Monday, December 30, 2013

Who to Follow?

Follow Me - It only Looks Dangerous
1 Corinthians 3:1-4
And I, brethren, could not speak to you as to spiritual people but as to carnal, as to babes in Christ. I fed you with milk and not with solid food; for until now you were not able to receive it, and even now you are still not able; for you are still carnal. For where there are envy, strife, and divisions among you, are you not carnal, and behaving like mere men?

Things happen, and at times individuals say and do things that are not wise and not kind.  Then they are sorry and apologize, but not all involved are forgiving, rather they want to lead a parade.  Not with words, but they indicate; come follow me and we will hate those we should love. 

I can rationalize and give an excuse saying the one acting out was overworked, tired and deserved to react but did it without consideration for the after effects. 

For others I can again rationalize and understand their remarks are because of the way they were raised in a large family where arguing and tearing down each other was constant so this is a continued pattern that is carried into their new family.

There are times when I must examine my own heart and there I discover resentments that I thought were long ago removed.  Yes, the Bible tells us that “The Heart is deceitful and utterly wicked and who can know it.” 
As mature adults it is up to us to recognize where these feeling are coming from and make a decision as to who to follow. 
We must realize that Satan is the liar, thief and destroyer and he tries to destroy relationships.

Honestly I consider and realize that I do NOT want to hate those who have wronged me, rather the Bible says to pray for those who hatefully use you, and to be kind to them.

We can pass over and ignore a young child who says hateful remarks, because they have not been taught to watch their words and to only speak what you want others to hear.

Perhaps I can excuse these individuals, because they are still acting as babes and have not grown up enough to learn to forgive and walk in love.

There is a grave danger in holding grudges, anger and hate because a venom is released into the physical body harming one’s health.  The evil spoken against, often returns to the one who send it.

Another danger is those children who love and adore the one who is spewing and therefore pick up on this poisoned fuse of dynamite and join in the parade.

For myself, I must do some praying in earnest for all concerned; those who act unwisely and for those who respond with hate and unforgiveness.

Who is the one to follow?  I must choose to follow Jesus

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Don’t Forget to Remember

A Book of Remembrance
Malachi 3:16 (NASB) The Book of Remembrance

Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another, and the Lord gave attention and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the Lord and who esteem His name.

Pastor Jerry was ministering today from Matthew 2:13-23 and also asked one of the young men to read from - - Isaiah 63:7 (MSG)  I’ll make a list of God’s gracious dealings, all the things God has done that need praising

As we pass from 2013 into the New Year 2014, it would be good to remember and count all the blessings that the Lord has done for us in the present and in the past. 

Pastor illustrated with the last line from the original song written by Irving Berlin “Don’t Forget to Remember:”  You promised that you'd forget me not - - But you forgot - -To remember

Religious remembering has a different quality for even in the difficult times, I will recount the goodness of the Lord.

Joseph was warned by an Angel to take Mary and the young baby Jesus and flee to Egypt, as King Herod was on another massacre rampage. 

King Herod was a monster and master assassin, who had killed everyone he thought, might be a threat to him being King.  He killed in mass the religious leaders, and even his own mother, his wife and their sons lest they take over his throne. 

The news of a new baby King upset him and the slaughter began again with all the male Jewish babies two years old and under.

A large Jewish population dwelled in many of the cities of Egypt, who no doubt escaped due to King Herod’s decree.  

After about three years, the evil Herod died, and Joseph was again told by an angel to leave Egypt and return to Israel.  Further in a dream he was again warned to settle in Nazareth for safety from the new ruler.

From a young child, Jesus learned the Holy Scriptures, and at age 12 he was found in the temple discussing the Old Testament prophesies with the scholars.

We want our Doctors, Lawyers and accounts to be up to date with the latest knowledge and technology.  They must keep up with the times. 

As Christians we too must keep in tune and seek to be fresh in our experience with our Lord.

Every time we read our Bible it is brand new to us. 

The greatest challenge of the Church is to keep up with teaching.  It is good to meet together regularly to study and remember the gracious works of our Lord. 

