this was their first “date.”

The old saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” is certainly true. On that day, Allen was smitten with my grandmother, and it did not take him very long to propose and ask her to marry him.

They began married life as share croppers, but soon Allen was able to use money he had been putting away for years, and purchase 10 acres in Lindsay, California.  He planted half the land in olive trees, and half in oranges. Also he planted several fruit trees which included a walnut, peach, apricot and a pomegranate tree. He built a barn and a chicken coop and along one side of the lot line planted a row of grapes, and a row of berries.

Their transportation was a horse and buggy, and my own mother remembers those rides to church and into town in what Grandma called their carriage.

Grandpa worked his land and earned the main portion of their living from the trees.

He did have a garden, and once a week he would go into town and knock on doors and sell fresh fruit, produce and brown eggs. This gave them extra income.
My mother remembers managing a fruit stand at their front entrance and selling produce and eggs for customers who would stop by.  Grandpa, Grandma, mom and her sister, everyone worked in the family.

A few years later, Grandpa purchased a new car for $300 and now they could drive to church and to town. They were married for over 50 years, and are now enjoying Heaven.

If you are looking for a mate - - may I suggest that you pray first and then be sure you are attending a good Bible believing church. A Christian companion will secure an undivided home!

Under all circumstances, never “settle” for someone outside of Christ!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Personal Savior – Personal Pentecost

Grandma and Grandpa made it their practice to visit the Tulare county jail every Sunday and minister to the men incarcerated there.

My grandmother stumbled over some words; it was just the way she spoke.

Grandma with her hair pulled back in a bun, and her eyes sparkling with the love of Jesus, would urge the men to accept Jesus as their “persoilly” Savior. They knew what she meant and many of them did receive Jesus as Lord. She would also challenge the men to “Get rid of self.” To them, this meant; stop being so selfish, and to empty their old life and replace it for the new.

Grandma and Grandpa did not keep records, so until they reached heaven’s gate, they did not know for certain how many of their jail congregation received Jesus as their Personal Savior.

In the Bible we are reminded that before Jesus died on the cross, He breathed on his disciples and with authority spoke and said, “Receive ye the Holy Ghost.” It appears that His disciples were “Born again” at that moment. For them it was an experience of a personal salvation.

Later after Jesus had risen from the dead, He again spoke with authority and commanded a large group to tarry at Jerusalem until they be “Filled with the Holy Ghost and Power.”

This event was to be a “Personal Baptism into the Holy Spirit.” It was to be a second work of Grace.

The experience they received had several exciting things happening on that day. Tongues of fire appeared and set on each of their heads. Inside each believer another deep experience also happened. They began to speak in languages that they did not know in the natural. Others heard and were puzzled and afraid! What does this mean?

Many from other lands were in Jerusalem at that time because it was the Pentecost celebration. These men from elsewhere were all amazed and wondered how these unlearned men were speaking in a language know to these travelers, about the wonderful works of God.

Close observation will alert you to understand that there is MORE that God offers to the believer. He offers first a Personal Salvation, when Jesus comes into your heart by His Holy Spirit. Then there also is a Personal Baptism into the Holy Spirit for those willing to ask for the anointing of power.

May I urge you as believers to seek a quiet place and offer yourself as a living sacrifice unto God and ask him to let His Fire fall on your sacrifice? Do not fear, because the gifts that God gives are holy and good. His gifts will give you confidence, and boldness that you never knew before. Let Him be your Personal Savior, and your Personal Pentecost.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Apple Core – Baltimore !!

Did you ever pick a ripe apple right off the tree and eat it? The crispness of this delicious fruit satisfies your hunger as you enjoy it down to the last bite.

By now you are down to the apple core, and if you are outside in your yard, most of us, without a thought, would toss the core over our shoulder and go on our way.

Stop!! Wait please, there is MORE!! Let us first examine the apple core.

Inside the core is life giving seeds that if planted and cared for, will produce a tree, with more fruit. Here we have a continual process of life and growth.

The core itself and some apple meat that is left on it, when finally tossed, will find its way back into the soil and nourish the earth to grow other and more food in your garden.

As I think about the Christian life, I am reminded that most believers receive Jesus as their Lord, and they stop there. Let me tell you that there is MORE!

As we examine the scriptures, we discover that God desires a more intimate walk with you and me. He desires to take the seeds of faith and scatter them into your spirit so that you are filled with His life and with His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is your helper and Comforter and your daily guide.

Some would like to take certain pages of scripture, tear out those words that they do not agree with and toss them over their shoulder as you would toss the finished apple core.

Let me tell you that there is MORE!!

God desires to immerse you into His Holy Spirit. Scripturally, there is an evidence of His baptism, which is the speaking in other tongues. For most Christians this will be confined to their prayer language when they know not how they should pray, because the Holy Spirit will pray through them according to the will of God. God knows the understanding of the words, even if we do not know their meaning.

If you find yourself holding an apple core, please do not lazily toss it aside before you first examine it thoroughly.

In the same manner, search the Scriptures to see if these things be so. Yes, there is MORE. You can discover for yourself what God has waiting for you.

Act 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Water - - Water Everywhere!

We live in the Oak woods of Oroville, not too far from the Oroville Dam that holds the major water source for the State of California.

The Lake depends on the rain and also the melting snow in the mountains, to fill the Lake for our State water distribution. As water is released, a power plant also generates electricity for our area.

