Monday, August 30, 2010

Speak Words in Season

One of the important things we learned at our Bible Training Center was to watch our WORDS.

Words can injure or heal, and what you are speaking can also harm YOUR mind and body. Words are potent, and “Life and Death is in the power of the tongue.”

We learned to stop saying catch phrases such as, “Take care!” The Bible instructs us to cast our CARE on the Lord. We eliminated another phrase such as “I am dying to know that,” or “That kills me.” Silly little exclamations, and probably they will not bring death to you immediately, but we learned not to say these.

The methods used in speaking to children, and others is also significant. There is importance in using encouraging words such as, “Good job,” “Right on.” “I am proud of you,” “You are special.” Using these types of blessing words can actually make a difference in people’s lives.

Even knowing all this up front, we were surprised one day, when one of the instructors blasted our class with a remark that hit really low. He may have had a bad day, but my parental intuition caused me to wonder if perhaps, in his own childhood, he had been called - - more than once, “A big dummy.”

Nothing unusual was going on in the class, but abruptly our instructor shouted, “Are you getting this - - you big dummies?” Truth was, we had passed a strict application and referral submission to be accepted into this school, so for most of us, we were above the dummy classification.

What happened next was shocking to say the least. My sweet quiet husband, jumped out of his chair and loudly declared, “We are NOT Big Dummies!” Then realizing what he had done, he meekly continued, “I am sorry brother, and I am out of place.”

The BIG hearted instructor, took my husband in his arms, and said, “No I am the one out of place, and I apologize to you all.” It took a real man to admit he was wrong without delaying the matter one bit. I admired our instructor for being so quick to make things right.

Class resumed without other incident, but that day, my husband was the hero in the eyes of many of the students.

There are times when we need to speak out against wrongs, but most of the time we rattle off complaints that are not fitting. Usually for the most part it is wise to hold your peace until the Lord gives you the go ahead to take action.

If you make a mistake and speak out of turn, be swift to repent and express regret. Be bold enough to say, “I am sorry!”

However it is another thing when you are lifted off your seat, and the Holy Spirit shouts through you to correct inappropriate behavior.

All in all, what ever the occurrence, select your words with wisdom, and let them heal, because there are ways to make corrections without harming anyone that needs fixing.

It is good to even encourage yourself in the Lord, by speaking words of success, healing, health and faith over your own person!

1Samuel 30:6 And David was greatly distressed; for the people spoke of stoning him. But David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.

Friday, August 27, 2010

I Can’t Afford Not To - - -

Because we had arrived in Oklahoma early, and were working the early part of summer, I had some business cards, and fliers printed advertising; we do roofing and repairs.

The next block near our house seemed a good place to do some door to door. I planned my speech, “Hi we are your neighbor and I would like to leave this business card and flyer with you. Please call us if we can be of assistance.”

So far so good, and I went on to the next house.

I was met by a young gentleman and his two children. He exclaimed, “I know you, we went to the same church in Oakland, California.”

Several years had passed, but now it was all coming back to me. He invited me in, and was almost in tears as he began to pour out his sad story. To have more income, his wife had taken a waitress job, and met someone, who she said, “Made her feel real special,” and now they were getting a divorce. WOW! Was I shocked and surprised.

I asked him if they had been attending church, or if they had some spiritual council.

No. he related, they had not been serving the Lord at all, but he did want to make a new start for himself. I offered to pray with him to re-consecrate his life to the Lord, and suggested that he begin to attend a certain church near by.

Yes, I remember this couple well. In Oakland, they had been faithful church members, but one day, they announced that they would no longer be attending church. “We can’t afford to attend church,” they continued, “We have just bought a house.”

They reasoned, “Because all our money will be needed for the house, we cannot afford to tithe.” They concluded that having made this decision, to stop tithing, they could no longer afford to attend church.

The board members set out to visit them, and encourage them not to drop out of church, for what ever the reason.

“No, they declared, “We have made our decision, and that is that.” The board members told them that they hoped they would change their mind and reconsider, but as the board members left they felt they had lost the battle.

Many times, in life, I have used the phrase, “I can’t afford it.” The truth was, I could afford it, but in the long run, it would be a luxury that would prove to be a liability.

“I Can’t Afford it,” are words, that we should shout, when we are tempted to quit serving God, to stop attending church, to not read our Bible, and even to stop giving of our tithes to the Lord. Say it again, “I Can’t Afford not to. . .”

