Saturday, December 17, 2011

Come Help Us!

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Our friends had telephoned us and begged us to come help them in their new church that they had started in Texas. A group of family and friends were their core group but they wanted another couple to assist them in their ministry. Possibly take Wednesday night services and set up a Sunday School program, and give a helping hand in their work.

I was so excited. These were our dear intercessory prayer partners that we had spent so many joyful times with, while we attended the Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I was anxious to join with them in their ministry. “Let’s do it,” I told Robert.

BUT – my husband had already “COMMITTED” us to be a part of our local church as Christian Education Directors and to begin a Book store in the church. He was to be the Associate Pastor and assist when the Pastor was away for a few days.

My husband had given his word to our local pastor – and that was it. We could NOT go back on our agreement.

A wife is bound by Christian love to respect, honor, and follow her husband, so that is what I did. Casting aside what might have been, we settled down to minister where we were pledged and planted at this time.

In the Bible there were times when men gave their word, and it was their BOND. Often it was the cutting of blood to create a “COVENANT.”

When your word is given - - it must stand. There are many times in life when we give our word. The marriage vows come to mind, but there are other times too.

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Joining a Church with a group of believers is a commitment. Joining the military, or a giving a promise to a cause. We agree to pay our mortgage, and our car payments, and we sign on the dotted line.

I am reminded when God gave His Word that He would send a deliverer to save us from our sins. This promise was fulfilled in Jesus.

At Christmas time, we celebrate that Jesus came to earth to be born of a Virgin. He grew up to become a man and to minister, working miracles and healing the sick. He died on a cross for us, and true to His WORD - - - He rose again on the third day.

After meeting with his friends and followers during forty days, Jesus gave His WORD again.
“I shall return and receive you unto myself and there you will be with me also. Wait for the Promise from the Father for the Holy Spirit will Give you Power to be my witnesses in your city – in the surrounding areas, and then into all the world.”

God is faithful and he always keeps His Committed Word!

May we ever follow the example of God, and when we make a commitment let us always keep our word.

You might enjoy this beautiful Song about our Comforter who comes along side TO HELP US!

May this song bless you - -

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  1. Commitment. It's a bigger word than most of us realize.

  2. I love that song...

    I think one of the biggest problems with our world and society is that a person's word doesn't mean much anymore. People walking away from their word, bond, commitment, signature, and obligation, justifying it in all kinds of ways. In the end. All we have is our honor, our word. We only have what is inside of us. If God resides there, we should be thinking twice before we fall in with the lost world and our word means almost nothing.

    The difficult times all the people who don't keep their word are trying to avoid is going to come back to them 70 fold. God won't be mocked...

    Thanks for your honor and heart. It is encouraging for anyone who might read. I can see the fruits from God in your and your families lives. That's what honoring God brings about I think.

  3. A persons word is - - or should be their BOND. Commitment!

  4. Randy Kehr ‎...should be. How many men teach their sons that anymore? Daughters? How many kids listen? I'd rather not think about it at times

  5. Hi Hazel - needed to read this today. Great post
    God bless

  6. Sounds like you are blessed and being blessed. [Had good friends at Broken Arrow back in the late '70s. Still have a few books. Never forget.]

  7. Keeping our commitments is very important. Where would we be if God did not keep His commitments? Where would we be if Jesus had not kept His commitment. I don't even like to think about it. I'm so glad I don't have to think about it because I know He always keeps his promises.


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