The past several weeks, it has been raining for days and nights. We have had more than ample rain. The ground on our acre of land has its own rivers and streams as it drains to the next property and on to a creek down the way and eventually on to meet the river.

Our soil is soaked to overflowing, and Lake Oroville is reaching its fill limit, causing water to be released to flow to the ocean. So much water in fact that it is creating flooding in the fore-bay parks and surrounding areas.

Water, water everywhere, with no apparent forecast of it stopping soon.

My thoughts go to other regions with bad flooding and also to the tragedy in Japan where earthquakes have created huge waves of water so tall as to destroy cities and take many lives.

I am reminded that in the Bible, because of the wickedness of the people, Noah was commissioned to build an ark for the safety of his family. In the days of Noah it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. At that time, God also opened up the underground water gates under the earth in order to send torrents of water to cover and flood the entire world.

I cannot answer why the heavens and the earth groan so violently. I do realize that many events happen to disrupt our comfort zone. Occurrences that are out of our hands and are not in our control can cause us pain and sorrow. Often at those times, our hearts fear and cannot be still. We seek to quiet ourselves, but we cannot find relief and rest.

Regardless of our circumstances, God has provided an ark of safety and security in his everlasting arms. He will sustain us even if we must go through uncomfortable times, and He will be found by those who trust in Him. Listen, for he speaks!

His voice shouts to the storm, “Peace be still.”

And unto you he whispers, “For I am your God and I will never leave you or forsake you! Hush now, and rest in me, my peace I give unto you.”

Saturday, March 26, 2011

How Does Your Loved one Show Love??

My Blogger friend Ann Kroeker posted a story about her husband bringing her avocados instead of flowers or candy. She loves avocados and as they are usually expensive, she does not purchase them on her trip to the grocery store. Her husband understands her fancy to avocados, and from time to time, he brings her a bag with two or three avocados. She enjoys them on a sandwich, added to her salad, or sometimes mashed into a guacamole.

Ann then posed the question, “How does your husband show his love to you?”

The comments were varied and all were interesting. I could not resist, so I sent her this comment.

“He brings you avocados! That is sweet! What does my husband bring me?  Ha-ha, nothing, as he says I am free to go to the store and get anything I want. (smile) My husband is not much of a cake person, so when it is his birthday, instead of a Birthday cake, I bake him a pie. Coconut or banana cream are his favorites, although he does enjoy a nice apple pie too!”

Then as I thought more on the subject I wrote to Ann a second time, adding to my other thoughts.

“Hi Ann I am back again as I must add more on how my husband shows me love. He began as my cook when I was working and because of his health, he was a stay at home husband. When I retired, he continues to cook for me every day. Another loving thing he did for me was to fix the Venetian blinds behind where my computer sits in the corner of my kitchen. The sun was shining through the blind slits into my eyes. I was wearing a cap to keep the sun out. LOL. He cut a piece of cardboard and placed it behind the already shut blinds, and now I can type to my hearts content any time of the day! When he put the board in place behind the blinds, he asked me if I knew what that was? I said, “What?” He replied, ‘That is Love.”

How does your husband, or wife, show you love?

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blessings on Raven’s Wings

The year was 1976, and at the last minute, our youngest adult daughter decided to become a student of the Bible Training Center along with us.  I went with her to the dean's office, and he quickly made a decision to allow her to enroll. To provide for the costs of the school, she needed a job, and she soon found one, evenings as a waitress at the Steak and Ale restaurant.

She confided to me, that at her evening shift, there were often customers who were quite inebriated, enjoying their ale without even laying a fork on their steak dinner. One night she brought home a large steak that had not been touched, and she suggested that our dogs might enjoy a nice treat.  I put it in the refrigerator.

The next day, one of the young men from the school came home with us to help with some yard work in exchange for lunch.

I prepared some Southern style green beans, fresh sliced tomatoes, some steak cut in thin slices smothered in gravy and onions, over some white rice, along with hot French bread and butter.

When my daughter came in for lunch she stared at the table, and with a horrified look on her face, she exclaimed, “Mother, where did you get that meat?”

I looked at her, smiled and softly replied, “The Lord sent it by a little bird!”

Nothing else was said, and we all enjoyed our meal.

By now you have guessed where that meat came from! And as far as I was concerned, the Lord had provided it.

There are occasions in life where the Lord supplies our needs using methods that may seem strange to us! No, He doesn’t always use ravens as he did with Elijah, but there are other ways that are out of the ordinary.

Do not question the extra-ordinary, or even the supernatural means God may use to provide for you.  Most generally, the provision comes through working at a job - - and yes, God regularly supplies work; at times the work comes at just the right moment!

What ever your need is in life, if a raven brings it to you, go ahead, receive it with gratitude, and thank the Lord for it.

1Kings 17:6 And the ravens brought him bread and flesh in the morning, and bread and flesh in the evening; and he drank of the brook.

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Southern Style Green Beans

3 cans of regular cut green beans. Cover with water about ½ inch above the beans.
Cut up 6 slices of bacon and fry until crisp.  Add bacon and the bacon grease to the beans and put a lid on the pot. Simmer until the water is almost gone. It may take two hours.  Enjoy! (Optional use a 2# bag of frozen green beans)

Disappearing Dog Food

Our house we helped build in Oakland in the 1960’s was three levels, and you entered on the main floor, where the general living quarters were. This included an office, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, bath and the large master bedroom.

