Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Puppies for Sale

"Guilty" by Ashley

Turning off the main Highway unto a side road, we spied the farm house that we were looking for. A lady and her children were out in the yard and were expecting us.

“Is this the place that has the Blue Tick Puppies,” we asked. “Yes, you have found us, park here and come with us,” they replied.

One of the boys handed the mother an old plastic milk bottle that the top had been removed. It held about two cups of large dry dog food chunks. Holding it by the handle, she began to shake it with the chunks rattling inside. From the noise of the food, out from a rear yard rushed a pack of puppies all competing for their share of the food.

Their little tummies seemed flat and they were a hungry bunch. The lady tossed some of the food unto the drive way and the little buggers hurried to devour what they could.

My husband looked at one and then another. His inspection of each puppy was a sight to behold. Blue Tick Hounds are his favorite dog, but we could tell these were not pure bred Blue Ticks. The Mother was a mix of Plot hound and Blue Tick which would give the pups black and white spots but also some orange color around the face and ears.

Having been without a Blue Tick Hound for several months, my husband was still going through “withdrawals.” These puppies appeared to be our best bet for now. $100 was a lot to pay for a hound that was a mix, but as we looked at those hungry babies, we could envision that a trip to Wal-Mart for more dog food was probably in their plans for later that day.

We decided to make a contribution in exchange for a puppy.

A decision was difficult as they were all so cute, but finally a pick was made. Wrapping him in a large towel, I bonded with the pup all the way home. Arriving home, we fed him and he eagerly ate all we gave him. As a puppy his smoke colored coat did not have all the spots yet, so my husband named him Smoky.

To this day, old Smoke always licks his plate clean. You never need to tell him that it is time to eat, for he is always ready. I wondered if being so hungry as a puppy is the reason his appetite is so good?

When Smoky was still quite small, our daughter and granddaughter Ashley came for a visit. Ashley had brought her camera so she took a photo of him next to my husband’s old shoe. She entered her photo in a contest at school and won first prize for her entry.

It wasn’t long before we realized that little Smoky was lonesome, so we added to our menagerie a Black Lab that we purchased from some local people. They have been great pals ever since. There are times when I must often tell our Lab to eat his dog food, but what he doesn’t finish, Old Smoke is perfectly willing to help him out!

I often wonder if we as a people should be as hungry for God’s Word as Old Smoky is for his daily food?

This scripture is a good reminder for us: Matthew 5:6 Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

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  1. I love the simple analogies, they fit me like a glove... We indeed need to develop a hunger, just like that ole' blue tick hound.

  2. Hazel - I too love using analogies of real life events. Yes, we should be like Smoky, always hungry for more of God's word.

    Love the post. (When I started reading it, I was reminded of the book Where the Red Fern Grows. It was one of my favorite books when I was younger.)


  3. Hounds are special dogs, indeed.

    I'm thinking of my eager-eater JD and trying to imagine a lab who needs to be encouraged to eat. Wow!

  4. Hi Joyful Noise - beautiful story and love how you close with the fact that we should be as hungry for God's word. Great point. Thank you again for linking up. I so appreciate it. God bless

  5. Hi Hazel - I have awarded you an award. You can find it at the end of my friday post. If you want to you can pass it on to someone else to encourage them. Your blog is an encouragement to me.
    God bless

  6. One thing I just thought of re: Mt. 5:6. You know how we "eat" something and then we are "thirsty". For instance, popcorn. So, can we begin being hungry for righteousness and willing to eat, at least a bit, and then, suddenly, can be buried in thirst... and we grab and grab more to reach a thorough comfort zone. Don't think I'll ever read that verse again w/o thinking of this new "hmming".

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