Malachi 3:10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, says the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fleeces and Getting Fleeced

Something exciting was happening each day at our new School of Ministry!

Each month, week long afternoon and evening seminars would be hosted by different speakers. This became a highlight for students, and for the public.

Monday evenings were set aside for intercessory prayer; and requests were written on a black board so we could pray over them immediately.

One day, I went to the prayer coordinator’s office with a special request. My daughter needed a gentleman friend. While she was not interested in marriage to a preacher, she needed a friend.

We prayed, and soon afterwards one of the young men students asked me about my daughter. He had seen her at one of the seminars, and knew she was not a student. I arranged an introduction. He asked her out.

Later that evening she told me that their date was more like an interview! He made it clear that he did not have time to waste, so he needed to get all these questions out in the open. She expressed her desire for friendship at this time and they did become friends. They dated a few times, but he was also seeing his other girlfriend.

This young man seemed a little bit torn! The funny thing was - - he later confided to me, that he had used a fleece to decide his marital future. He told God that the first girl who spoke to him was the one that would become his wife.

Now he was not certain he had done the right thing. One of the young ladies had already claimed that position, and at the intercessory prayer meeting she would cry her eyes out because of my daughter.

We had invited two other young men home for lunch, and our girls enjoyed their company too. One of the boys had a girl back home, but asked my daughter if she would accompany him as a friend to one of the school banquets. Of course, she was happy to do so. Across the room, she was aware of gentleman number one staring daggers at her all evening. Our daughter was enjoying the attention.

Soon after, this young man decided that the fleece-lady was the ONE! Later after graduation, they married, moved to California where they now enjoy pastoring a large thriving church.

Fleeces are peculiar things, and should not be employed flippantly. As for me, I have used fleeces with success, but that is not to say I am recommending it as a habit. Finding the Lord’s direction for your life can be a tricky thing, especially if you depend on dice, cards, drawing straws or on fleeces.

Discovering God’s will for yourself comes through reading His Word and spending time in prayer, along with listening to the inward voice of your spirit. The blinders surrounding your understanding will fall off when you are not certain which path to take.

Seek the Lord, and do not depend of a fleece, or as Brother Hagin liked to say, “You might get fleeced.”

Judges 6:37 Behold, I will put a fleece of wool in the floor; and if the dew be on the fleece only, and it be dry upon all the earth beside, then shall I know that thou wilt save Israel by mine hand, as thou hast said.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Musical House Guests

At the Bible Training center we attended in 1977, Norvel Hayes was arriving for one of the monthly week long seminars. He did not appear alone, but brought with him a Music minister, his wife and their young son.

Rev Hayes had others who followed him to learn at his feet, where ever he would be teaching and ministering. When a minister walks in the anointing, it is not unusual for others to surround them-selves hoping to catch some of their magnetism for their own ministry.

We volunteered to open our home to the Musical family and their son. The young child was usually only around adults, so his play had an adult sense of humor to it. He began by addressing me as Sister Hagin. He knew that I was not her, but this was a teasing game to him. We joined in with his fun.

One afternoon as the child became more familiar with our house and back yard, he decided to inspect something he found very interesting in the back of our property. He gingerly opened a lid that he found in the ground and leaning over the hole, managed to peer in. Plop in he went! Whew what an awful smell !! Naturally he hollered loudly for his Mamma.

It was a mystery to me how he discovered our septic tank, but his mother heard his cry and she and my husband rescued him immediately. While still out in the yard, they first hosed him off with a gentle spray of water. Quickly all his clothes were removed and he was placed in the bath tub to get a thorough scrubbing all over his little body. Fresh clean garments were waiting for his now cleansed self, and soon he was like a new born again believer.

In this life, there are many interesting and curious sins that invite the unsuspecting to partake of. May I warn you that a septic tank or worse is the end result?

Does your curiosity ever get the best of you? Are you ever tempted to peer into the internet or TV where your eyes do not belong? Or are there other “interesting” temptations that allure you at times?

I do sincerely hope that you have not succumbed to temptation, but if so, let me alert you that there is cleansing available and fresh garments waiting for you. The blood of Jesus will wash you whiter than the snow and he provides His robe of righteousness.

Do enjoy the song at the above site.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Blessings on Raven’s Wings!

At the last minute, our youngest adult daughter decided to become a student of the Bible Training Center along with us. I went with her to the dean, and he quickly made a decision to allow her to enroll. To provide for the costs of the school, she needed a job, and she soon found one as a waitress at the Steak and Ale restaurant.