Let us not forget to remember all His goodness to you.

* * * * * *

Ann Voskamp has a book "1000 Gifts" in which she dares you to count your blessings and to make a list each day of even small blessings.  This is a cool idea!

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pray That I Will Read My Bible More

Read Your Bible - Pray Every Day
Aureole was speaking to my husband.  Her words were, “Bob would you pray that I read my Bible more?

“Oh no, I couldn’t do that,” he told her.

She seemed surprised that he would not agree to pray for her to read her Bible, so she asked a good question, “Why Not?”

Carefully he explained, “There are some prayers that you must not pray and that is a prayer to take over the will of the person. 

Reading your Bible is something between you and God and my prayers would not be effective.

Look at it this way, if you failed to read your Bible, you would blame me and say my prayer did not work." 

There are other prayers that we are guilty of, and that is praying that God will save someone. 

Actually God has done all he can do to provide salvation, we cannot force someone to receive Jesus.  They have a free will and are responsible for their own salvation.

The proper prayer to pray is that God will send workers to the person, and that their hard heart will become softened to receive Truth.

We need to approach praying for others with a fresh awareness that we don't have the answers for them but that we know the One who does.

At times we pray for someone to be healed, and the sad fact is that they have damaged their body with obesity, smoking, drinking and even prescription drugs (or the other kind of drugs.) 

Then we are requested to pray that God will repair the destruction they have done to themselves.  Many times when there is true repentance and a change, God will have mercy and bring a miracle.

The prayer, that I might have “Just a closer walk with Thee, grant it Jesus if you please,” is one that the person must do for themselves. 

Perhaps there is unconfessed sin that is blocking their communication with God.  “Is your all on the alter of sacrifice laid?” is a good question. 
God has not moved away from the person, and it is the individual who must make that step closer by reading their Bible, and by seeking quality time in prayer.

As the New Year approaches, may we rededicate ourselves to a daily reading of God’s Word.  Two chapters only will take about five minutes.

Would you like for me to pray that you will read your Bible more in the coming year??? 


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Conversation in the Stable

Stable courtesy free clip art
All was still in the stable, except the cows and sheep in the stable were talking to each other;

“Move over I am being crowed with all these people taking up room in our stable. 

Now Look what they have done to our feed trough !!    Oh no, there is a tiny little person in our manger.  How can this be for we shall go hungry.”

“Quit your complaining because at least there is a pile of hay over in the corner so we won’t starve.”

“That little person sure is quiet with all our mooing and bleating.”

“Wait here come some strangers bursting in and they seem excited.  I wish I could understand Human talk, but it appears they have seen a great light.”

“Can you wonder why they bow down and adore the new child?”

A lamb spoke up and said, “At least we can understand angel speech, and they are saying that this child will be the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.

They are speaking of a sacrifice never before heard of.  I know at the temple some of my relatives entered at the time of sacrifice but they never returned. 

The angels say that there will NO LONGER be a need for animal sacrifices because this child is eventually destined to be the final sacrifice for all man kind.  He will die, but can you believe it - - He will not stay dead.  He will be resurrected in three days, show himself to many and after 40 days he will return to heaven from where he came.

One of the older sheep said, “You are a good listener, but just in case if they need an animal sacrifice tonight, lets you and me get out of here.

Soon all was quiet and all that could be heard was the mother singing a lullaby to the babe and the cooing of doves in the eves.

"Behold, the virgin shall be with Child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel," which is translated, "God with us." Matthew 1:23, NKJV 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Light

The Glory of the Lord Shown Round about Them
Matthew 4:16 ASV the people that sat in darkness Saw a great light, and to them that sat in the region and shadow of death, to them did light spring up.

Today I visited Foothill Community Church, where their two combined services met at the city owned State Theatre. 
After a welcome by the Pastor’s wife, a video was shown of a group of bouncy Church youth having fun singing some Merry Christmas songs.  There followed a time of the audience singing Christmas carols.  The choir mostly seniors led the singing.

We were reminded that the Angels sang and announced the birth of Jesus to a group of shepherds. 