One flight down was a family room with a kitchen, a full bath and a separate entrance. Off from the family area were four bedrooms each with a key lock for our four teen age children. Our thought was to eventually rent out the rooms to college students as our children left home.

From that second level, a stairway led down to the basement. Here was another large room that could be used for exercise equipment. From that room a door led to a storage area under the house and to another door which opened to the yard where our three dogs stayed during the day.

Along the outside of the house was a sloping sidewalk that could easily take you from the front of the house all the way to the lower floors and finally to the basement area.

We shopped for our dog food in bulk, so we used a hand truck that carried large bags of dog food to the basement third floor down, storage area. It was easier to feed our dogs from the basement which was closer to their yard.

At night, you might imagine the joyful sound as we opened all doors, and our three dogs, all howling, knew to make a galloping run up all the flights of stairs and into the garage where their “night- night” boxes and a chew bone was waiting for them.

While we realized our dogs all had nice appetites, it seemed strange that our bags of dog food seemed to disappear like magic.

I told my husband that we needed to purchase a large rat trap, just in case. Having obtained the necessary trap, we baited it with a hunk of cheese. Wouldn’t you know it, that before we could even leave the room, we heard a loud cracking snap?

Entering the basement, there we found the largest, prettiest (dead of course) rat that you had ever seen, with such a nice slick, shiny coat that almost glistened in the light.

We set the trap again, and one after the other we caught a dozen rats, all sleek and well fed. Happy at last, we had discovered the gang of thieves who were stealing our goods!

Speaking of thieves, the Bible tells us that Satan is a liar, a thief and a robber and he loves to steal from us.

Satan pilfers our time in many ways, make off with our money if we are not wise, and robs us of our health if we do not learn to care for our bodies.

If allowed to do the big ONE, that old devil wants to steal our souls.

Each of us can set our trap to catch him at his antics. We must learn to listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit within us - - that lets us know when we are being taken advantage of by the devil himself. Yes, we can ask God to help us to be harmless as doves and wise as serpents.

Do not allow Satan to steal from you!!  Set your trap for him now!!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Goals Ever Changing

My goal was to enter college and get a degree,
Then I met a man, a Godly man,
He wanted to marry me!

My plans for college went astray,
Quickly a change of goals,
Instead we were married one December day.

New plans, new goals together,
Days, weeks and months passed,
It seemed I was to be a Mother.

Goals for living, goals for life,
Hard times, getting by,
No time for strife!

Goals to lead my family to know God,
Their personal choice and decision,
Out of my hands, their own path to trod!

God goals; His desire that all may seek Him,
To come of a free will,
To choose wisely and not on a whim!

Do make it your goal to reach God in Heaven,
Receive the Loving Savior,
Be warned to avoid the leaven.

Setting Spiritual Goals at any age,
Will place you on the upward path,
In God’s Book your name is written on His Holy page!

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Family Outing – and our Goal

My dad was a hard worker. He often labored extra hours to care for his family. There was not much time for family outings. Mother usually was the one to see that we were taken to the park or entertained.

I remember back, one time, Dad decided we needed to do something together and that a fishing trip would be something we would all enjoy - - or at least something to remember.

Mother packed a picnic lunch, and with sun glasses, straw hats, swim suits, warm jackets and we took off for the Tracy Delta.

Boats were for rent at the boat house, and Dad selected a row boat that we could all fit into. The boat man warned us to return to the dock before dark.

It was a beautiful day, and we were excited. Perhaps we were too loud with our laughing and talk, because by noon we hadn’t caught a thing.

Dad pulled the boat over to a place where we could tie it up and have a swim before our lunch. Mom was prepared with towels and we three kids had a wonderful time in the water. We soon worked up an appetite and we certainly were ready for our picnic lunch.

Dad asked us all get back in the boat, and we set off again hoping to catch some fish. As we fished, the sun went behind some clouds, and Dad realized that it was time for us to return to the boat house. We began to row awfully hard in the direction of the dock.

We rowed and rowed and rowed, but it seemed that the tide was against us, and we just were not gaining on our quest to reach our goal.

By now it was dark, and we three kids were getting scared.

Mother must have been praying for help, because before long a motor boat pulled up along side and asked if they could assist us? Are you kidding? “Yes,” we exclaimed, “That would be wonderful.” The men in the motor boat attached a rope to our row boat and began to tow us to shore. It was a LONG ride, much longer that we had imagined. We had drifted a long way.

Eventually we arrived back at the place of safety, and we were so very thankful to the men and to God for sending them to rescue us.

In life there are times we may be adrift and seeming to go nowhere. In our attempt to reach a place of safety, we may need some assistance. In God’s plan He has provided Pastors, Teachers, and helpers to encourage us along the way to reach our goals.

If you have not found a Good Bible Believing Church, it is time to search one out. They are there for your good, and will offer you a “tow” so you are able to reach the safe harbor.

Ephesians 4:11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;

Saturday, March 19, 2011


It was during Spring Cleaning last year that my husband decided to redecorate our, "TV' room.

He removed book cases and books and packed them all away in boxes and boxes. His remark was, “We never read these anyway.” I managed to snatch a few favorites and place them in our guest room. All the photos that graced the tops of the book cases were packed and put away.

Our room looks lovely with new paint, new carpet, our recovered comfortable old sofa, and some paintings that we purchased years ago from the “Starving Artist art Show.”