She confided to me, that in her evening shift at the restaurant, there often were customers who were quite inebriated, enjoying their ale without even laying a fork on their steak dinner. One night she brought home a large steak that had not been touched, and she suggested that our dogs might enjoy a nice treat.

I put it in the refrigerator.

The next day, one of the young men from the school came home with us to help with some yard work in exchange for lunch.

I prepared some green beans, fresh sliced tomatoes, some steak cut in thin slices smothered in gravy and onions, served over some white rice, along with hot French bread.

When my daughter came in for lunch she stared at the table, with a horrified look on her face.

“Mother,” she exclaimed, “Where did you get that meat?”

I looked at her, smiled and softly replied, “The Lord sent it by a little bird!”

Nothing else was said, and we all enjoyed our meal.

By now you have guessed where that meat came from! And as far as I was concerned, the Lord had provided it.

There are occasions in life where the Lord provides for our needs using methods that may seem strange to us! No, He doesn’t always use ravens as he did with Elijah, but there are other ways that are out of the ordinary.

Do not question the extraordinary, or even the supernatural means God may use to provide for you. Most generally, the provision comes through working at a job - - and yes, God regularly supplies work; at times the work comes at just the right moment!

What ever your need is in life, if a raven brings it to you, go ahead, receive it with gratitude, and thank the Lord.

1Kings 17:6 And the ravens brought him bread and flesh in the morning, and bread and flesh in the evening; and he drank of the brook.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Poor Preach - - Poor Pay

Some people have strange ways of expressing themselves. Dr. Kenneth Hagin was one of those. One of his favorite expressions to demonstrate how some ministers show their ignorance was, “…like a donkey braying in a tin barn at midnight.” He would also tell us to, “Eat the Hay and spit out the Sticks.” Yet another, piece of wisdom was, “Poor Preach, Poor Pay.”

Being new to Tulsa, Oklahoma area, we wanted to find a church home. Initially, we visited the Sheridan Assemblies of God and liked it very much. It was the church that Rev. Hagin attended when he was not traveling for his seminars.

For the most part we made Sheridan our church home, enjoying the fellowship and the ministry there. Wednesday evenings before the service, potluck dinners were sponsored by the members, and it was a great way to get acquainted with the people.

We were curious though. Since we knew that we had lots of time to select a church, our decision was to visit several churches and see how they treated visitors. We dressed in the school code, which was suit and tie for the men and dresses or skirts and blouses for the ladies. At most of the churches, the people stared at us as if we were from a strange country.

Staring is a bit rude, but how were you treated on your last visit to a new church?

On another occasion, there was a tiny church that sounded interesting, so we decided to visit. Small children were playing out front as we approached. Suddenly as they saw us, they turned and ran inside, loudly shouting,

“Here comes a preacher.”

The minister of the church was a lady, who warmly welcomed us. She approached my husband and asked if he would be willing to preach next Sunday, and he affirmed that it would be his pleasure. That Sunday, we brought with us some other students and they sang specials, gave testimonies, and my husband preached a wonderful message.

What happened next was a surprise to all! The lady minister came to the pulpit and announced that this was the final service for this church and that the church was closing.

WOW! We had shut the church down! We hoped this was not a sign from the Lord!

The offering was not large, and the lady offered my husband a dollar, but he gently refused and told her that it was his gift to be able to preach for her.

Later when ever we heard Rev. Hagin say those words, “Poor Preach, Poor Pay,” we would be reminded of this little church and smile.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kicked Out of the Kingdom??

Being an avid reader and always enjoying books that offered amazing stories, I happened on a book with the title, “Kicked Out of the Kingdom,” by Charles Trombley. It was a remarkable story of a Jehovah’s Witness couple and their crippled baby.

Charles Trombley came to his church leaders with a request! He wanted them to pray for their daughter. Since the leaders were hesitant, the man and his wife took it upon themselves to seek God for their daughter’s healing. God graciously healed their child! When the couple gave testimony at their Jehovah’s Witness group meeting, they were harshly rebuked and told that the devil healed their daughter!

This answer did not sit too well with the couple, because they knew they had prayed to the God in heaven. If it was the devil that had healed their daughter, then, they reasoned, the devil must be good!

The couple continued to hold tightly to their belief that God had healed their daughter, and very soon, the JW leaders invited them to leave their denomination. How hurtful this was! As Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin often said, “they received the “Left Foot of Fellowship.”