A bright LIGHT illuminated the heavens and The Glory of the Lord shown around them and the shepherds were sore afraid, but the Angels declared, “Do not fear for tonight is born the Savior which is Christ the Lord.”

Pastor Phil, spoke about the True Light which is found in Jesus.  By the Holy Spirit the darkness in the hearts of men/women may be dispelled.  He reminded us that those who follow Jesus can have the Light of Life.

Pastor gave an illustration that 135 years ago, electricity came available into homes.  Those desiring this LIGHT needed to give up their “old ways.”  They had to be willing to discard their kerosene lanterns and candles and accept the exciting NEW Light into their homes.  Electricity became a necessity and a new way of life. 

No one but God knew the impact upon this world.  What we enjoy today is what Jesus started 2000 years ago.  He brought Light and Life and made this light available to those who will receive.

The impact is upon everyone on earth, even on those who are not believers in Jesus.

There are personal benefits of light, there is more productivity, and the Spiritual light shows us the way to God.

The Light that Jesus gives does not come automatically.  One must believe and accept His light.  Jesus said that those who follow him will make a difference in this world.

Pastor illustrated with a story of a blind boy who was given the opportunity for a surgery to correct his blindness.  After a time of recovery the boy was able to see light for the first time in his life.  The blind boy was NEVER to be the same again.  There was a transformation and a new realization.

In the same way, Jesus removes the spiritual blinders and sets the captive free.  Those who chose to follow Jesus are never the same again.  They become a new creation in Him.

There are many ways to be blind, but Jesus brings us deliverance, Hope and the Light of Life.

The invitation is still being given today.  Come and receive Jesus into your heart and this Light of Life will be yours.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kindergarten for Becky


Hand in hand, Judie, Becky and I approached the Kindergarten class where Becky our almost five year old would be a new student.

Greeting the teacher, I mentioned that Becky might need to attend speech class because her verbal communication was difficult to understand. 

The teacher invited me into the room to view the different collages on the walls with their hodgepodge pictures depicting the various sounds of the alphabet. 

“Not to worry,” said the teacher.  “By the end of this term your daughter will be speaking like a pro.”

Relieved as I was - - to believe her was difficult, but my “wait and see attitude” was quite full of hope.

It was time for class to begin and Becky found herself a seat at one of the tables. 

As we prepared to leave and the classroom door closed, our almost three year old Judie began to weep and wail.  “I want my Becky,” she repeated continually.

I hadn’t realized that Judie thought Becky should return home with us at this moment.

Explaining that Becky was only there for a little while and we would come back soon to bring her home, seemed to satisfy our Judie and she was content to wait.

How often in life we misunderstand the happenings of the day and the events that are sprung upon us often as a surprise.

In life learning to trust God is not always that easy, but we must realize that He can still bring something good out of the muddle and confusion that seems to perplex us on occasion.

The answer will come and it will be on time.  The waiting is the thing that most of us find difficult to bear.

Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. -Psalm 27:14

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Jay Donald’s Daily Visits

Toddler courtesy
Judie Moon was about six months old when her mother was asked to care for a baby Judie’s age while his mother LaVera worked. 

This seemed like a good idea, as the two babies would enjoy the company of one another, and the income from the child care would help with the grocery bill.

Judie and Jay were like twins.  They ate their breakfast and lunch together (one at a time as the “mother” fed them Gerber’s baby food. 

Both were bottle babies, so they were ready for their formula and an afternoon nap and so was Mother.  The two older children were still young enough to need a nap so that left at least an hour for rest time.

One day LaVera announced that she was expecting a second baby and could she count on Judie’s mother to care for one more?  One additional child did not seem like it would be much more to handle, so “Mother” said yes. 

All these babies were in real diapers, so “Mother did the laundry for what was used at her home.  The other baby’s diapers were a different shape, so they were easily distinguishable. 