My sweet hubby even purchased a Lazy Boy chair for my Birthday for me to relax in while we watch TV together at night.

My current reading materials are on a small table in my restroom. (My quiet place) There sits my daily devotional, a few magazines and a small Bible. Honestly I must confess that I read my Bible each evening from the free E-Sword which I consider the best Bible program out there. I also use E-Sword to search for certain scriptures that I may desire to insert into one of my posts. The following is a good verse.

Psalms 45:1 My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

My daughter has a Kindle and my son has something else that is similar. His gadget also has a GPS along with free books and other books you may purchase.

Truthfully my computer keeps me busy reading blog posts from internet friends, so I actually do not envy those with Kindles and I-Pods.

I praise the Lord for technology and all the amazing devices available today. We live in a wonderful age in time. Soon more exciting and also sad to say - - increasing devastating occurrences may be on the next page in time.

There is a new awareness that the day is short as we view all the terrors and tragedy that is happening today.

The Bible tells us that as the Day of the Lord approaches, there will be earthquakes, fires and much fear in the hearts of people.

Those who have placed their trust in God, have nothing to fear even if they go through trials for He has promised to be with us at all times.

Hebrews 13:6 So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Follow the Directions for Something Sweet

Something sweet was what my husband was craving. He asked me to bake him a pineapple upside down cake, and suggested that I use a box cake mix as I had several on hand from a recent special sale.

Grabbing my cake mix and an easy recipe, I began. Following instructions has always been my forte, so this would be the simple method.

I remember at age 9, I made a decision to follow the instructions of the Lord by receiving Jesus as my Savior. When I was 12 years old, I attended a Christian Youth Camp which was a life changing experience. One of the main speakers urged us that if we expected to be the best Christian we could be, that we needed to commit to reading our Bible daily.

I sort of made a determination that night to read at least a chapter a day for my entire life. For the most part I have kept that “promise,” except for a few times, when I was so sick I could not lift my head, or a couple times when I was in the hospital. God understood!!

Following instructions has always come easy for me, if it be a recipe, putting something together, researching on the internet - - OR Reading God’s Word.

Once as a teen, my cousin and I were planning some mischief the next day, and that night I read my Bible. Wouldn’t you know that there was a verse that jumped out of the page and in no uncertain terms warned me not to go through with our plan?

God has a sense of humor and more than once he has shown me some instructions from His Word to guide me, or encourage me in my walk with Him.

May I challenge you to include God’s Word in your daily schedule? His instructions are not devious, but they will give you hope for each day as you trust in Him.

* * * *

By the way, here is my Easy recipe for Pineapple Upside Cake, except I left it in the pan.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Easy method

¼ cup butter or margarine (half cube)
1 cup packed brown sugar
1 can (20 oz) pineapple slices in juice, drained, juice reserved
1 box yellow or white cake mix
Vegetable oil and eggs as called for on cake mix box
Use drained pineapple juice instead of water

1. Heat oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pan). In 13x9-inch pan, melt butter in oven. Sprinkle brown sugar evenly over butter. Arrange pineapple slices on brown sugar.

2. Add enough water to reserved pineapple juice to measure 1 cup. Mix cake batter as directed on box, substituting pineapple juice mixture for the water. Pour batter over pineapple and cherries.

3. Bake 45 minutes (45 to 48 minutes for dark or nonstick pan) or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Immediately run knife around side of pan to loosen cake. Place heatproof serving plate upside down onto pan; turn plate and pan over. Leave pan over cake 5 minutes so brown sugar topping can drizzle over cake; remove pan. Cool 30 minutes. Serve warm or cool. Store covered in refrigerator.

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Green Bugs and Spider Webs

I suppose my brother was not much different from other boys his age. For one thing, he was extremely interested in bugs and spiders.

A dense hedge separated our property from the house next door. In that hedge we could see massive spider webs that had been spun by expert weavers.

My mother had a row of roses that lined our walkway from the front sidewalk to our porch steps. Those roses often had green bugs inside the petals.

We knew that red lady bugs were good, but these green creatures were eating holes in the rose petals, so we assumed they had to be bad.

At the time, we did not know their proper name, but they looked like the red lady bugs with their black spots, except their color was a pretty green.

I watched my brother collect a handful of those bugs, and before long he headed for the hedge.

Finding a large spider web, he carefully flipped one of the green bugs into the web and then he stood back to observe what the spider would do.

Cautiously at first, but then very quickly, the spider grabbed the bug and began to turn it over and over as he spun a chain of sorts to hold his prey.

My kind hearted brother spent the rest of the afternoon finding more spider webs and feeding those hungry spiders the bad bugs.

The Bible tells us that all including those who are not especially bad - - in fact many are “good” people, but ALL are caught in the spider’s web of sin.

For all have sinned and come up short to find God. But God loved us when we were yet in Sin and sent His son Jesus to be the Savior of you and me.

Until we receive Jesus as our Lord, we all find ourselves there in that trap tangled up in the web chains along with everybody else.

Some may ask, “What now? How do I get free of my sin?”

Simple, just believe that Jesus was crucified and died for your sin, and believe that He was raised up on the third day and is alive today in heaven. Then say with your mouth, Lord I believe, forgive me of my sin and come into my life. His Holy Spirit comes into your heart and you are “Saved.”

