Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mission Generation Bolivia

Sometimes you connect with a ministry that is doing a great work, and you can’t remember exactly how that first came about.

One of my many missionary newsletters must have mentioned Mission Generation Bolivia and I remember the impulse to check it out.

The amazing thing is that Rocky and Joske are linked up with the Bolivian Congress to provide textbooks they have written, proclaiming Jesus Christ and a teaching of a good moral life to the class rooms of Bolivia and other South American nations. They also work with Feed the Children in a local feeding program where they live in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

I consider myself too old to sponsor just ONE child in Compassion or one of the other wonderful programs that help feed a child and their family and also provide schooling.

By working with Rocky and Joske I am blanketing my monthly contribution over many children not only in Bolivia but other countries where their life changing program is being offered.

I can’t go to Bolivia, or the many other mission fields but I can have a part in giving and by praying. If you are thinking about where to plant a portion of your seed into good ground, please consider Missions Generation Bolivia.

Do check out their site  If interested: Click on "Who we are," then click on Founders, then Click on sponsor Rocky and Joske.

Quote from their Web Site:
“Miraculously, God has provided Mission Generation with an opportunity to proclaim Christ in the public school systems of Bolivia which has opened doors throughout Latin America. This is amazing because the curriculum that Mission Generation uses is Jesus centered and Biblically based.

In Bolivia, there are 2.7 million students in grades K-12. The Bolivian Congress has passed a resolution giving authorization for Mission Generation's curriculum to be used in the nation's public schools. While this does not dictate that the schools must use the Mission Generation's material, it certainly provides an opportunity for the Gospel to be proclaimed to millions of students through the Bolivian public schools which is our ultimate objective.

Why would a secular government endorse teaching Jesus Christ in their public school system? Governments have found that by using the Mission Generation curriculum, presented as an ethics and morals program, there has been a reduction in truancy, teen pregnancy, gang participation and drug/alcohol abuse. There has also been a recorded increase in graduation rates in schools that implement the Mission Generation material.

The Mission Generation textbooks have been accepted by Catholics, Evangelicals and government. While it is easy to dismiss this opportunity as too good to be true, it is literally open season in the public schools, the largest network in the country of Latin America to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord. There is no need to buy property, build buildings or pay teachers.

This opportunity extends beyond the borders of Bolivia. Programs in Paraguay and Chile are operational and seventeen other Latin American and Caribbean countries have all expressed an interest in bringing Mission Generation's curriculum to their countries.”

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  1. What a blessing. It's such a treasure to be sharing with those who are focused in sharing their whole lives. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for sharing Hazel. We will pray about it and pray for them and the teaching system in Bolivia.

  3. Great ministry and opportunity. It is indeed "strange," isn't it, how many foreign countries welcome Christian texts and curricula and even gospel sharing sessions within their public classrooms when our own "free" nation doesn't? So glad to see this opportunity taken up. God bless.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful ministry. I love hearing of ministries that are sharing the gospel in unique ways.

  5. Oh what a beautiful heart you have. You guys are truly an amazing couple! I praise God for your example.

    Thank you for linking up. :)


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