One thing LaVera noticed was that the diapers laundered at “Mother’s” home were whiter.  A few years before baby Judie arrived, “Mother had worked at a place that sold large bags of soap to Launderettes.  She liked their soap named, “White and Bright” and the price was right so this was what she used to wash her clothes.  Soon LaVera requested to purchase a large bag for her own use so we arranged it.

The babies were good company for each other and they grew happy and healthy.

Christmas came and the babies were close to two years old.  We purchased an inexpensive toy pounding bench for Jay, and it became his favorite toy.  He loved to pound with the small hammer the round colored pegs down the opening and turn the bench over and again pound some more.

Judie’s favorite was a stuffed toy and she thoroughly enjoyed dancing with it.

It seems that children can be happy with just a small toy and if no toys are around they can be occupied with an empty kettle from the kitchen and a wooden spoon to hit on like a drum. 

Cloth books are another item that can be a learning tool.

The grass on the front lawn, and a large blanket gave the babies a bit of sun, just enough so as not to burn.  They were interested in the neighborhood children who liked to stop and talk to the babies.

The large stroller could hold two babies, while the older children could walk as we went to the corner store for bread and milk. 
God smiled on our house full of children!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Baby Judie Moon

Our youngest daughter Judie Moon Painter has two adopted children she contributes to monthly through one of the support a child organizations.  The children ask for information about her as a child so I will be collecting a group of stories about Judie that are not in my Rescue the Stories Book two.  This story is about her birth.

Baby with Ruddy complexion
The year was 1955 and big brother Steve was four years old when a new baby was due to arrive at the Moon Household. 
Big sister Becky was two years old, and Steve said, “I hope this baby is another girl.  He was thinking of his little sister that she would then have a pal. 

Late one January night, the mother was having indications that new baby was soon to arrive. 
The two older children needed to be cared for while mother went to the hospital to get the new baby, so their Dad took them to their grandparent's home for a few days.

As a side thought, it was amazing that in this same hospital several months prior, a baby boy was born to another family.  Years later this boy was to become the husband of our new baby Judie Moon.  They never met until almost thirty years later in another town and at a distant location and eventually were married.

Anyway, the mother was having complications, and her legs and body were swollen from album poisoning.  It affected the baby also and her little face was so ruddy and swollen and her shut eyes make her look like a Chinese baby.  Her jet black hair added to the Asian look, but the parents knew the baby was theirs.  The mother knew the black hair would turn to blond, so she cut a snip from the back of the babies neck to keep in her baby book.

Soon after the delivery, the nurse held the baby up for the parents to view and the baby was yelling loudly.  I think she must have been saying, “I want my mama.”

The doctor stated for the baby to have formula and not the mother’s milk.  He said because of the poison in the mother’s system, her milk would poison the child, so that was that.

A few days later, Baby Judie was welcomed by her new brother and sister, and when Steve heard she was a girl, he said, “Just what we wanted.”

Yes babies should always be wanted.  Many times a lady is surprised to discover she is pregnant.  That is what happened when the mother and dad realized that Steve was on the way to become a member of the family. 
The surprise turned into acceptance and then into anticipation in preparing for the new child.  When Steve arrived, the dad said, “We should have at least six of these” as he referred to their first baby. 

Each child is a gift from God and will have their own place in God’s plan. 

Judie was wanted and loved and from the very first was a happy child and always singing and joyful.

She was and still is a blessing to all she comes in contact with.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

And We Know

image courtesy
 Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Today I visited at the First Assembly of God church and was graciously given permission to share one of my Christmas stories from my Rescue the Stories Book One.  Many years ago, this was our home church, and I offered a free copy of Book one to those who would read it and pass it on to a friend.

Pastor Gene ministered from Romans 8:28 and stated that this verse is often only quoted in part.  He said there are at least three reasons that we can know that God is working things out for those who love God and are called according to his purpose.

Before we make a statement we must be certain that it is accurate and has understanding. 

The Word must be in our hearts and not just in our head.  Our heart has the ability to utilize God’s word and make it real according to our situation.

How can we Know? 

1.     First by experience.  Been there and done that!  Looking back to where God has brought us through prior to now and remember that He is the same today as He was yesterday. 