It is that easy, make it your prayer and tell God in your own words that you will serve Him all the days of your life, and you will be free from your sin. There will now be a time of learning more about God and Jesus as you look into the Bible. You will want to find a Church that believes the Bible is God’s Word, and it there you can make Christian friends who will encourage you in your walk with God.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fear Not for I am With You

Trust and Have Faith
Shadows darken round me,
Night is falling . . . falling
Where is the voice
That I hear calling . . . calling?

Waters billow and cover me,
When shall the morning bright
Break over the dawn
And bring me light.

Dreams of tomorrow
Are so dark, nothing is real
All is lost as my hopes
Vanish in the pale

The voice comforts me
You shall rise again,
In God there is no fear,
Your trust is not in vain.

A new day approaches,
Help is on the way
I will be with you
Through the coming day!

03-16-11 Hazel Moon

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The Word is TRUST

Red Boxers and a Belly Laugh – Guest Post by Nancy Kehr

Belly-laughing, Pants-dropping Moments

You know how some days you just need some form of comedic relief? Well, yesterday was one of those days for me!

My husband, home sick with a cough and scratchy voice, needed my attention now and again. He is never really very demanding, but I wanted to make sure he had plenty of fluids and soup, and was comfortable. Up and down those stairs I dashed – probably a good 30 times.

Now, the next session of the dental assisting school is about to begin in Mid April. My ads are online and in the papers; the phone WAS busy.

Repeating answers to the same questions over and over, I talked to a lot of people.

A sense of intensity seemed to pre-occupy many of the callers. Some were tenuous about the things going on in the world. Awareness of a need for a significant change in their lives occupied the conversations of others.

For a few, their world was in a tizzy. Past opportunities had slipped away because of unforeseen circumstances they could never have anticipated. Some of the stories I heard were almost mind-boggling.

I found myself in a familiar role once again – one of Life’s cheerleaders! After a time, I just needed a break!

Brochures and outgoing mail in hand, I raced across the driveway in the rain. Throwing everything in the car, I headed for the post office. A couple of overnight packages from students were waiting. Okay. That was uneventful.

A sudden urge to swing by Starbucks engulfed me. I resisted, telling myself I really didn’t need Mocha. Besides, it was out of my way The urge seemed to take on a different tone – more than just picking up coffee. I finally capitulated!

A white mocha for my honey; that would be a surprise! Approaching the pick-up window, the son of a friend greeted me. His hair was bright red today, but his usual bright personality and smile seemed strained. He was pleasant enough but out of sorts.

I thanked him for such good service and then asked him, directly,

“How are you Matt? What’s going on?”

His eyes filled with tears.

“It’s been a bad weekend” he said in a quiet, halting voice.

In short, his girlfriend had gone in for some simple surgery. She was ready to be sent home and she complained that she didn’t feel well. The complaint was ignored as they readied her for transport. Staff shrugged it off as “normal”.

Prior to being released she protested strongly. He relayed that an MRI revealed profuse abdominal bleeding and she was wisked away to emergency.

At one point, the doctor came to the family to let them know he didn’t know if she would make it! Matt’s face scrunched as he spoke,

“I didn’t know what to do!” he mumbled. “She’s still there, and it doesn’t look good”

My heart skipped and I could see this boy was is much need of encouragement, so I spent the time it took to lift his spirits. . There were no cars behind me and they were not busy.

I asked her name. Funny, it was one of my old nick-names, so that would be easy to remember. I pulled out of the drive-thru slowly, pondering my decision to stop for coffee. No, I don’t believe in accidents. I am glad I responded to that earlier inner gut-level feeling.

My mood was somber as I turned down one of the more “country” roads in town!

From a distance I spotted a guy on the side of the road struggling with the back of his vehicle in the rain. His old van was parked on a slight slope, placing the vehicle’s tail a little father from the ground than normal.

What a dufus! The rain pelted his shirtless body as he tried to slam down the hatch. Part of his long scruffy hair blew in the rain while the rest just stuck to his back. Obviously he was trying to hurry. The heavy van door sprung right back up! With a knee-jerk reaction, this fellow immediately lunged upward to catch it.

At the same moment, his loosely slung pants dropped to his knees revealing bright red, patterned boxers! That van hatch popped up, and the look on his face was absolutely incredible! On hand clutching pants, one hand clutching at the leather strap of the hatch, he froze while the rain suddenly increased in its intensity! Such Slap-shtick!

I burst out laughing so hard that I cried. I couldn’t help myself! He saw me laughing. I saw him see me. I laughed harder and he started laughing too. Oh my stomach!

Yes, I needed a mental break. I got one.

Life is unpredictable. It can be a grind. At times, it comes with a tsunami.

I never want to forget to be thankful. I never want to ignore those inner-promptings. I do want to continue to be there for those who need a little support now and then – even when it is inconvenient or out of my way. Who knows, I may be on the receiving end one day, myself. Then it will be there for me!

In the meantime, I will look for those belly-laugh, pants-dropping kind of moments to keep me refreshed. God looked down and sent that one…just for me! 
3-15-11 Nancy Kehr

Monday, March 14, 2011

Peace and Safety??

Business as usual, was occupying the minds of the many inhabitants in Japan as they scurried to their place of work, or to complete their goals and schedules for the day.

The farmers were tending their fields, planting or harvesting their crops. The school children were merrily on their way to learn and receive their training. Mothers as usual were preparing their daily tasks for the family.

All was well. All was safe. OR WAS IT?

