Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tricksy my Favorite Doll

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On my 5th Christmas, I received the doll I had especially asked for. She opened and closed her eyes, cried mama, had real hair, was dressed in a pretty dress, and was wearing white shoes. I named her Tricksy because she was so special. I loved that doll.  As I got older I received other nice dolls but Tricksy remained a favorite.

I must have been about 8 years old and it was getting close to Christmas. Mother mentioned to me that there was a little girl about my age in our Sunday School who had never had a doll in her entire life. Oh that hurt my young heart and I said almost without thinking, “maybe I could give her one of my dolls.”

Mother asked me, “Which doll would you be willing to give her? I though for a minute or two and said, “I will give her Tricksy. “

Now about this time you are thinking; “What a nice little girl to give up her favorite doll and bless a child who has none.” - - But let me tell you what happened next.

Mother asked me, “Are you sure you want to do this?” About then I was feeling very Saintly, so I told her, “Yes I am sure.”

Mother left the room and in just a minute she returned carrying a box. “Okay then I must show you something,” mother said, as she opened the box. Inside the box was a beautiful new doll dress and a bonnet that mother had been sewing for Tricksy. The hair on Tricksy had taken a beating over the years so the new bonnet would cover that defect.

My eyes opened wide as I saw the lovely new doll clothes - - and my heart sank. I had given my word, but now I was thinking some “Not so saintly” thoughts.  Not only was I giving away my precious doll, but the little girl would also receive the pretty new doll outfits.

Was it envy? Maybe it was, but we gift wrapped the doll, clothes and all and delivered the doll to the girl in my class at Church.

The next Sunday, the little girl could not wait to tell me how much she loved the doll and thanked me for letting her have Tricksy. I mumbled some sort of “You are welcome and I am glad you like her,” but my heart was not in it.

Eventually I had to come to the place where I could forgive the girl for loving my doll.

It seems silly now but the truth is that we often do silly, stupid, ridiculous things.

Over the years, I have learned not to hold “material things” too tightly and to be willing to release them rather quickly if the Lord requests it of me.

Whether it is dolls, houses, jobs, people, resentments, unforgiveness or something else, there are times we must release it and let it go.

If there is something you have been holding on to - - Let it go - - or it will eat you alive!!

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  1. I really liked reading this post....and your message. Wishing you a very merry Christmas....

  2. AMEN!! Last evening I was thinking of something that happened to me about 36 years ago. I've held resentment over the incident for a long time... and have never seen that person again. How silly can things get? Obviously, need to deal with this. Thanks.

  3. I still think it shows remarkable character that you went through with your promise, Hazel. A very happy Christmas to you, dear friend!

  4. Sometimes it is not necessary to face the individual to forgive, but I usually say with my mouth and make a declaration that I forgive.

    If the person knows about your feelings about the incident, it might need to be face to face.

  5. 8 years old is awfully young and I would not have blamed you if you changed your mind! But the lesson obviously stayed with you. Your mother is a wise woman! A blessed Christmas to you and your family! Patsy from

  6. That's huge for a child to be able to do. I applaud the people in life that can use their mind given by God to overcome the emotions of it. Principles given by God although sometimes difficult to follow are always a blessing to the giver and the receiver.

    God bless you this day and all others given by Him.


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