 We may not understand all things that happen in our lives, but God remains faithful to be with us.

2.    Second by revelation.  God will reveal to us His truth and His will as we seek to hear from him. 

   Yes we all have a trial at times to go through, perhaps sickness, old age, loss of a loved one, and the care of the world problems - - but God is there to go through each trial with us. 

     Oppression, yes at times as we go through the dark valley, but God is able to level the mountains and give us renewed faith and strength.  God only sees victory ahead and he never sees defeat.  Even death is not dreary because it opens the gates of heaven for us to enter in to see Jesus.

3.     Third by the Word of God and our faith in Him - - whom we can fully trust. 

With this confidence I can rest assured that “All things Work together for Good,” to God be all the glory.

Pastor Gene’s parting prayer was;  “Oh Lord reveal and show yourself alive and bless those who hear your words and receive them with joy.”


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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hop Scotch and other Games.

Hop Scotch

Growing up in the era prior to, Television, computers and game gadgets, we were left to our own resources to entertain our selves. 
With limited funds our parents helped us find low cost to no cost games.  At night our neighborhood kids played kick the can or hide and go seek, a popular game still with many children.

The game of hop scotch apparently is older than the hills and has been played by many nations for decades.  All you need is a piece of chalk or a stick to draw in the dust your outlines and numbers.

The sidewalk in front of our home was marked by squares probably to keep the cement from cracking. 

We would write the numbers with a piece of chalk and mark out our game within the squares.  If no one was around to play the game with us, we could practice our moves and improve our hop and skips.

In those days, we also played jacks on a smooth surface.  This game could be ours for a few pennies and a small ball. 

Marbles was another game that required only skill and no electricity or batteries.

For a group of children at school, a game of jump rope would keep us busy and active during recess.  Individuals could use a small rope for their personal expertise.

As I researched on Google, it was amazing how many of these simple games are being marketed for around $25.

Our school did offer us the use of a basket ball with the hoop for good exercise and to improve our game.  

We could also check out a soccer ball we could throw against the walls for a game of “Back and battle.”  This must have been a rather “Olden days game, because no one on the internet seems to have heard about “Back and battle. With two persons the goal was to catch the ball on only one bounce.

The wall at school also offered us a place to practice our tennis serves.

Our parents were frugal, but we did receive some board games including a game of Monopoly one Christmas that gave our family and our friends many hours of good clean fun.

Honestly, I enjoyed those days, but I do love the technology of today. 
It is nice to remember our upbringing, but we must go forward and not backward.

The Messenger 2

Painting "The Messenger"
When I was much younger I felt compelled to pass out tracts and also to be sure that every one that came to my door left with some sort of Christian magazine that contained the Gospel message.  I still believe in the power of the printed page.

It was later that I understood that I was more driven than being obedient.  I know that tracts have their place, as those who receive them have been blessed, but also I have seen many tracts tossed aside.  God has many ways we can share the gospel.
All the years that I worked in the employ of others, I allowed my life to preach and not tracts.  On my desk I did have a flip over calendar that had a Scripture verse and a short devotion on it for each day.  It was usual for my co-workers to visit my desk to see what the, “Word” was for today.  The opportunities came one on one as God directed.  In fact at my work place there were several miracles that occurred as God did the work.
Time passed on, and I retired, and began to write a blog.  Many of my stories are recorded there.  Sharing on Sunday a summary of the Pastors Sermon, and late Monday evening I post one of my true stories and invite others to enter their True Story on my blog Hop, “Tell Me a Story.”

I said all that to say this - - - A few days ago, at my home, several large boxes arrived, filled with my books “Rescue the Stories Book One” Book Two and  Book Three with short stories of adventures in life. .  Most have a lesson learned from life woven in. 

Some of my friends tell me they use my books as a devotional and read one story each morning (or evening).

These books will say more than most tracts will be able to say.  For this reason I encourage each person who purchases my book, to find someone to read to.  I am anxious to hear reports on what the anointed word will do even in a story.