Like a horror movie that leaves us all breathless, SUDDENLY it all became real. How could this happen? There was no place to hide, no place of safety to run to, no mountain to climb. The whole world was in shock !!

Were these people any more or any less deserving of this destruction than the United States or any other country? Were they any more Godless and wicked than those in many of our cities?

No, we cannot say that they were punished or cursed and we cannot say that God did this to them.

We can only pray that God will be merciful to them and will quickly bring aid and help to them. Our prayer is that the inland churches that are now coming to their assistance will also bring Christ to those who are hurting.

There was no way that this could have been avoided. No preparation could have been made to stop it from happening. No prevention was available. OR WAS IT?

I am reminded of the words of warning in the Scriptures that alert us that when Jesus returns to receive those who have accepted Him as Lord; that there will be many working in the field, some will be sleeping, others will be grinding their wheat, and at the trumpet call, one will be taken and the other will be left.

We cannot prevent the return of Jesus. What we can do is prepare for His Second Coming. If you have not already done so, invite Jesus to come into your heart and to be your Savior and Friend. Make this a quality decision which means NO turning back.

Are you safe? Is all well at your home? Perhaps not, but - - YES, it can be!!

Make your decision to serve Jesus now, and you will be ready to go with him when He comes to take all the Saints with him to Glory!

1 Thessalonians 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

Proverbs 18:10 tells us “ The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runs into it, and they are safe.”

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread

I was curious because I had never heard of Monkey Bread, so I did some searching.  Here is a recipe for Monkey Bread that I found on the internet and I hope you will enjoy this interesting recipe.

Ingredients to make Monkey Bread

• 3 (12 ounce) packages refrigerated biscuit dough
• 1 cup white sugar
• 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
• 1/2 cup margarine
• 1 cup packed brown sugar
• 1/2 cup chopped walnuts (optional)
• 1/2 cup raisins


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

2. Grease one 9 or 10 inch tube or Bundt pan.

3. Mix white sugar and cinnamon in a plastic bag. Cut biscuits into quarters. Shake 6 to 8 biscuit pieces in the sugar cinnamon mix. Arrange pieces in the bottom of the prepared pan. Continue until all biscuits are coated and placed in pan. If using nuts and raisins, arrange them in and among the biscuit pieces as you go along.

4. In a small saucepan, melt the margarine with the brown sugar over medium heat. Boil for 1 minute. Pour over the biscuits.

5. Bake at 350 degrees F for 35 minutes. Let bread cool in pan for 10 minutes, then turn out onto a plate. Do not cut! The bread just pulls apart.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spanish Rice The Real Thing

Mom and Dad were experiencing the Empty Nest Syndrome, as Dad retired from the Rail Road and we three children had all married and left home.

My Dad decided that they needed to downsize, and also they required some additional income. His idea was to demolish our old home place and to build a four plex apartment on the acre that we had grown up on.

Carefully they removed doors, windows and good wood that they could reuse up in the mountains to build a larger cabin, but that is another story. They did move the old garage to the rear of the property and stored much of their furniture there.

Now they needed a place to live while the new apartments were being built so Mother asked me to go with her to look at a small apartment for rent near our church.

A middle aged widow lady named Arora opened the door and took us to the rear of her home. There she showed us a small apartment that would serve Mom and Dad’s needs. We commented that her house smelled so good, for she was cooking as we entered. Arora invited us to sample her Spanish rice that she was fixing for her and her son’s dinner.

We commented that this was not like any Spanish rice we had ever tasted. She informed us that this was the real thing and was the method used by the Spanish. We asked for her recipe, and she willingly gave it to us.

After Mother and Dad no longer needed her apartment, the lady remained our friend and during their stay, she became a member of our church.

Mom and Dad had an influence on many people, and usually it was the soft kind of witnessing. They lived the Christ life, and others were drawn to the Lord by their example. That is what happened with their Land Lady. Here follows her special recipe.

Spanish Rice – Arora Snider

3 Tablespoons oil into deep skillet
1 cup raw long grain white rice   
½ onion chopped       
2 garlic cloves            
2 1/2 cups water
2 bouillon cubes - chicken flavor
1 Tablespoon chili powder
½ can Tomato Sauce and a Pinch of salt

Heat oil and add the rice, stir with a wooden spoon until rice browns.
Add all the other ingredients.  Cover and simmer 35 minutes.
When done remove the garlic cloves.)

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Gypsy Story

Gypsies are known to be wanderers, singing at night and working during the day repairing and creating small products. Some practice fortune telling and others simply steal for a living.

I began to write this post about a true happening during the 1970’s, and I will end the post with a positive report on one Gypsy who was an outstanding evangelist for the Lord.

Our church was able to purchase the house behind our church giving us an access from the main street to the church parking lot. The house had been converted into two small apartments. One was occupied by a sweet elderly lady who attended our church. The board gave me the responsibility to keep the apartments rented and the tenants happy.

The Pastor had been living in the front apartment, but he decided he needed a larger place for his family. Finding a house that satisfied him, they began to pack and move out. I needed to find a renter, so I placed an ad in the local paper.

I received a phone call from someone who was interested in renting the apartment so I made an appointment to meet them there. When I arrived, the Pastor was on the sidewalk with a BIG smile on his face as he stood there looking proud of himself. He spoke, “I have just rented the apartment for you.”