Soon this couple found a Charismatic church that believed in healing and the error of their former cult began to be revealed to them. As their entire doctrine flip-flopped, they became born again! Once filled with the Holy Spirit, they decided to enter full time ministry for the Lord.

Almost forgetting myself, I called out to my husband excitedly, “Look where these people live! They are located in Broken Arrow OK! And near the school we attend.”

It was out pleasure to visit them at their ministry address! Introducing ourselves as students of Rhema, we inquired whether or not they had any roofing problems. My husband volunteered to inspect their roof and repair it for them, while our daughter, volunteered her office skills part time. What a wonderful meshing of spirits.

“How to Praise the Lord,” another of Rev. Trombley’s books, has absolutely some of the best available information on praise that I have discovered! The different types of praise is marvelously detailed, with emphasis on the power derived when one enters into God’s presence with singing in the Spirit. Years later, I taught from this book at one of our churches. The Glory Cloud came down in such grandeur, that when the Pastor entered the auditorium after the teaching, he could hardly make it to the platform to preach!

How the Lord leads our pathways and how we touch lives as we trust Him is always astounding. We could never fathom what is actually happening behind the scenes. People you meet every day are influenced by your walk with God.

Because of this, it is important to always let our words be filled with kindness and blessing over those with whom we come in contact. Speak encouraging words! Expect those words to strike a cord of love in their hearts! God will do the rest. HE is in the business of gathering people to Himself.

One thing we can all count on: God has promised never to “kick us out” of His Kingdom…. or to leave…. or forsake us!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


All kinds of wonderful things were happening for us as we embarked on our journey to attend Kenneth E. Hagin’s School of Ministry!

The school’s property included a two story office building to use for classes and ministry. Most tenants had moved, but one office was still leased to a Christian dentist, an ORU graduate. I visited his office and was happy to discover that he had a missionary heart. Several times a year, he organized trips to Mexico during which, the team would minister free dental care and show the Jesus film. Many were finding the Lord from these dental trips. Eventually, he gave up his practice and became a full time dental missionary. Incredibly, we have kept in touch all these years.

Our classes were not being taped by the school at that time, but my husband had the foresight to bring a tape recorder and tape duplication unit. He quietly found a place near the wall and recorded each class. A few students requested copies of the day’s session, and he would provide them with a free copy. He met many wonderful people this way.

Because I wanted to be in front with a good view, I did not always sit with my husband. Some were curious and asked me about that. My response was that my husband gave me freedom to sit where ever I wanted, and I gave him freedom to do the recordings. I made a number of interesting friends of those who sat near me.

In most of our classes, students were arranged in alphabetical order, but some classes were split with different groups from the alphabet, so we could interact with and befriend other students. One lady who became our friend turned out to be the wife of the Pastor of a church we attended once we were back in California. Her husband had attended Rhema the year before and now it was her turn to be a student.

Another nice thing the school did was to have representatives set up meetings at a local coffee house, so students could meet people from their home states! We felt like we were on a roll! So many like-minded brothers and sisters!

Homecoming was a huge undertaking for the school. It was quite extraordinary with many well-known speakers and participants. During the planning, one of the instructors asked us if we had a spare bedroom. Of course we did - we were all set for company! The instructor asked us to allow Jim Kaseman to stay with us for a few days. At the time, we were not aware that he was a mighty Man of God. We were happy to invite him into our home. Years later he still remembered us.

Monthly seminars kept the excitement high. Counselors were always needed for those who came forward for salvation, or to be filled with the Holy Spirit. My husband and I volunteered. With that, we met some precious couples who became our dear friends. We enjoyed many times of prayer and fellowship with these two couples.

God brings people into our lives, sometimes for a season, and other times for a longer period. Connections are often fleeting. Not all however. Some are for a lifetime.

Don’t let opportunities pass you by. When you allow others to become your friends and show yourself friendly, God has a unique way of meeting our needs through those he puts in our paths and vice versa. We need each other. We need those connections

Of course, there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, and that friend is Jesus – the best connection yet!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Hands, God’s Opportunity

It was on a Wednesday night at the Sheridan Church Potluck. We noticed a young couple wander in with that “lost” look, so we invited them to take a plate and then sit with us. Yes, they were new students and had just arrived pulling a small trailer with all their worldly goods stuffed inside. Here was our opportunity to lend a helping hand.