My telephone rang and it was from my friend who began to read my book I had given her as a gift.  She was very excited and reported that she had read 4 stories to her co-worker during their lunch break.  She did not understand why she felt so calm and peaceful and her words were “I felt soothed.” 

I shared with Robert about her phone call, and he remarked, “That was an expensive tract, but I am sure it will bless her.” 

If you hesitate to share Jesus with others, may I suggest that you order a copy of my book and begin to read to someone the stories found inside.

They will get the message and you will be the messenger!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tricksy my Favorite Doll 2

This story is a chapter from Rescue the Stories Book One

Vintage Doll
On my 5th Christmas, I received the doll I had especially asked for.  She opened and closed her eyes, cried mama, had real hair and was dressed in a pretty dress and was wearing white shoes. 

I named her Tricksy because she was so special.   I loved that doll. 

As I got older I received other nice dolls but Tricksy remained a favorite.

I must have been about 8 years old and it was getting close to Christmas.  Mother mentioned to me that there was a little girl about my age in our Sunday School who had never had a doll in her entire life. 

Oh that hurt my young heart and I said almost without thinking, “Maybe I could give her one of my dolls.” 
Mother asked me, “Which doll would you be willing to give her?  I though for a minute or two and said, “I will give her Tricksy. “

Now about this time you are thinking; “What a nice little girl to give up her favorite doll and bless a child who has none.”  - -  But let me tell you what happened next.

Mother asked me, “Are you sure you want to do this?”  About then I was feeling very Saintly, so I told her, “Yes I am sure.” 

Mother left the room and in just a minute she returned carrying a box.  “Okay then I must show you something,” as she opened the box.  Inside the box was a new doll dress and a bonnet that mother had been sewing for Tricksy. 

The hair on Tricksy had taken a beating over the years so the new bonnet would cover that defect.

My eyes opened wide as I saw the beautiful new doll clothes - - and my heart sank.  I had given my word, but now I was thinking some “Not so saintly” thoughts.  Not only was I giving away my precious doll, but the little girl would also receive the pretty new doll outfits. 

Was it envy or greed? - - Maybe it was, but we gift wrapped the doll, clothes and all and delivered the doll to the girl in my class at Church. 

The next Sunday, the little girl could not wait to tell me how much she loved Tricksy and thanked me for her.  I mumbled some sort of “You are welcome and I am glad you like her,” but my heart was not in it. 

Eventually I had to come to the place where I could forgive the girl for loving my doll.  It seems silly now but the truth is that we often do silly, stupid, ridiculous things.

Over the years, I have learned not to hold “material things” too tightly and to be willing to release them rather quickly if the Lord requests it of me. 

Whether it is dolls, houses, jobs, people, resentments, unforgiveness or something else, there are times we must loosen our grip and let it go.

If there is something you have been holding on to and the Lord is telling you to release it; Let it go - - or it will eat you alive!! 


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Business as Usual?

Paul teaching in the Synagogue
The church I usually attend is reciting the happenings of Advent and the lighting of the candle, “Preparation;” preparing our hearts to receive the coming Christ Child.  There would be much reading and explanations of Advent, and then the sermon.

Because my regular church had such a busy day, I decided to visit, Victory Christian Church, where I could share one of my stories from my book "Rescue the Stories Book One." 
After the service several told me how much they enjoyed my Christmas story about Tricksy My Favorite Doll.  The Pastor had been leading the song service and later he said he welcomed my story because it fit in so well to give him time to catch his breath just before for his sermon.

Pastor Jim was beginning a teaching from 1 Thessalonians chapter 2.  He began by saying that it is often difficult to do business as usual.
Paul had visited the synagogue for only a short time and argued from the Old Testament that Jesus was the Messiah.  Many believed and received the Lord and although they were persecuted they were examples unto the believers and also to those who did not believe.  A church was formed and the Lord added to their members daily.

Paul wrote them a letter encouraging them to continue to plant seed and to be living testimonies to the Gospel.  His anointed preaching brought results of changed lives. 

Paul ministered boldly and the Jews were upset that he was preaching to the Gentiles, and they wanted him placed in prison and eventually killed.