I could see three dark men there on the sidewalk, and a women was standing on the front porch. Only a glance let me know these were Gypsies.

I respected my Pastor for his pastoral position, but now this was a different matter. I spoke up and said, “What have you done? Don’t you know these people are Gypsies?”

I continued, “Never mind, what is done is done, but I will take care of it.”

I fearlessly walked up the steps and faced the woman and boldly spoke. “We will rent this apartment to you because Pastor gave you his word, but I am going to inform you about something very important to you.”

Continuing I said, “I have blessed this apartment and prayed over it, and you may as well understand that if you try to practice any fortune telling or séances in this building you will loose any powers you have.” The woman stared at me with a quizzical look on her face, but I could tell she understood completely. Within a few weeks, they gave their notice to leave, and the apartment was for rent again. End of this story.

Evangelist, Rodney (Gypsy) Smith, 1860-1947, was born in a tent, raised on a Gypsy camp, never attended a school - not even for a day! - Yet he influenced the lives of millions of people for God through his powerful preaching.

The site below is the biography of Gypsy Smith. I found it extremely interesting.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Pink Easter Dress

Only three dollars and such a pretty color, but something was wrong. In my teen age spirit I heard, “The price is right, but look at the back how it dips with a low back neck line.”

I brushed the voice aside, because unless I bought this dress, I would not have an Easter dress that year. Besides, some of the other girls at church wear these low neck dresses, so it will be alright for me to do likewise.

Disregarding the still small inward prompting, I purchased the dress and proudly wore it to church the next Sunday.

As was the custom, the Pastor asked those who desired to have a time of prayer to come forward. I went forward with many others that morning.

Very soon, I was approached by one of the dear older Saints as she reached out to rub my bare back and to make a statement, “Hazel, are you going the ways of the world?” I did not answer her, but I was embarrassed, shocked, and hurt.

Later when I arrived at home, I put the dress away. I don’t believe I ever wore that dress again. Others may wear some items, but I cannot. I learned my lesson to pay attention to the inward voice.

That afternoon, our Pastor’s wife, called me on the telephone. She had over heard the ladies remark, and thought I needed some comfort and support. She began, “I am so sorry for you, and I thought the dress was lovely.”

Not wanting to be abrupt, I stopped her right then and there and spoke, “Dear Sister Pastor’s wife, I do need to tell you that our precious lady friend was right. The Lord had already told me NOT to buy that dress, but I disobeyed because the price was right.”

I continued, “There are some outfits that are appropriate for other places, but the Lord has instructed me that when I come to church to worship him, that I must dress moderately and in good taste. That dress was not a church dress, but I wore it anyway, and I was wrong.”

Our Pastor’s wife understood, because she always practiced what Paul had instructed about women to dress modestly as is proper for women making a claim to godliness.

Today I cringe when I view Christian women wearing shorts and halter tops to church.

My mother taught me better, and we need mothers today who will be examples, and teach their girls to respect God’s house with their behavior and with their outward apparel.
The site below is a post by “The Preacher’s Wife.” I believe you will enjoy her message!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I am Lost

I am Lost

Yesterday is gone,

Today has come without a song,

I weep - - for I am Lost!

Tomorrow holds no hope

For all is no more,

I weep - - for I am lost!

Where shall I walk today?

Where shall I find the way?

I am afraid! - - for I am Lost!

The Savior’s outstretched hands appear,

I see my name is written there,

I am not lost - - for He has found me!

Come unto me He gently calls,

No longer shall you roam,

Heaven is your eternal home,

The Shepherd whispers,

Let me wipe away your tears,

I shall calm all your fears,

I have found you, no cause for alarm,

For you are safe in My strong arms!

Today is His, tomorrow is His,

My future is secure, I weep no more.

I know who holds tomorrow, for He holds my hand

We found a Raccoon

There was a creek that ran year around behind our yard where we lived in Oakland. The surrounding trees created a park like setting, and birds made their nests, and sang sweet lullabies to us.

One day, unexpectedly there appeared in our front yard a raccoon. Where he came from we did not know, but we surmised that he had followed the creek looking for fish. He was wearing a collar, and seemed friendly enough as he allowed us to clip a lease on him. Leading him to one of our downstairs bedrooms we securely closed the door.

We had jotted down a telephone number that was on his collar, and proceeded to call his owner. Evidently no one was home, so we decided to try again a few hours later.

It seemed only a few minutes later we were surprised to find our guest raccoon staring at us in the kitchen. Apparently he was adept at escaping and had opened the bedroom door, ambled up the stairs, opened the stairway door, and entered our kitchen.

It was time to make that second telephone call, and in this instance someone answered.

“Yes,” they told us, “he often escapes, and to travel so far without a mishap was a miracle.” We gave them directions and within the hour the owners arrived to retrieve their pet. They were equipped with a cage to safely transport him and offered us a reward. No, we did not want a reward, as we were actually glad that we could return him to his keepers.

We did not want this animal, and were happy to give him back to his owners.

Did you ever wind up with something that you really did not want?

In life, sometimes things come about, and we end up with something we did not desire or want or even need.

It might be a sin that you were only playing with, but it left you with a habit holding you captive in its cage. Jesus can set you free if this is your circumstance. God is your owner and he wants you to return to Him. He will help you to break the chains.  Jesus is the bondage breaker!

It may be other happenings that have gone wrong, and there seems no way out. You may be called to go through - - rather than escape or give up. As a Christian you belong to the Lord and He will be with you each step of the way, even throughout all the hard times.