As we spoke, we learned that only the gentleman was to be a student, and the woman hoped to find employment. She was experienced working in a print shop.

Quickly, I moved to speak with one of the gentlemen from the church. I knew he owned a print shop, so I asked if he needed a good worker to help in his store. After talking with her, he arranged for her to show up, on a trial basis. If all worked out well, she had a job!

The tired couple had no place to stay, so we took them home with us. They gratefully accepted our invitation. We showed them a safe place to park their trailer until they found an apartment.

The next morning they poured over the advertisements for apartments. One caught their attention. It had everything they needed; it was furnished and close to the school. Off they went to take a look!

A bit later, the couple returned to our home saying they needed to pray. Together they excused themselves to a quiet spot and prayed for about an hour. They decided that this was the rental that God wanted for them, so back they went and signed up for the apartment.

I smiled !!

When they returned, I sat them down at our table for a little chat. I suggested that if they knew they had been led to Broken Arrow, and they could see that other things were falling into place, it might be time to trust the Lord and believe that He was guiding them. My explanation of how to walk in the Spirit was something new to them. They had been Catholics prior to being filled with the Holy Ghost, and they always moved slowly. (Slowly is often a very good thing – especially when a person is learning to listen to God!)

They had brought a bicycle with them, so he had transportation to school, and she had a job. Later, he was able to get work driving the school bus. Also someone blessed her with $50 and told her to purchase all the staples she needed for her pantry. The condition was; that when they noticed a student that needed a home cooked meal to invite them over for dinner. Yes all their needs were being supplied.

Bible school was to begin in a week or so, and we were expecting a wonderful year. All was well in Broken Arrow, OK !!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Money From Heaven? Not!

Perhaps God wanted me to have new appliances!! At least that is what my husband said.

Arriving at our new residence in Okalahoma, there were a few important items missing! Among those details was a refrigerator, and a washer and dryer, and, oh yes, a hide-a-bed. Our large ice chest would have to suffice for awhile.

I told my husband that we would look in the classified ads, and God would provide. The hide-a-bed was obtained quickly! Now we had a place to sit and to use as an extra bed for company. Finding a used refrigerator, washer and dryer was proving difficult. Either there were none to be found, or the prices were too high. What to do?

In the local paper, Sears advertised Turbine Vents and their installation for a certain price. As my husband read, he realized that the installation would be easy, so he made a visit to Sears and told them that he was there to help them.

He informed them that he was a licensed roofing contractor in California, and could easily provide them with an insurance binder. They confessed that they were having a problem catching up with the installations. With that, we had a job!

When I called the State of Oklahoma about a business license, they informed me that none was needed to do small jobs. So, it was off to the print shop to get some business cards that said, “OK Roofing” with our telephone number.

My new daily routine was to take the van to Sears, load up the vents and secure the work sheets. Once at home, I stuck pins in a map for each location, then set up a route. Each customer was called to let them know that their job was scheduled for the following day. If they were not going to be home, I requested that they hang an extension cord out the window for our use. The rest was up to my husband!

During the summer months, we helped Sears out, and managed to earn enough cash to pay for new appliances! There was even money left over to shop for a few other items that we needed. Praise the Lord for His provision!

Money from Heaven? No! God does not drop money from heaven when you have a need. Often he provides by giving you work to earn your keep.

If you are in need of provision, take the matter to prayer, and ask the Lord to confirm to you how to get that need met. He may show you a business that you can do, or guide you to take some classes to expand your skill sets into a new field. Be open to His leading.

As for us, we have generally had to work, like the apostle Paul did, to provide for our existence. Only a few times were we ever gifted with offerings from individuals.

Many people dream of that winning Lotto ticket or holding a huge cardboard check with their name on it! Often, they fail to count all the other blessings that God has sent their way.

I can say emphatically that it has been God who has given us numerous bargains, discounts, rebates, and a score of other blessings – including work, as means of provision.

Money from Heaven? No. Provision form Heaven? Yes!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do Things “Just Happen” Or Is It God?

Usually when a couple are house-hunting in order to purchase a home, they both go together to make that decision. In this instance, that was not the case. The decision was being left up to me! Soon I was on a plane flying to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to purchase a home for our year’s stay.

Our plans were to arrive in the beginning of summer and get settled in.

Since the Bible Training Center was holding their second year of classes at Sheridan Assembly in Tulsa, I decided to go there first and audit a class. Seating my self with the students, I sat back and tried to blend in.