Like many today, these Jews were full of tradition and rules but their hearts were far from God.  The god they served was not the true and living God, and they hated the Gospel of Jesus Christ because they had rejected Him and sent Him to the cross.

Paul did not come with high sounding theology or pretention and trickery.  He was not trying to please people, but wanted to only please the Lord.  He did not come with entertainment, but with down to earth life changing Words from the Bible.

Our job is to plant seed into the lives of people we meet by our words and our example.  We are not responsible for the life changes in people.  It is not our job to make others live right. 
That is the work of the Holy Spirit as new Christians will get into the Word and search to see if these things be so.

We are to be gentle as a mother with a nursing child, and as a father who guides, encourages and comforts his children leading them by example and God’s word.

If we were to visit the South, and opened our mouth to speak, they would probably say, “You all are not from around here.” 
As Christians, when we speak to those around us some might say that of us because we are not of this world.  We are to be different than those of the world and others should notice as such.

May we be careful to share from the Bible and not from our opinion or the outlook of others.  Keep true to the Word and let it enter our hearts and those we share it with.

Not everyone will accept your message.  Jesus, Paul and many even today suffer because they preach Jesus Christ. 
If you are suffering for the Gospel sake, may I suggest that you are doing something right.  
May we continue to be examples of Truth, and hold on until Jesus comes?
 * * * * * *
Hold ON !!
Courtesy photobucket.
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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Mystery of the Sugar Pine Tree

Sugar Pine Tree
High in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of central California lived a family on the outskirts of the small community of Quincy.

Sue Ellen was excited as it was to be her first day at school.  The small school house offered a kindergarten room off to one side away from the older children. 
She was so glad that her mother took her to school the first day and they were introduced to the smiling teacher.

Sue Ellen looked around the brightly colored room and did not see anyone she knew. 

This frightened her as she was used to being with her family and a strange setting was unnerving. 
She could hardly wait for the day to be over.

Class was only until noon, so at lunch time, she was excused to find her way home. 

Hurrying along the path that led out to their home in the woods she quickly found her favorite spot under the Sugar Pine Tree.  She remembered its sweet sap was fun to chew and it had a nice taste. 

With tears streaming down her sweet cheeks, Sue Ellen poured out her heart to the Sugar Pine fairy that she was certain must live inside this beautiful tree.  She told her friend the fairy, how scared she was and how no one in her class seemed to like her. 

She was certain that she would never have a friend in that school.

The next day at school a chubby girl named Heidi sat next to Sue Ellen, and she spoke in a soft trembling voice, “I need a friend, would you please be my friend?” 

Sue Ellen couldn’t believe her ears.  She thought to herself, “The Sugar Pine Fairy must have sent me this friend.” 
All during class they shared crayons as they formed the letters for their names, and learned to print the numbers from one to ten.  At cookie time, they held hands, and found a place to lay their mats close together when it was nap time.

On the way home Sue Ellen stopped at her tree and knelt down and told her sugar pine tree fairy a sincere and genuine “Thanks for my new friend.”

Sunday was church, and Sue Ellen always took pleasure in hearing the stories about Jesus.  She couldn’t wait to tell her Sunday school teacher how her Sugar Pine fairy had helped her find a friend.

Not wanting to dash her excitement, but thinking perhaps there was something else to be said, the teacher spoke to the class in general about praying to God, and asking Jesus for help when it was needed. 
She went on to say, sometimes we think things that happen are 'Good Luck,' but have you ever considered that Jesus is looking out for you and He is the one answering your prayers.

Sue Ellen listened carefully to every word her teacher was saying, and she realized that the one who gave her a new friend was indeed Jesus and not a Sugar Pine Fairy.

On her way home, she stopped at her much loved tree and knelt down.  Dear Jesus, this is my favorite spot to think and from now on it will be my place to pray to you. 
By the way, thank you Jesus for my new friend, now I know it was you who answered my prayer.
  * * * * * * *
From Deuteronomy 20:
And God spake all these words, saying, I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
  1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
  2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.