Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recover, Restore, Renew

Lost Coin Recovered
Our word for the One Word Carnival is Recover: I thought about several recovery situations.

If we get sick – it certainly is good to expect to recover our health.

If something gets lost – recovering it brings pure joy

After a financial loss we hope to recover!

If we have lost contact with an old friend, we may want to rediscover a friendship.

Remembering back many years ago; we lived in a home that had an upstairs bonus room across the front of the house. My daughter Becky, wanted this large area to be her bed room as it was the size of a small apartment. There was plenty of space for her bedroom furniture and on the other end a sitting area for a couch and television.

She purchased a lovely leather sofa that was extremely comfortable, especially for women with short legs. As time went by, she married and left the sofa with us.

By now the couch showed wear in fact the leather look was splitting and we either needed to consider the junk yard or to recover it. The frame was in excellent condition and the height and seat measurements were just perfect. Recover it was the decision!

My husband had at one time worked in an auto upholstery shop, so he knew something about covering seats. His staple gun would work well for our project.

courtesy photobucket.com

Shopping for the right fabric and a good color proved simple enough and within a few hours we had a new looking comfortable favorite sofa. 

We still have that old couch, and by now it has been recovered twice more.

Consider how our bodies wear and change, and we do our best to recover parts that are worn. We fix our teeth, exercise for tone, color our hair, and generally try to recover what we can of our youth.

My thoughts keep vaunting to the day that the Lord will recover us all, body  soul and Spirit, and He will give us as Christians, not a rebuilt but a brand new body.

For now, let us recover our thinking, enlarge our vision and cast out all doubt and fear while we press on toward the mark of the High Calling.

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  1. I especially liked the different sense of "recover" in "recover the couch." Great post!

  2. I love that you were willing to invest in the old couch--valued it enough to re-cover it. Maybe that is a good lesson to take away--how much He loves me, re-covering me with His love.

    Lovely, Hazel.

  3. Oh and His recovering is not simply a cosmetic shift but a complete and total transformation. What a great way to examine this word! Thanks Hazel.

  4. Oh, yes - recover! I need to constantly, vigilantly recover myself in God's provision, His love! What a wonderful, wonderful reminder as I "recover" from this season of celebration!

  5. We long for the day of our "recovery." Well said. I'm also hoping to recover from the holidays! As enjoyable as it is, it is taxing in different ways. It seems that season pulls us in so many different ways when all we really want to do is rest in the hands of God.

  6. Thanks for the great post! May we begin each day by re-covering ourselves in the armor of God, so that we are re-covered in His righteousness!
    Much love to you,

  7. Very good example... so many things where we wonder "do we fix or change" or "do we trash"? Fits our lives so well. [I'd like to be one good-looking, strong "couch" even as I'm aging.]


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