One gentleman realized that I was not a student so he asked me, “Why are you here?”

I told him, “My husband and I will be students in the next school term, and that I was there to purchase a house for our family.”

Enthusiastically he flipped through his wallet and drew out a business card. “Here,” he said, “My father-in-law is a Real Estate Agent and he can help you.”

Did I just “Happen,” to sit next that particular student?

Arriving at my motel, I called the number on the card, and was pleasantly surprised when the man I was supposed to call answered the telephone. He just “Happened” to have floor duty that day!

I gave him all the information as to what I needed: a four bedroom house, a certain price range, a large yard for our two big dogs.

He asked if I would be free the next day to view homes, and I grabbed the opportunity. In the meantime, he would put together a list of homes available, and we would start early the next morning.

True to his word, he took me to view many homes in the Tulsa area but none were ringing a bell.

Finally, the agent asked me if I would be willing to go further out towards Broken Arrow, as there were some fairly new homes there with large yards. I told him, that we were used to driving 20 miles to church and that would not be a problem.

Three homes in that area were shown to me. Suddenly, as we looked through the last home, I heard in my spirit, “This is it.”

I called my husband and shared the particulars. He told me what to offer and not to go over a certain price. Everything clicked. I told the sellers, when we needed Escrow to close, signed papers, left a deposit, and flew back to California. With not so much ado, we had our home – a home in Broken Arrow!

Two months later we arrived in Oklahoma with our menagerie and family. We met the agent, made all the closing settlements, and headed out to our new home. The sellers were doing their final sweep and told us they would be out in 20 minutes or so. Shortly we were able to set up our beds, bring in our things and settle in for the night.

What occurred next was amazing. The following day we decided to drive into Tulsa to the ministry headquarters and spy out the land. Guess what? We were told that the School for the next session would be moving to a new location, one just purchased in Broken Arrow, located 3 miles from our new home!

Now, do you believe that “Just happened?” … Or was it God?

You too can expect God to direct your path in all of life’s decisions. Learn to seek His face, and then trust your spirit as He guides you in the way you should go.  God will make it happen for you!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is it Legal?

How does one handle keeping a thriving business running smoothly, when planning to take a year’s leave of absence? That was the question indeed!

My husband’s brother had worked with him for many years, and was in the process of being trained to give estimates and measure jobs. It was my job to instruct his wife how to handle the books, pay the bills, and type up contract proposals. Our plan was to have them run our business while we were gone. Not only would this provide wages, but it would give them a profit share.

A lot can happen when a person is away for a year, so we decided to see our lawyer and have him draw up a legal paper to delegate some authority to Douglas. This paper also guaranteed Doug respect from the crew and lent him credibility with the customers.

Power-of-Attorney. That is what our lawyer suggested as he began to explain what this would mean to us and to Doug.

Our attorney explained that Doug would be authorized to act in Robert’s place. In effect, he would not be Douglas, but he would be Bob Moon; with all the rights and privileges of Bob Moon.

Naturally he would be himself, but he would stand, legally, in the place of my husband. Both parties had to agree to this arrangement.

I am reminded of when Jesus gave his disciples authority and power to act in his stead. Stop! Think about this for a minute!

Jesus did many mighty works and miracles when He walked on this earth. When it was time for Him to return to Heaven, He instructed a large group of believers to go forth IN HIS NAME and to minister in His stead, doing the works of God, by and with His authority.

Today, Jesus is still offering every believer in Christ, His Authority, but we must be willing to sign on the dotted line. Why? So that it will be legal on earth.

You are NOT Jesus, but you can stand in His place and do His works.


Equip yourself! Be sure you are continually full of the Holy Spirit, are keeping in the Word, are praying in the Spirit and watching and expecting the next assignment He gives to YOU.

Will you receive that authority and operate in it? Jesus worked the works of the Father who sent Him. Now YOU go and work the works Jesus sent you to do in His Name. It’s as simple as that. Speak in His Name, according to His Word, and you can expect the same results Jesus had! It’s legal!

Mark 13:34 For the Son of man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and to watch.

Matthew 10:1 And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and disease.

John 20:21 Then said Jesus to them, as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What Do I do NOW?

The house had to go! Keeping up monthly payments on an empty house was out of the question. Emotions tugged at my heart.

There was no question about it, knowing in advance about a move to a new state in a year, required much preparation!