Psalms 37:5 Commit your way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding.

Friday, March 4, 2011

No Cook Prunes

Each morning I open the fridge and reach in for three prunes that I have previously boiled for five minutes.

Prunes are wonderful to keep your system moving, and any fruit should be eaten prior to your usual breakfast.

Yesterday, I needed to boil more prunes. My husband walked by the stove and mentioned that the prunes were not boiling yet. I was busy at the computer and meant to set my oven timer for five minutes. (Should have but didn’t.)

Fully engrossed in reading my e-mail, it wasn’t until the odor of burnt prunes filled the room that I realized what had happened. And I really loved that kettle too!  - - It was ruined !!

After mentally beating myself up, I not so quickly, but finally I forgave myself.  You are aware that it is not healthy to hold grudges even against yourself ? . . . and God forgave me too!

My husband knows not to speak of this again, because at times he too is guilty of burning something on the stove.

So I have found a new and better way to plump my daily prunes. Here follows the recipe!

No Cook Prunes - - the easy way
Cover prunes with boiling water, place the lid on the kettle, and allow them to set until they are cool in the pan. This long soak will cause them to plump up nicely.

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Digging for Treasure

When I was a child, my brother, sister and I, would congregate at the corner vacant lot. We knew there must be buried treasure there, so we would bring our small hand trowels and dig.

This inspired dream kept us occupied for many a busy morning.

Sadly there was no gold, diamonds or treasure of any sort. But at least we found some pretty rocks and stones, just no riches for all our hard work.

Most children have at times, searched for treasure and hoped they would be able to surprise their parents and friends with their wonderful discovery of wealth.

I am reminded that in the Bible, we are urged to dig and to search the Scriptures to see if what we have been taught is so. You will find much treasure in God’s Word!

Act 17:11 These men received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Jesus said in: John 5:39 Search the scriptures; for in them you think you have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.

Jesus promises us treasures in heaven and eternal life if we will accept Him as our Lord and Savior. His death and burial did not end at the tomb, for on the third day, He rose from the dead and showed himself to his friends, and to as many as 500 believers during a period of forty days.

As a great host of his followers saw Him rise and depart into the heavens, an angel appeared and announced that this same Jesus that you have seen go up in a cloud, shall return and receive you unto himself as He has told you. Acts chapter one.

Eternal life is the greatest treasure of all, and we do not need to exhaust ourselves seeking or working for it, because it is “Not of works lest any one should boast.”

We cannot earn eternal life, by doing good works or by being a good person. Salvation is a free gift for those who will ask God for it. Then because we love the Lord, we will do good works, and be the person God wants us to be.

As a child, I remember singing the song: “Into my Heart, into my heart, come into my heart Lord Jesus. Come in today, come in to stay, Come into my heart Lord Jesus.”

That song is a prayer, and the words are fitting. When we pray those words, and Jesus comes into our heart, we will have the greatest treasure of all. In Him is Eternal Life.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Take My Smile by Guest author Nancy Kehr

Take my smile…
I can always find another
Anyway, yours seems lost

Joy will come
Each morning and forever
One Precious Life it cost

Take His comfort
You can’t find One better;
Cease from downcast heart

Exchange your life
For true Life, unfettered
God’s smile chases the dark!

Take my smile… Nancy Kehr 03/02/2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guilt of Abandonment

How could I abandon, forsake, cast off, my mother whom I had promised to take into my home and care for her. Feelings of guilt enveloped me because I had made a decision to place my mother in an assisted living home.

It was true, I had lost my patience more than once, and it was evident when I spoke harshly to my aged mother.

It was also true that my husband’s blood pressure went sky high when he was awakened in the middle of the night to discover Mother trying to open the door to go outside. Our three dogs were there on the other side of the door and could easily cause her to loose her balance. My husband remarked to me that his body could not take the strain of all this stress.

It was evident that her memory was slipping. Each time we sat at the table to put together a simple puzzle, she did not remember ever having done this one before.

One day at a dinner at my daughter’s home, she told everyone not to eat the food because it was poisoned. That did not set too well with my son-in-law who had done the cooking that day.

I had recently taken her to visit my sister, and my sister remarked to me, how glad she was that I had mother and not her, as she could never take care of her.

It was true that I telephoned my brother to see if he and his wife could give us a three month relief, and take mother for a short while. He informed me that he had observed how she was at Thanksgiving time, and there was no way that he could handle her.

All that was true and yet the feelings came of remorse, shame and guilt at giving up the responsibility that I had promised to fulfill.

At the assisted living home, Mother seemed to be her old self for awhile. She prayed for the girls who took care of her, and one of the ladies became her prayer partner. The owner often received a prayer and a kiss on the cheek from her.

Several times, I took her to a church service, but she seemed not to enjoy what she had once knew. The care home was now familiar to her and she seemed content.

Some days I am reminded of my guilt, when I visit her and she closes her eyes, to block out the fact that I am there. I question and feel that she must be very angry with me.

As I think about God, I wonder if He ever experienced feelings of guilt when he allowed Jesus to die on the cross. As I continue to consider this, I remember that God did indeed turn his back and could not look at the situation, and all became dark. “Oh God Why have you forsaken me!” Was the cry of Jesus!

I wonder if my mother weeps with that same prayer? I fear she does not understand the Why?