My husband built our large home a few years earlier, and I really enjoyed raising our children there during their teenage years. The design of the downstairs area could easily allow for a mother-in-law quarters or for a separate rental space. Yes, a very special buyer was needed to step up with an offer for this home.

High hopes were dashed as an offer fell through! It seemed like it was going to take some time before another prospect could be found, but late one evening, a couple showed up at our door! They said their agent asked them to come by (without an advanced phone call) and requested us to do a walk through. Too late to worry about disorder now! I told my husband to explain to them that the place might not be picked up as it usually was. They agreed to look past any clutter.

Suddenly, the woman called out from the bathroom! She had spied my Bible and some Christian books on the back of the commode. Evidentially that was a sign to her. She told her husband that this was a blessed house and they needed to make an offer.

Theirs was the best offer yet! They planned to use the downstairs as an apartment for missionaries who would stay with them on occasion. This would still be a blessed house!

Now we had another problem. We hadn’t expected the house to sell so quickly, so now we needed to find a place live. Eleven months was all we needed. Most landlords want a permanent tenant and we knew the Lord had to help us. We scanned the newspaper and my daughter excitedly showed us something that might be our answer.

Not far away was a landlord who wanted renters for 11 months. It was almost unbelievable! Almost as quickly as we viewed the house, we signed an agreement to move in within 30 days. We filled their two-car garage with our furniture that we did not need in the small rental home.

Things were fine for eight months, but an unexpected call from the Landlord upset our plans. They had decided to sell their rental house ahead of time, and we had thirty days notice to move! At least we had some advanced warning so we could go to go to our summer place and build a garage to store our extra furniture.

My husband was tired from working so hard, and he wasn’t happy about the prospect! Yet, he knew the timing was right! He employed two local boys, and in a long week end they poured a cement floor and raised a nice garage. We ultimately moved all the furniture that we were not going to need in the big move, to that garage.

With only two months left before our planned departure, we prayed and asked the Lord to provide.

Again my daughter scanned the newspaper. There was an ad for house-sitters! A couple was planning a trip to Europe and needed house sitters. Yes, you guessed it – for two months! We worked out financial details and agreed to pay the utilities and their rent while they were gone. They moved their personal items to a shed in the rear, but most of the house remained furnished. What a blessing!

Coinciding with their return, we were ready! Our truck was loaded with beds and dog boxes. Our van, filled with personal and household items, two dogs, a cat and a bird made it official. We took off for Oklahoma!

Do you ever wonder “What is next?” “What do I do now?”

It is good to learn to trust and obey!

This doesn’t mean that a person might not have a few butterflies at times, or that there might not be a few hitches along the way - - -

God knows your every need down to the smallest detail. Rely on Him.

He will make it clear just what you should do and which way to go!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Following Jesus is an Adventure!

From a youth, I was taught to be faithful to my church in attendance and dedication.

I married, and we practiced faithfulness to our church and taught our children likewise.

Certain circumstances transpired and our church spiraled downward. The Pastor left without a word, causing much unrest. The board presented a solution, and the congregation rejected it.

The Lord spoke to my husband instructing him that we were to leave the church that had been my home from early childhood. We invited all our children to dinner and told them of our decision. We told them they were free to make their own decision, but we were going to start visiting other churches and find a new church home.

At first they were unhappy, but upon considering the facts they decided to go with us. What an education we received as we visited other congregations within our denomination! Each one was so very different. Finally, we made our choice and settled in with a stable Pastor and his flock.

We decided that if this was to be our church, then we would act like it was OUR church. We greeted people each Sunday, shook hands and contributed in the small study groups.

One Sunday I was asked to share a teaching on answered prayer. One of the ladies, said, this sounds so much like Kenneth Hagin.

After class I asked her, “Who is that man?”

A few days later I heard a Christian Broadcast on the radio as I drove my car. It was the Hagin ministry, offering a free book. I sent in an offering and requested the book. Naturally, I was put on their mailing list and began to receive a monthly magazine.

I shared with my husband that Rev. Hagin was coming to Inglewood, CA to hold a week long seminar and I would like to attend. He agreed that we both needed some time off from work and so we made plans to attend. We secured a hotel near the convention center.

Services were morning, afternoon and evening with different speakers during the day with Rev. Hagin in the evening. My husband confessed to me that he had never heard anything like this before in his life.

The entire seminar was life changing. On the fifth day, my husband said to me, my spiritual cup is so full I do not believe that I can contain anymore. He indicated that we would be leaving in the morning.

As we drove home, he spoke to me and asked me if I would be willing to attend their one year Bible Training Center located in Oklahoma. Without hesitation, I answered, yes.

He said that we would take a year to prepare and save up money. This meant that we would need to sell our house and store most of our furniture at our summer place.

Another meeting was scheduled with our children to tell them what we had decided and that again they were free to go with us, or stay in California. Our son and one of our daughters were married, so their decisions were to stay, but both of the other girls said they would go with us and it should be fun.

- - - And so it was, in the summer of 1976, we headed for Oklahoma and an adventure of a lifetime!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Careful When Sporting!

My mother was standing at the sink, peeling potatoes for dinner. Now, my parents were always affectionate in front of us, but what happened next was something that I probably wasn’t supposed to view!

My Dad came up behind my mother and enveloped her in his arms, and placed each hand on you know what. Mother was not startled, because Dad often embraced her, and kissed her while we looked on. This time, she twirled, faced him and politely asked him to allow her to finish fixing the dinner for everyone!

Awkward! I was so embarrassed in this instance; I hid my eyes and quickly busied myself in my home work!

I suppose this could be called ‘sporting with your wife,’ like the Bible account of Isaac with his wife, Rebekah?

The Account in Genesis tells us that there was a famine in the land, and Isaac and his wife had moved south to a new country. Rebekah was very beautiful and Isaac was afraid for his life, in case someone wanted to kill him and take his wife. He decided that if the king thought she was his sister that might make everything safer. So he lied.

Soon after, the King happened to look out his window and saw Isaac sporting with his wife, and in a quick moment the King requested Isaac to come in for a private consultation. The King told Isaac that he realized that Rebekah must be his wife and asked why he had lied.

He told Isaac in no uncertain terms that this could have turned into a bad situation if someone had taken her as their wife.

Even though Isaac had lied, the King respected Isaac’s God, and gave Isaac sheep and oxen, returned his wife to him, and asked Isaac to pray for his household.

The King gave orders that if anyone touched Isaac or his wife, that they would be put to death. Isaac lived in that land for several years and the Lord blessed his stay there.

Finally the King told Isaac, You are mightier than us, so please depart from us and go elsewhere with our blessing.

I believe Isaac had learned his lesson and from then on he told the truth to all, that Rebekah was his wife. He also probably cut out the “Sporting in Public” with his wife.

The Bible pulls no punches when telling about the “Saints” of old who often did not act very saintly. God looked at their hearts, and when they admitted their mistakes, God fully forgave them, and blessed them from that time on.

God will do the same for YOU !!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Say It? Do It! Your Word is Your Bond

At 14, I eagerly awaited the weekly 4-page handout from my church! I loved to read the uplifting and encouraging stories. They were thrilling and always had a special message attached to them. The articles, often very educational, taught me many things about the benefits of releasing grudges and forgiving those who sin against us.

One of the young men from our church had joined the Army so the Pastor encouraged us to write to our servicemen. I accepted it as my patriot duty! I decided to write to him each week and to enclose the Sunday School paper after I had read it. I promised him I would not fail to send him mail each week.

Some people might think that to be a tall order, after all, stuff happens! But not me! I took this very seriously!

He would always write back and earnestly tell me just how much he enjoyed the stories and the news from home. My letters included what I was learning in school or the special speaker at church – I shared it all!

When his tour of duty was over, he wanted to thank me for my faithfulness in writing to him. I shyly accepted his invitation to have a milkshake at the local creamery. It was a wonderful gesture of appreciation.

A promise is a promise, and giving one’s word should never be done lightly.

Life calls upon all of us at one time or another to perform a duty - perhaps with your job, or for your family. Your acceptance may be out of a sense of responsibility, or it may be rightly motivated by the desire to help others.

Your reward may not be a milk shake, but you will retain the deep inner satisfaction of knowing that you kept your word. Also, you will be able to circumvent the effect of broken promises. Broken promises bring resentment, hurt, anxiety and a lack of trust; because after all, we keep our word for other people’s sake as well as for our own in being accountable to GOD.

What ever the task, and what ever your motive, stand by your word! If you commit to a job, finish it. Some things may become difficult or even almost unbearable, but if you have made a commitment, then honor that pledge. God will honor you.

Ask the Lord to help you when times become complicated! He will make the crooked places straight.

Joshuah 21:45 Not one of the good promises which the LORD had made to us has failed; all came to pass.